Do enterprise stand optimization needs from 5 aspects to consider

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The rational use of Update and optimization of The Now the

station in correlation to note.

enterprise station itself is not for profit, its establishment is in fact more to create an industry name card with potential cooperation, let friends can contact their active. So the content of the website has become the best form of publicity of their own. This is more important for enterprise station. Of course, during operation we cannot order that several so-called high heat words and go online to grab some articles to supplement, instead we should supplement the process pays great attention to the relevance of the article. For example, your word is to optimize the water purifier, I can be targeted in this paper reflect European water purifier, water purifier, high quality water purifier, different kinds of words can change into a different view, because the love of Shanghai algorithm for judging points between very carefully, not only to highlight the word and related products words are embodied, the water purifier price, purpose etc.. Of course, do we need to understand these articles before website updates are based on the natural foundation, do not appear in the process of keyword stuffing cheating, not only detrimental in spider’s image, but also affect the user experience. >

chain for the emperor, content is king, the truth is not a fake website operation, but compared to the traditional method, the weight of the label should be appropriate to quote us more attention. Common B, strong nofollow, the bold tag, H tag, we use the weight of these markers in the process of optimization is very beneficial to enhance weight of Web site keywords and title, nofllow mainly for the index page of some spiders do not participate in the ranking page, we can use this shielding label let the spider know these pages just to show, not to calculate to the ranking of the weight page. While the use of some other labels can make the whole process of establishment we have many important points. We stand for the enterprise construction, in addition to the content and form of business more flexibility for the rational use of the weight of these labels will also play a multiplier effect. After all, every page there is not always a display to the user, we must make it valuable to the user, otherwise the extra weight page is likely to drag the whole website accumulation.

label on the site structure layer weight.

network elements when popular, many small and medium enterprises in the face of competition under the pressure line, usually used to expand online means to ease the pressure of survival. With the dissemination of information quickly, online orders apparently became a lot of small and medium enterprises straw. Therefore, it is not hard to understand why the small and medium-sized enterprise website optimization will become a vital force in the field of Shanghai dragon new. Of course I don’t want to talk about the optimization method and process of Shanghai dragon in the traditional sense today, but to stand for enterprises in the process of optimization often ignore the details of a stressed, hope to help you.

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