The success of the optimization optimization is necessary

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2. page optimization techniques



for the content, each page of the first paragraph of the text is very important, as far as possible in this part emphasize key words and themes, such recognition can make search engine quickly you interface theme. The best content of more than 300 words, words more page interface you will have the corresponding weights provided >

we all know that the site should have the original, should emphasize the key, should do the chain, then a little more specific, we should be how to operate? The following is for everyone

love do not give priority to "search engine optimization guide in Shanghai mentioned, but you must first consider the user experience, this advice may seem absurd, but it is a very important principle. Many novice entry in Shanghai dragon often do not know where to start should be optimized, in fact, the real optimization should be based on a friendly user experience, at the same time to cater to the search engine algorithm.

in the web page structure, because the search engine can only identify the text, so the interface text ratio should be higher, so you can better understand the contents of the search engine. The length of the Title should be kept within 70 characters, preferably less than 66 characters, so that it can guarantee the title can be as much as possible to describe the content of the website, but also ensure that the title can complete show in the search engine. Now the meta tags in the keywords and description compared with the previous action to reduce a lot, but it should be possible to write them, so decription should be in no danger of anything going wrong, 157 characters, it will not display in the search results have overflow. URL, URL of each page must bring their own keywords, keywords long, middle line can be used for segmentation, this page ranking is very helpful.

share some optimization rules of my own summary, the optimization rule you may have heard, but you are not really understand.

this is the first step to your website optimization, you should explicitly determine the keywords you want to do and around these words out the operation. The choice of keywords will determine your site traffic and the scale of the future, choose keywords must choose the user search volume, and now there are many webmaster tools, you can then select the 50-100 keyword mining, potential keywords, use Excel files to put these words into a table. After each of these words and keywords difficulty analysis, now some webmaster tools have provided keywords analysis of the difficulty of query function, if not, you can also use the amount collected, the home page web site to determine a key difficulty. Finally, according to the keyword search volume and the difficulty in selecting the most appropriate keywords (search volume, small difficulty) as your web site keywords.

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