Talking about the present situation of Shanghai dragon industry Shanghai dragon industry market

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do network optimization when more money, a lot of people or companies see the business opportunities, and thus a lot of shell optimization company, is a company of up to three people, or only one person, no technology, how they make money? Is their orders and then outsourced to other companies or optimization man to do, make the profit, they use a lot of companies do not understand the industry, to those enterprises is how we will optimize, this words make up in long time, but also ensure the search engine ranking ranked off, and deceptive orders. I have seen this kind of company, a company, a person, business manager, boss, employee is a person to do, they pick the single and the outsourcing, even more ridiculous is the "Shenzhen car" the words love Shanghai top 31 years received 5000 yuan, if you understand Shanghai Longfeng people must know the word the commercial value and the degree of competition, even.

website is increasing, many companies want to spend the least money to get the best return, please professional personnel costs are high, so just rely on these professional optimization company, will optimize the company’s business is getting better and better, better, one day can take a few ten single, but the one is too much, the staff do not come. Well, Shanghai dragon industry personnel salary requirements are relatively high, do not move and do not come, so some optimization company began to use the Shanghai dragon cheating way to help enterprises do what common methods include: optimization (keyword stuffing and group, false words, redirection, black chain, mass, software brush, brush, buy chicken Links etc.), this is the most effective way of ranking, quick, optimization put over to the corporate website, natural money faster, more money will not only save time. The enterprise website takes over and over time began to be search engine punishment, keywords plummeted, ask the optimization, optimization of company said this is your post does not maintain good cause, they’re not to blame. Of course, those enterprises also do not understand how to optimize the site, there is no professional talent, they just look at the keywords ranking, so the optimization company was kept in the dark.

with the increase of China Internet users, many products and services industry is poured into the Internet, resulting in a lot of enterprises and industry website, every industry in the Internet for this treasure Feng shui. The site is certainly depends on the website profit for themselves, profits come from? The profits generated by traffic flow on the back, then talk about relates to the site content and site ranking in the search engines, but the search engine ranking is not so good to do, the search engine to understand the properties you and ranking rules this is a lot of enterprises, the most troublesome. So he had a lot of specialized enterprises or help others do site optimization, web promotion, brand planning, construction sites, search engine marketing and Internet Co (hereinafter referred to as "a web hosting optimization company"), these companies rely on fees to support the optimization of the company’s overall operations.

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