The station was K and will not be pregnant recently love Shanghai K station summary

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hero inside the lyrics sing very well: "do not experience wind and rain, how can see the rainbow, no one can casually succeed." I don’t want to say what I have to say the words of comfort here, Congratulations! Oh, glad that you have encountered it, go on the road at least in failure a road victory is much better than we know we have some deficiencies, as long as we try to analyze it we will be able to have the harvest, when the next optimization we can avoid this error, we also improve the analysis ability! Had not heard hangaozu defeated, and Xiang Yu force Nukiyama heroes’ fundamental no one can be the enemy, but when he failed to come to die? He said: "the day I want to die, and sin! Is that sentence site is k not what the big deal!

actually I have talked about this before the Internet environment, in those years, we do not Shanghai dragon, in those years, we only do the promotion, in those years, we do not rely on the love of Shanghai drainage, in those years we don’t write the hair of the chain. In those years we think is the customer.

intends to change the domain name from the new

has a well optimized website if you want to change the domain name to do his 301 from Shanghai is a directional love time, however, a K station directly for a new domain name, I’d ask you if you do not do a 301 redirect? I can tell you what the station did not k the big thing, because I did one or two K stood still a bit of experience, here to teach. First of all I want to say that the system in Shanghai, any web audit including punishment love Shanghai will be placed in the sandbox, the new station, K station are actually the same, treated by K station how to do it like a new way. If you change a domain name that is not like a new optimization? Since this is why the domain name for

yesterday love Shanghai small update, many forums to see many stations or appear to be K! Obviously love Shanghai for the "pseudo original and acquisition" (a specific statement related to sea love can love to see Shanghai Webmaster Platform) K station continues, and will continue to do so. Some things recently love Shanghai K station, see some loss of confidence and blow hard to force the webmaster, today I share a little experience here.

optimization? K

written in front of

Shanghai Longfeng optimization trend

actually I don’t want to say something to complain about, everyone will have to complain, but often see these people in a post they looked so sad. I still say, these people actually complain about school, I believe that they are not only to earn a post outside the chain, complaining from people who complain about the truth, I suggest you go to see a book called "don’t complain about the world" and in the static under heart to find their own problems to solve.



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