Love Shanghai library suffered infringement complaints about some enlightenment website optimization

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website optimization is to obtain the flow of Shanghai dragon. The site you want to get a lot of traffic, only by virtue of a person’s strength is very difficult, if we can fully mobilize the power of the Internet, website, website ranking will increase quickly. One reason why love Shanghai library to attract a large number of visitors is the library there are a large number of useful resources, these resources are involved, whether it is the exam, or do the thesis, whether it is love network novel, or looking for professional knowledge, in the love of Shanghai library almost can be found, because provides convenience for the users so, get considerable traffic, site optimization in Shanghai Longfeng, follow some rules, consider from the user’s point of view, give users some benefits, in order to increase site traffic……

love Shanghai library, its content by users to upload, upload users will get the reward points, integral benefits can be transferred to love Shanghai library works, so the cycle of Internet users to upload works love Shanghai is to pay a compensation, the compensation is integral, integral function is available for free download love Shanghai library resources, this love Shanghai library on the formation of a harmonious ecological system, Internet users to upload content, have access to the content, provides a great platform for free resource sharing love Shanghai library, which is a big platform of love Shanghai hardly do what day will get a lot of traffic, then hang a few ads in Shanghai love library right, and so every fortune……

say, love Shanghai for the majority of private network library is something, but why was infringement complaints? The reason is very simple, these free resources are not from the original hand, but not under the original author’s authorization, some users upload to the library on the sea of love, some love of Shanghai library the novel in some websites or to pay to read in the form of network, Chinese always staged such people may not be forced to say things, such as film "let the bullets fly", Youku on demand a fee of 5 yuan of money, and free to watch in some other video sites is. The same clothes, spread the price of 20 yuan, into the store, into a 200 yuan.

The ultimate goal of

we just don’t talk about these Chinese features, no permission on the love of Shanghai library, of course, these works will be placed on other sites, other sites of fame without love Shanghai, Sue.

in March 15, 2011, including Jia Pingwa, Han Han, Guo Jingming, Li Chengpeng, when the moon, 50 domestic well-known writers jointly issued the "315 China writers denounced the book" love Shanghai, said: "the love of Shanghai library contains almost all of our works, and the user is free, anyone can download and read, but it has not achieved any of us authorization. Not to take that love to steal, Shanghai has completely degenerated into a thief, it stole our works, stole our rights and stole our belongings, the love of Shanghai library into a stolen goods market."

This is the mode of operation of

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