Shanghai dragon Combat stand in user angle promotion

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found the cleaning plate industry needs to focus, the following is the promotion of the website layout.

First we study keywords " The

, today the author Dennis the Shanghai dragon combat is carried out with the user point of promotion perspective, to see how to get a new website ranking, popularity. Today we are using the keywords "purification plate" as an example, look at how the layout operation allows the website to participate in the rankings.


web site keywords ranking position determines the new "popularity", multi site audience, the ranking will naturally good. The impact is website ranking has many factors, like title, inspired the title and content matching, web content differences and of course the most important user experience.

user experience has been many Shanghai Longfeng optimization problems, common people think that as long as the user enters the website, the website user experience is perfect. But the fact is not true, we know the user experience is also a comprehensive value, its coverage from the user by clicking on enter the site to start browsing users close the web site to the user’s page, is a complete process. Any steps in the process problems, then bring is the low quality evaluation. Therefore, the author thinks that Dennis website optimization to stand in the user perspective, rather than blindly to ranking par.

third, the difference of the content on the website. The new color to talent shows itself is a must. The difference of website content is the most critical of the show. If the content of the web site and other web content had no difference, and how users love Shanghai would choose the new old domain name website! It must be able to let the user know that our content and other sites, I >

first, internal site must have on "cleaning plate price" and "purification plate installation" knowledge, you can be the top in the news column top, or open a separate section place of knowledge content, allowing users to enter the site to be clear at a glance. Of course, in the title site also highlights this point, users have to click on the purpose of convenience.

second, the industry needs to meet. In the search when we already know that the key picture of demand is relatively strong, so it also tells us that in the setting of the layout of the site, in the home must have a picture display section, in order to meet the needs of the user’s picture. If the picture link to expand knowledge document download, can further meet the demands of the users.

purification plate" user demand. The love we can see in the sea search is still one of the top three love products in Shanghai, Shanghai, Shanghai love love picture encyclopedia, from here we can analyze the picture for strong industry. Another is that retrieving the keyword for user query. The analysis of user specific data, we can see that purification board industry vocabulary, on the "purification plate price" and "cleaning plate installation" search focus.

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