How to efficiently write high quality pseudo original articles for the Shanghai Dragon

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title which keywords determined, is the label, this step is often ignored for many people, and ignore the consequences of that leads to lower efficiency, generally I first cursory look at some of the content, and then establish what keywords embedded, it may take 1 to 2 minutes. But to lay the foundation for later work, reduce the number of repeated modifications of the time, and the article have labels it is also good for search engine. The following is the beginning of the false original content:

false original article writing is the basic technology must understand website editors and the Shanghai dragon staff, general pseudo original is to rewrite the past, only need to change the title tune out of order one, included the effect is good, but with the continuous improvement of search engine, it is clear to this kind of the recognition well, even included the article ranking will not be good to go, do not directly collected. The Shanghai dragon is included and ranking for originality are very important, which requires us to improve the content editing capabilities, share how to efficiently write some insights into the high quality pseudo original articles to Shanghai Dragon:

is a pseudo original, there must be the source, actually speaking of the source can be very much, the limited space is incomplete, the content sources suggest that in several major search engines and blogs through the relevant keywords to find out a pile, now the site of 100 also greatly facilitate our. This article is mainly used for bedding and general use, if the content needs to be updated daily and have timeliness can be news search, when you search for a certain amount should know where to find the website content.

You should consider the content of the article should be embedded

more convenient way is to cut the redundant part of the article, to do a good pseudo original words of the original data and some cases are in fact must be cut, there is some part of the long winded to delete, delete these articles after only one subject to the backbone. Some of his collection to other articles embedded in, and then adjust the paragraph order, but it is emphasized that the article must be normal to see to understand, not only for the pseudo original and pseudo original, this way is relatively low-level pseudo original style.

to further improve the pseudo original effect, must spend some effort, we must first do is to the original.

After the

content began to Shanghai dragon pseudo original, first and most important is the title, whether it is self-evident importance of Shanghai dragon or do the title of the article, I recommend directly to the need for optimization of keywords in the title, of course, to nature, not title and content is not corresponding, also suggested with a long title or subtitle means, this kind of method is not very hot to do some long tail keywords effect is very good. A final reminder is the best pseudo original title with the original title is completely different, this is more conducive to deceive the search engine.


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