Whether the problem included the webmaster has become

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I also considered many things. Below I my analysis of several cases and experiment.


first, you may like me, think of the first question is whether the content of the problem is. Indeed, this may have an impact on the collection, but I can definitely tell you, I did a few days of experiment, the pages and page article is absolutely original, but the very serious changes in the changes, that is a very good article, but it is by love Shanghai spiders test. The same problem still exists, the home is still very good included, basically no what included within the page.

second, can think of is the chain, many people will think it is the inside pages of the chain, and basically do is home chain. I do not deny this, home chain is indeed more, we do traffic, is the main page flow is more important. Through several days of the experiment (Ps: before the chain, the chain page also have to do, but also many). The chain increase in my page, whether the submission B2B or soft, also did not see the inside pages of the effect of flow more and more home instead.

The first thing

two, whether there is a relation between the

, 1 quality problems of the chain

through the experiment, then follow the above 3 points Never mind, obviously, love Shanghai algorithm to change the quality of the chain is to have a relationship, talking about the quality of the chain, many webmaster said.

and internal chain

well, and the contents of the article, the chain has no absolute relationship, whether there is a relationship between and within the chain? I think, through these days of experiment, so I let the editors to do the best in the chain, the chain of keywords, long tail keywords are carefully considered, after my confirmation will be released within. This is the chain always do well, so, in the chain is not a key factor.

three, whether there is a relation between the

and the outer chain

recently opened the computer do not look at the data changes, but first open the website for the website of the Shanghai love is included, strange things happened. Do not know if you have not encountered such a thing, web site included is the next day included, but the inside pages do not know why that is not included, 6788 Chinese business network I do, 6788.cn (some Ps: station which includes the inside pages) included 1 Manzo, included home 3www unexpectedly reached ten thousand in 1800. It makes me too much to handle, the other page is completely not included, basically all is the home page included, articles are absolutely original (including pages).

is the content of the problem

more than three points should be considered the most webmaster, because the site is closely related to the change of these factors is to cannot do without, so it is the main experimental analysis of the three main factors, so here to talk about my views, I hope to help you, as soon as possible to love Shanghai new algorithm and new collection.

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