The Shanghai dragon series a Sangumaolu

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at the end of the Han Dynasty, the Yellow turban thing, Cao Cao sit according to the court, great disorder under heaven, Sun Quan soldier Soochow, Han clan animal husbandry Yuzhou Liu Bei listen to Xu and Sima Hui said Zhu Geliang was very knowledgeable and talented, and Guan Yu and Zhang Fei with a gift to Longzhong (now Hubei Xiangfan Yangcheng southwest) Wollongang to ask Zhu Geliang out to help him. When Zhu Geliang went out, Liu Bei had to go home disappointed. Soon, Liu Bei and Guan Yu, Zhang Fei braved the snow to please second.


for the business owner or manager: twenty-first Century is the most expensive talent, enterprise or company internal training not neglect.

this point is very useful in the interview, as the saying goes: "no its people first heard the sound". Don’t let the interviewer know you before the interview, no ground for blame for the interview is good. Shanghai dragon friends know Shanghai dragon WHY forum, there is a Shanghai dragon pool, actually a lot of headhunters and recruiters back above others.

– love Shanghai Encyclopedia: three of thatched cottage

will not copy all of this story, I do not think a few do not know. Three Gu cottage is the best embodiment of Liu Bei’s desperate, Liu Bei is now equivalent to many business owners or managers of the people. Zhu Geliang is so naturally they desperately need talent. This idiom is used in our Shanghai dragon industry, I think is appropriate. At present, the lack of a large number of professional talents in Shanghai dragon Er, I said Shanghai dragon Er, not Shanghai Longfeng workers. The fundamental difference between the two: skill + quality. Every day the hair outside the chain, write some articles can be Shanghai Longfeng workers. Then three of thatched cottage story can give us what inspired? We can also become Zhu Geliang? Of course, like Zhu Geliang the great wisdom of the people are in the minority.

for Shanghai dragon friend: appropriate media is a good marketing strategy.

this point to large companies will no doubt, but many small companies due to limited funds and resources. Internal training is actually useless, it took Shanghai dragon, although seemingly simple. Don’t think about is the chain, but many Shanghai dragon basic knowledge nobody can explain, for example: URL standard, 404 page web site. But these can ask love Shanghai, I feel to ask Shanghai as explained by people deeply love. Furthermore, just contact Shanghai Longfeng shoes may not find this information, do not know how to use the Internet to learn something, after all, there are a lot of graduate students. For a long time many people will feel Shanghai dragon is very boring, very simple. Even that is the chain, update the website OK. What seems to have failed to learn, so they want to change jobs, to be honest, keep people is not easy. Do not compare a salary of two, and can’t learn anything. Liu Bei is thirsty, I want to now no owner or manager can achieve this point? I want to ask my opinion: as their own talent, talent cultivation.

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