The enterprise website is not a vase reasonable value

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, do the interior of the base and maintain the stability of

many friends and I spoke only enterprise website plays a role in the show, but is actually a vase, not directly to many benefits for the company, they think that the enterprise wants in the net profit is the need for certain investment and planning, relying solely on the website is not realistic. In fact, they would naturally make sense, but that the site is a vase, I certainly do not agree that the same principle is simple, because the site did not reveal Shanghai Longfeng optimization, the value of their own. Reasonable done Shanghai Longfeng optimization site will bring direct or indirect benefits to the enterprise to.


, do some external optimization and extended long tailed

in appearance based on

many of the company’s corporate website looks very beautiful, clean and elegant. But if you look you will find that the website is almost no Shanghai dragon, so the site is almost no traffic, and in practical terms also greatly deficient, some sites use FLASH and JS to make, beautiful effect class, but when the Shanghai dragon effect. Not that made with Shanghai Longfeng website is not beautiful, but in the foundation to ensure the Shanghai Longfeng situation, to increase the site’s visual appearance, after all, is to customer first impression. Therefore, for developers, the best know some basic knowledge of Shanghai dragon.


the last step is to do some external optimization, including the exchange of Links, including the construction of the external links, at this time, the exchange of about 20 Links and remained stable, the next step is the construction of the chain, because it can increase the weight of the website. Can do stand group, a large station, also can do the blog, so that the weight of the traditional blog to the site, had better write soft, soft Wen to help you increase the chain. After this accumulated for a period of time, the site has a certain amount of weight, this time began to increase the number of long term, the product parameters of various combinations, get numerous long tail keywords, making a static page. When the page is included, it has to flow, can help the enterprise to create value.

The first step of Second step

internal optimization is reasonable. Rational internal optimization includes Title Optimization, URL path optimization, image optimization, layout optimization, chain optimization. The best title contains the brand name or company name, but at last, the important note or write on keywords, find a within the industry as the focus of the conversion of keywords contained in the title; then using the static URL unified, unified picture writing ALT tags; typesetting aspect, on the front left in the key position in the aspect of text; chain, keywords, and the use of the anchor, the anchor in front of the best; if you do not have the link, will use the nofollow tag control weight, prohibit the indexed and included.

When Third step

, to ensure that the utility of

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