Effect of site optimization flow of three factors

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site included mainly the following points: 1, the overall structure design of the website; 2, website domain name and directory settings; 3, the site code is simple and standard; 4, website content meets the needs of the users.

website click rate and to optimize the process can not be ignored in a little. The website hits to the ranking has a great impact, the better the site click rate will be higher ranked relatively. Our website editor should grasp the user’s mind, the attractive title to attract users, but also through various channels to promote the site, increase traffic, so as to promote website ranking natural rise.

site traffic is a lot of Shanghai dragon are very concerned about the topic, you want to get a good flow, it is necessary to master the influence of Shanghai Longfeng flow factors, understand to increase traffic to the site below Zhirui Feng Ji skills, site optimization experts share three experience points to you.

The overall The main factors affecting

three is more than Zhirui Ji Feng for influence share site optimization flow of three factors, I believe we do these three points, website traffic will quickly be promoted. The Beijing website optimization expert Zhirui Ji Feng (贵族宝贝youhua18贵族宝贝) starting A5, please keep the

Overall, information!

three, website hits


included in the site

Factors affecting

website ranking are: 1 the main content of title in the web page; 2, the content of the website construction; 3, whether the site can win the user’s recommendation.

website ranking

wants to have a better site traffic, in addition to do more effort in the collection, we should also work hard in the overall ranking on the site. The first thing is to make the website main keywords ranking, because most users search keywords is the main vocabulary, brought to the site traffic is immeasurable. Then do the long tail keywords ranking, long tail keywords ranking is a process of accumulation, in the late to the site to bring traffic even more than the main keywords.

site included more web traffic will be more, there is no doubt that, because the site included more search engines will have more opportunities to visit our website, so as to improve the site keywords ranking. As long as the good internal website optimization, the article is love Shanghai included, with the chain optimization, the website will have good rankings, then can very good drainage.

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