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how can we find the industry’s largest user groups? In fact we are positioning of user groups is done in user demand analysis, positioning analysis group is part of the user is to belong to us, that part is not belong to us; for example: this website is selling reflow equipment; we love Shanghai the biggest demand is "drop-down box principle, reflow reflow process, reflow temperature

before a few sites are love Shanghai, love Shanghai encyclopedia first, then know that the Interactive Encyclopedia, an independent site, and the emergence of love Shanghai library……… We know that the independent site is two, then the ranking contrast gives us what information? Weiwei tell you: site prompt is the "search and download data of these user groups is the largest search;" reflow "maximum user needs is to find information and download information"

maximum demand groups

user groups need to pay attention to:


we do in the positioning requirements of users and user groups is the object of our analysis cannot do without them, because when we do in the analysis of user needs to determine the part of the greatest demand, so we went to meet the maximum needs of users; why we can not meet the needs of all if we put all? The requirements are met, so our website will become very fat; user experience more severe; so when we analyze the needs of users only need to find the maximum to meet the demand. User groups when we demand analysis into the biggest demand groups, small groups and other groups, if we meet the biggest part of the group’s website capture most of the traffic, then the search engine will push up on our website.

so we are selling equipment, users find information with us not related, we don’t need to do this part of the user; Wei Wei told you: if the maximum demand and the site itself is not relevant, and we don’t have to do; at this time we’ll loss maximum demand of user groups, we want to website ranking in the home to meet the needs of the largest part of Wei Wei Group; make an assumption: our website to meet this part of the user community, so when the user search data will see our products; there is the possibility of purchase! When we in the industry has been met when most of the users search engine is not that we the website has more advantages in the peer, so as to push us up! Weiwei to tell you some little knowledge: when we go to the forum is not See some of the posts is marked "fire" or "hot" two words, said.

1. find the industry



A few key points when we locate

then we take a look at the comparative ranking of the site is how


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