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internal environment: from restaurants, benchmark merchants driven thinking change trend

‘s 2014 food and beverage industry report is an indisputable fact that the online catering industry is growing at an annual rate of more than 25%, contrary to the downturn in the traditional food and beverage industry. Takeaway platform to shuffle the stage, and really open up consumers and catering merchants, as well as third parties platform or catering software service providers O2O mode is also in full swing layout.

say the inside of the restaurant industry, too

this year, the Internet’s most important aspect of the matter is sh419’s change. Prior to the introduction of the key of Mr. Lu Qi in sh419, Mrs. Robin Li, Melissa, the media called "sh419 behind the woman stood to the front, served as special assistant chairman, responsible for the investment, human resources and market public relations work, Robin Li said," sh419 has a spirit called courage, and my wife Melissa Bo.

reportedly, "entrepreneur wife" has become a new venture in the circle of third forces, with investors, founder of the same pace.

Two years ago

was also in that afternoon, the city express reporter asked me to interview the company. Since June this year, the traditional newspaper took out an entire page, each report and the wisdom of life related economic trends.

to see a telecom operator yesterday, we can sit together, because of its wisdom catering suddenly very interested, said a little is interested in intellectual economy, finally fall into the wisdom of catering. For example, to provide WiFi environment, such as restaurants, although this is not a smart life, but also allows operators and smart economy hanging on the hook. "Wisdom economy" is another name for "O2O" at this level of government. Online registration official saying is wisdom medical, quick taxi is wisdom travel, mobile phone ordering is wisdom dining, these are included in the wisdom of the economy in this area. Creating a smart city can be an expectation and a goal for the state and local governments. Operators are concerned about smart restaurants, without the support of the national government.

Hangzhou is a smart restaurant advertised in the restaurant, three months down, after the media exposure of the countless times, now the daily traffic is two times more than before, also be the travel arrangements for a project of Hangzhou tourism experience, not the thirty moment required to join people. Not to say that the restaurant in the end wisdom is not wise, I would like to explain the external environment, the wisdom of the economy, the industry’s attention, undoubtedly it has a great role in promoting.



Ang Lee probably heard the story. Before he became famous, Ang Lee stayed at home for six years, and his wife went out to work to support the family. Ang Lee felt sorry, secretly learning computer, want to find a job for home. Wife found, resolutely opposed, and affectionate to Ang Lee said, "do not forget your dream."." This was followed by Ang Lee, the great director, not Ang Lee.

Abstract: wife entrepreneurs have to play what role? Net red Luo’s words: for entrepreneurs, you may decide to marry the wife finally made out of the $one billion, or one hundred billion. Sometimes they are angels, sometimes the hypnotist, sometimes comrades, sometimes massive roadblocks.

it’s almost a classic image of a wife in an entrepreneur’s mind. Recently, however, the wives’ participation has been somewhat different, and the silent support of this role has been an old image. In the new era, "sister-in-law" should be, when the husband’s career crisis, to pick up the beam, but also played a hooligan.

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the external environment tells us that O2O is at the cusp of the catering business, when it sails and is easy to drown.

I just want to borrow these two examples that happened within a day to show how much the external environment is concerned about O2O or the smart economy. About October, I will often receive interviews from all over the country, talking about the wisdom of the economy, the wisdom of food and drink this thing. This is also an external situation.

catering industry will face an opportunity to seize it and make good use of it, now is the best time, but it is also the most testing period. The test is not only catering enterprises, as well as catering enterprises to provide services of various O2O Internet platform, as well as to provide intelligent management of the restaurant information companies, and so on.

this force has actually been low-key lurking in the business circles, but not to cannot but when they choose the hidden power and name. There are usually two reasons for their popularity. One is that her husband’s net worth is packed into the charts, and that people always have the desire to spy on them and see who has saved the galaxy for the rest of his life. Two is squeezed into the list of husband derailed.

I have a classmate C husband also entrepreneurs, venture capital, trap eyes money day, out of the BAT, with a well-known VC million investment, so we started licking the face hold thigh: remember to ring the bell to pick up our C always SIP! Smiling, she is the kind of Lin type girls, the most exciting time is Minzui smile. Since then, however, we have seen the frequency of small C decline from once a month to once a year. Just know later, home mortgage, child care, the two mountains all the pressure in the small C, she is still in daily work to start a micro business subsidies home, left hand right hand holding baby package mail is commonplace. During this period, the husband’s project changed two times in three years, not to mention IPO, and even the new three board are within the foreseeable future, but little C no complaints support, she in our minds of the image immediately tall.

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