How to help your rival Shanghai Dragon

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if your opponent has the correct site optimization, you can view your opponent "each page of the code, the use of view every page of the page title, description, keywords etc.. Once you get to the target keywords your opponent, you can use this information to do for your advantage. Their words are very broad? You can add some keywords combination of long tail keywords. Their words are only focus on the part of the buying cycle? Then you expand your scope to attract search keywords.

of each enterprise in the search engine in the organic search results like the competition for a favorable area of real estate. Because a good ranking means that there is a good flow in the search engine, which means more traffic, more conversion, more sales. High ranking is not an easy thing, especially for a very competitive industry. Even if you hire the best Shanghai dragon Er, Shanghai dragon has the best strategy, you can not guarantee a good ranking on the permanent stay.

in the beginning of a link before some construction strategies, it is important to link the review. Use a free tool, you can find your own opponent and reverse link list. Review their and your opponent’s reverse link list report. By the opponent and the chain to analysis the chain in which one region or type your site is lacking.

for social media, not only for brand building, now is also an important part of Shanghai dragon one, because the search engine algorithm updates, social signals have been incorporated into one of the key factors in Shanghai ranked the dragon. Check your opponent’s social media pages. Every once in a while to see what their use of media and methods, and compare your social media. For example, in their "conversation"; they published articles; their use in the Facebook function, and then formulate a comprehensive strategy to try to use the new method.


two: Meta

check your opponent, use their weaknesses as your advantage is an important method, but don’t crush it. Doesn’t mean they do what you have to do what. Take the time to focus on your search engine optimization and to improve the flow and conversion rate will be more important. Too much to check the opponent may make you lose yourself, and may make some stupid mistakes. >


three: social media

: reverse link

talked about search engine optimization, it is important to find the competitive advantage of every opportunity to exist. There are three places you need to check from your opponent on, and not duplicate their strategy, but through the check and find they do not grasp the opportunity to improve your own optimization strategy.


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