Google search results page added function calculator graphic display function

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Google search results page add graphics function calculator function


graphics zoom operation

Beijing on December 6th news, according to the development trend of the industry attention to search the American technology blog SearchEngineLand reports specifically, Google Technology Engineer Adidas · Avi Doll (Adi Avidor) said Monday in a blog post, Google search results page has increased the graphics function calculator function, global math lovers only in the Google search function calculation the need to type the box, Google search results page will return the corresponding graphical expression at the top.

Avi Doll said that users in the Google search results page to see the graphics function, but also use the mouse to click on the node graph, to zoom in and out of these charts. Avi Doll said, most browsers have support for Google this new function.

SearchEngineLand pointed out that the graphics function calculator function to increase Google’s new search engine WolframAlpha, can be regarded as the corresponding mathematical calculator function on another Internet response. The WolframAlpha service in May 2009 officially launched, has been hailed as the "outside Google killer". With the Google search service is different, users need to query the search box type problem in WolframAlpha, the search engine will return directly to the user answers, instead of returning a lot of web links.

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