5 minutes to teach you how to optimize the mechanical industry website

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skills is the first product to distinguish between primary and secondary, the main products are placed in the most prominent position and introduces the category, subdivision of the main products, the same type of subdivision. The classification should not be too much, not more than 7.

product is the difficulty of site optimization, the reason is based on the analysis of Dongguan’s user search habits, the customer through the search keywords of a product into your website, but see is your website 3.07ghz, looking for a long time can not find want the product, to direct user experience is dazzling and this is not consistent with the website optimization. But as a machinery industry enterprise website and inevitably there are many types of products. How to operate

, customers to search the product you, the first concern is the price, if the content of your website is mostly the introduction of products, not to mention the price of the product, the user can then imagine how to do? The customer will turn off your website, continue to search for other sites, until he wants about the price is very simple and tell him the details of the site.

1. content


then came the question? How should we solve the above problems, quickly make your website is in line with the optimization of

4. is not related to the content.

machinery industry is one of the most important industries in Dongguan, many township has a large industrial area, and produce many large and small machinery industry company. So, how to optimize the machinery industry should do simple

website optimization, any of the above is enough to affect the normal website optimization ranking, this is also a lot of machinery industry company website, in line on the site has been difficult to have one of the reasons for good rankings, even has not been included. Traffic is low, not customer consultation.

2. product segments

to the core keywords, according to user needs, the user demand content released. The general customers in Dongguan is concerned about the products, price, usage, comparison, parameter, method is for the demand of more of the layout of site content.


1. web content clutter.

?The steps are as follows:

based optimization of

3. sites with low quality.

According to the principle of

The accuracy of

so the website content wants to meet the optimization, so understanding the needs of users is the premise.

For example, the price of

first, we must first understand the status quo of Dongguan machinery industry enterprise website optimization difficulty what? According to the series for many years engaged in website optimization experience, can be roughly divided into the following problems:


2. too many product categories.

3.Many websites can optimize >

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