Love Shanghai to update speculation keyword stuffing

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obviously, now the top four site does not exist in the words "Chongqing Shanghai dragon" stack phenomenon. In the example above reflects the phenomenon, we have to guess whether Shanghai is updated in love on the keywords website title and mate tags in the stack phenomenon. Love from Shanghai anti cheat team in the description put forward to improve the user’s search experience this point of view, I think it is possible. Although title and mate tag content is directly displayed on the page, but when users use search engines, title tags and m>

love Shanghai to carry out a large-scale renovation in June 22nd and June 28th to the website ranking, this update makes a lot of website ranking drop, even part of the site is K. For this update, love Shanghai anti cheat team description of the event. From the last sentence we can see that this is just a start. Through the two days of love Shanghai search "to observe the words Chongqing Shanghai dragon", seems to love Shanghai in the title and the mate tag keyword stuffing the phenomenon adjustment algorithm. Before the row in front of the station off. First look at the previous ranking among the two station data.

has serious keywords (Chongqing Shanghai dragon) stack.

ranking the first site:


fourth site:




third site:


look at this a few station title, whether the mate tag content keyword stuffing phenomenon.

is the first blog: Wang Xuegang

(Chongqing Shanghai dragon) stack, but not very serious.


second: Chongqing rain blog


has not been updated in this love Shanghai, the two station in the words "Chongqing Shanghai dragon" rankings are based on the front. Through the observation of these two days, the two station has been ranked behind, the Wang Xuegang blog ranking in 100 after the rain, the blog ranking in 86. Replace the two ranking in the station, and there are no keyword stuffing phenomenon. Here take a stand on top of the analysis.


second site:

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