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first to determine whether text chain is useful, the webmaster have installed love Shanghai webmaster tools to see, some websites can only send text outside the chain, you can go to the website to send a dozen, until you go to the site included after the back of the chain source, obviously love Shanghai give you pure text of the chain source domain name, you do pure text outside the chain is useful. So the webmaster is not pure text of the chain will bring neither weight to vote, and will also bring flow. So most of them give up.

look at an experiment I did, and I wrote an article in the soft, natural and reasonable to join a new day blog address, this is a pure text blog address, then the article was reproduced, many sites included second days, I went to check the blog, when the day included the home page. I give a screenshot, you can go to the analysis. This is enough to prove that pure text outside the chain is useful. Figure:

fell in love with the sea week released the judgment method of the chain, so that we have a new understanding of foreign chain, first is clear is that the links to nature, nature is the user recommended, this link will be meaningful, so we now how to send the chain? Chain signature seems not what. And what kind of chain can go to good use? The official did not specify the text whether the chain weight, whether there is a vote in nature, we do not know, or have to experiment, to explore their own. Love Shanghai ranking factors are based on thousands of algorithms together to give ranking. Now I will tell you how to know the text is useful? Now I talk about pure text outside the chain.

so pure text chain is useful, the key to see how to make good use of the webmaster, love Shanghai Shanghai dragon more humane, we are trying to do is to take the ranking, flow, let us do useful outside of the chain, do original content value. This love Shanghai "

finally, we will address the chain to text what is love Shanghai recognized useful analysis, love Shanghai is how to climb this text link? Actually I do the experiment to prove that the pure text outside the chain is useful, the new registered blog can immediately included, some people think that is the reason why the blog itself the weight of the high, you can register the two at the same time, a blog with another blog under the original pure text outside the chain, to see which included more quickly, it will be clear at a glance. In fact, love Shanghai will climb from the pure text address, but it is not all plain text will climb, if in the original article, you naturally referred to the pure text address, Shanghai spiders to love your smart text into a hyperlink, and then climb from the collection, the because you are the original articles in the sea by sea fishing to love, is to love a piece of meat in Shanghai, material and with meat, is certainly delicious let love love of Shanghai. If you are a copy or false original, the love of Shanghai included in your text outside the chain will be very small.

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