Four steps to the novice will be Shanghai dragon optimization

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"to do good work, must first sharpen his tools", choose a certain weight of domain name and the stability of the space is the first step to optimize the success, I can see, a lot of people are not optimal level difference, but the optimization based hardware needed too, such as space often downtime, is a new domain name or domain name the domain name is being punished. So you will have to pay tens of times efforts may not be able to achieve the desired effect, and even to achieve the ultimate goal, but overnight, also can let you cast to waste all the effort. The stability of the space since Needless to say, I only take effect to talk about my personal website domain name, I recently made a guest website, the domain name is registered as a station has years of domain name, and then on a single page station, a love Shanghai index 80 words, there is no more new any article on the weights of the domain name, the ranking of this site within a week to love Shanghai before three. Thus, factors affecting the weight of the domain name can not be ignored.

, to know how to choose a site to optimize the system of

The basic conditions of Two new

, a new Shanghai dragon find the weight of domain name and stable space

Shanghai Longfeng optimization is undoubtedly free website to get the accurate flow the best way, as a small webmaster, few people do not understand the art of Shanghai dragon, of course, Shanghai Longfeng technical level, good and bad. But many people are looking for a shortcut to optimize Shanghai dragon road, has been against the Shanghai dragon optimization shortcut, think this technology is a long-term and cumulative process. Although we see the only decent Shanghai Longfeng achievements, there can not be ignored the evil wolf rain Shanghai dragon. This is the Shanghai dragon optimization of each of the road, but only one purpose: to obtain directional flow required by Shanghai dragon. According to Shanghai dragon optimization, as long as the accurate method, also can quickly learn the new technology. Below I talk about how to quickly learn new Shanghai dragon optimization.

all have the condition, started a website.

three, learn to create original content website promotion weight

I said Shanghai dragon is not tell you how to optimize the shortcut overnight home page, but as long as you master these basic prerequisites, it will pay a lot less effort than others, to achieve a multiplier effect. Take this, a good website system will reduce late a lot of Shanghai Longfeng burden, such as choice of chain structure in good system, keyword tags can be customized, tag tags can be set, URL can be static and so on, these basic conditions of Shanghai dragon can make you pay a lot less, now CMS system is relatively good for example, the dedecms is very good, of course, you can choose a lot of other systems, you can also develop their own, It differs from man to man. The key point to consider whether or not the system use the search engine grab information, whether in Shanghai Longfeng optimization favorable, with these pave the way for the optimization of course, multiplier.

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