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what is the chain? Mix long time webmaster all know what is outside the chain, but a green hand practitioners who may not know or know some. In fact, the chain refers to from other websites into their own websites. The import link is a very important process for the website optimization, the quality of import links directly determine the weight of the site in the search engine.

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of course, from the current search engine optimization love Shanghai perspective, may effect the chain on the site without prior effect is good, but the site is still indispensable. Therefore, whether now or in the future, then, as long as the search engine optimization exists, the chain will have to optimize the site work.

may be for some entering the Shanghai dragon industry practitioners, the majority of couples is a chain machine, daily work only in the chain, the chain, or the chain, either high quality or low quality of the chain to hair, although the chain Commissioner will not do high quality the natural chain, but the low quality of the chain of garbage or do very badly, for example, once the prominence of the chain advantage of the medical profession, medical chain is one of the arch-criminal Internet spam chain, they do all the same, so many medical websites have suffered a serious punishment. Only one reason they will not do the chain". I want to say is, as the Commissioner of the chain if you are doing the chain for the website, you must first to understand, familiar and skilled, grasp the construction of the chain, especially some of the staff or a green hand optimization webmaster, only to understand what is outside the chain, the chain, the chain of basic algorithm and how to do the chain and the chain of some matters needing attention, will really make the chain website and bring the website optimization effect best, and this is the chain’s own advantage.

according to incomplete data, in this competitive industry in Shanghai Longfeng, many Shanghai Longfeng practitioners are not fully grasp the method of the construction of the chain, resulting in website optimization has no obvious effect, finally let practitioners have lost confidence in the industry. So today A5 marketing team Shanghai dragon industry practitioners who compiled a not complete is not simple "the construction of the chain analysis", I believe I can help some people in need of help, please read the following content:

said the chain, believe that the website optimization webmaster should know, but the chain is to optimize the work necessary every webmaster every day in website optimization process, so the chain has become the optimization webmaster cannot do without, since the chain is to optimize the work station must do every day, you can see the chain for the importance of the website.

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