Garbage content will become a site of internal injuries

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we may be an illusion in the update of the content on the website, that updates the content not only can let the website snapshots. And that the search engine included more, the weight of each page to your home page with more high, thinking that the keywords ranking will be useful. Of course, there is a more important reason is to do the long tail keywords, but the general long tail keywords if not closely linked to the website theme bring flow in general are garbage flows. For example, if we are a Shanghai dragon forum, the others about reports of electronic commerce, the article e-commerce is popular reports, our forum and weight will be high, this article will rank well. Our website to bring good traffic, but because this waste is the garbage flows will bring content to us.

I see too many Shanghai Longfeng operators commonly do two things, that is to update the content of the website and send the chain. I don’t understand is a corporate website there are so many updates? Need that update? Update will have a beneficial effect on the ranking? The answer is no, can only bring benefits to update a website, that is the site of the new. The snapshot is only one of the benefits of the new, it is convenient for you may point in time for Links, but whether you have a new snapshot of the rankings, but no good, this is an indisputable fact. More terrible is that in order to update and update the content on the site but is harmful, but it is the daily updated website content people are not aware of. So today I said the main impact is the content on the website of the garbage.


said the content will become clear in the garbage when a site of internal injuries we first need to understand what is junk content, such as some Union website advertising put, not related to the theme of the content, the Internet repeat high acquisition type of content, the content can not meet the needs of users. And the most important thing is this cannot meet the needs of the user, you update daily news that companies and related products of technical articles, is not what role for users. You will see no business news, most people would not to understand the technical knowledge of a product. The main culprit no one see what is on your site can drag.

spam will drag the entire website, the overall quality of the entire site down. If your site has one thousand articles, daily traffic is one thousand, PV is three thousand. The competitor’s website only two hundred articles, daily traffic is one thousand, PV is three thousand. Do you think that what the result is, when the search engine to determine the site will determine the overall quality of a website. When people two hundred content could also contribute to the PV value of three thousand, then, every piece of content about people website are of high quality content. And you believe the content there are a lot of sleep, never to disturb. This is not what the user sees is not available to the user value, naturally don’t even want to improve the site keywords ranking.

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