Check 10 love Shanghai snapshot not update processing method

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2, a good space. There are two conditions, one is open speed should not exceed 5 seconds, Shanghai dragon do a commonplace talk of an old scholar should focus on the user experience, in fact, this is the user experience, if you open the space is very slow, who will love. The two is very stable, no matter what time the spider, spider can access. So the search engine to a certain degree above give you extra points, the snapshot is not a problem.

5, a week to write a few soft article. This is for you to learn, and can add a lot of backlinks to your site, snapshot update naturally be nothing difficult. I like A5 on the soft hits and reproduced or very good.

Shanghai, now more and more electricity supplier website needs to be optimized, small small to release the product page, big big to keyword optimization ranking, with the local network of Shanghai dragon arena. A Shanghai dragon need to grasp more knowledge about Shanghai dragon, today Shanghai love story behind the snapshot. If a site has new places or new things will attract the arrival of the spider, a snapshot of your website so the search engine will update the database, so how can we make love Shanghai day is the next day snapshot update or snapshot here according to a "fat: 10 love Shanghai in inventory update the reasons summed up" approach 10 corresponding, provide a reference for the webmaster.

6, refused to hang black chain. Experience tell you webmaster, black links will quietly disappear, once this black links force, increase the weight of your site, when a link failure, so your site will be search engine friendly judgment. It will not only affect the snapshot, and may be right down. So such things advised you don’t do it.

4, Links check. Many webmaster, hasty do a Links whether, in fact, this is wrong, Links not to do, but also diligent check, because if you change the link update snapshot overnight, then snapshot of your site also have a certain effect.

1, every day to add original content to your website. We are the first day to a new company work, presided over the morning meeting of the people will say so and so coming to our company has injected new blood, and we also need such a website, need to take care of it. The website should have the update frequency. Let the spider often come to your site. Snapshot will update. So slowly accumulated weight love Shanghai.

3, every day to add several backlinks. A regular and continuous increase a few of the reverse connect every day, the effect is very significant, which is equivalent to the word-of-mouth, your website address every day in the Internet, so there is a spider on your friendship, the key point is to adhere to, so as to let the search engine update every day.

7, adhere to the mass without software

. Can improve the keywords ranking group within a short time, that I have.

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