How old and new sites included fast sharing

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2. and their editorial content have a great relationship. Because the site itself inevitably there will be some common statements, these statements once too much appeared in an article in Shanghai, will be identified as love no new news. So on the back of a new press release available immediately be included. Some news is not included, or direct sea rock. Then I put these cannot be included in the news for a website to release the results of the second day was included. These are just proved this truth.

1. preference by mixed articles, only text pages included is relatively slow.


3. title number of easy to be included. But the title will appear on the label, page, so the title role is very important, if the title and content you are closely related, this is love Shanghai love things, then the weights will not only be collected and will directly increase the inside pages. When these pieces together. On the back of the drive home page weight. This is what some people write a lot of news, but the effect is less than another write less, this is a problem in the. In addition, the space is not enough, the content is not full, not too will be included.

has been included in the website, to attach great importance to the site within the chain, the quality of the original content, site of Mate (title, keywords, description tag set). Except, for example Links external links is more important. To check you >

4. site pattern is more important. Like an old station I focus on optimization, such as after many website was hacked, the server is attacked, the record was revoked, the fate of K website. The program also has some problems. For example, I can display the page update area is that a small "news center" the rest are dead fixed content. Two years ago, I still stay in the accumulation of key words, never touch it. So my article with new area only with this. I can be independent of each news page, because I did not show the function. I am in the article are the guide to the home page anchor. I love Shanghai spider come every time, grab the page is still limited.

website ranking is usually included, stable amount included is the most basic foundation of good rankings. So how to make their new website is a collection of love in Shanghai, or have been included in the website, how to achieve faster included? This is a deep discussion topic. Especially this year, love Shanghai has unlike previous years, as long as you continue to unremittingly new content is out of love, Shanghai will basically zhaodanquanshou to grab, and achieve the effect. Xiao Bian observed this year their site, the second situation basically No. Although all of the original information as in the past, it may take a few days to be included. Some will be pass off or directly. He will be selectively included. This small series also analyzed the reasons:

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