The noble baby shopping ad free great flow operation

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has been often small sellers how to help the owner to find consulting traffic, making

what is the noble baby shopping advertising series (a baby Shopping Ads

1. better conversion rate and lower cost


noble baby shopping advertising is a series of pictures instead of text advertising, advertising in the form of a list of products to make products appear in the eyes of consumers. When you finish all the set and after approval of the nobility baby certification, noble baby will give you the pictures of the goods, the name of commodity, price and store name placed in the first search page. When consumers search for your goods in the noble baby keyword, commodity information you will first appear in front of the search, the search function is applicable to any device. As for the charges, would be like the noble baby AdWords pay per click in the same way, only the search from the noble baby shopping advertising Click to enter your store or check your local inventory, you only need to pay for these click.

America online advertising company Marin Software said in a 2014 report, the list of products falling ad click rate is usually better than traditional text ads 50% higher. But the trend also continued product listings, until last year (2016) the retailer spent a total of 56% advertising spending in the noble baby Shopping, 2016 is also the noble baby Shopping in advertising spending beyond the traditional text ads of the year, noble baby shopping advertising series visible increasingly popular online retailers.

2. increase in commodity and brand exposure rate of

more orders!

first appeared in search advertising, for exposure for your products, so that more would not know your brand consumers come into contact with you. Generally speaking, when consumers search in the search engine, usually only list text ads about 2-3, which means to live, unless you can make sure your ad can climb the top 2 positions, otherwise the consumer is difficult to reach your store. Who.

enters from the noble baby shopping ads to your store search, are often compared to text ads have higher chance to buy your goods. The most important is because in advertising has put the product images presented in front of the search, plus the price, store name, product name and product evaluation information, click on the customer enters your shop, you have a clear understanding of the basic information of goods. In the understanding of these basic information, still choose to click to enter the store, I believe that most are interested in your goods, the chances of higher order. Noble baby also said that in some cases, the reading rate of advertisers shopping usually two to three times.

noble baby shopping ads can bring what you

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