Website optimization is not hard is the true nature of Secrets

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although there are many websites, the Internet seems to be a day filled with endless content, but the real original quality content is not much. We see more is copied, is that many large web portals and so. So the real content of the original, more vulnerable to the search engine on favor, high-quality forwarding not less but not more than half. Second show the true nature, around the theme of the site with rich content, as long as the theme of the site content is the real quality. So, even if the copy, the content must be related with the theme of the site. The last note, in the content properly implanted is conducive to the website optimization keywords, but.

How do the true nature of

, a rich content

often see some sites, but also some very conventional corporate website, for one day you can update dozens of articles pure optimization. It is hard to imagine that these articles come from, is a professional writer, an article in the quality of the article to 1-2 hours. Even worse, a day to update more than a dozen or even dozens of articles in peacetime, but encountered holidays but two or three days an essay is not updated. Three days fishing nets two days of drying, regular updates, will naturally lead to question search engine. The manufacturing batch so people, certainly can not win the trust of search engine. Generally speaking, conventional propaganda display type website, a day update two or three articles to the original content, just regular timing quantitative update.

do not know how many people are confused, since the "content is king, link the emperor", why some website day dozens of Posts link has reached tens of thousands, ranking is not always ideal? Website optimization is definitely not just a copy of several articles, just send the link can be so simple, ideal ranking. On the one hand, the search engine algorithm constantly improve, and continuously improve the user experience, let the content value of quality website ranking as much as possible; on the other hand, the competitive environment has changed, with the continuous improvement of the quality of the whole website, search engines are increasingly high demands on the quality of the site. The content, if the content quality is not high, there is a link, if the link is cheating, is in any case can not win website optimization.

but the content is ultimately the soul of the website is, whether starting from the user or search engine which point of view, rich content can not be less. The same link building, Google is not clear to combat paid links? It is enough to show that in the website optimization process, the link is very important, so click paid links, because it has seriously interfered with the search engine to judge the quality of website. Therefore, the author emphasizes that both the content and the link is still an indispensable site construction production and site optimization. We now answer the question at the beginning, the real reason content link ranking still suck is the lack of the true nature of the language, with professional interpretation of the search engine is using "and that the amplification of the search engine algorithm vulnerability".

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