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home page open speed slow

solution: regular space is not stable, the morning opened the afternoon, open, open the night, as soon as the replacement of a stable security, so do their own optimization more are useless. At the same time to determine the stability from the bandwidth, IIS number, CPU, memory occupancy rate, taking the visibility of several aspects, for a stable, this is fundamental to let the user experience to fly.

many sites use the PING command to test, with very few connection time, and doesn’t switch, but when open their own web sites, but with almost a >

for the user experience this thing really let the webmaster is really a headache. But if not words on it, then the site will eventually go off station, although most of the time we analysis the user experience is to rely on a lot of statistical data of cold, but I think, in fact, analysis of user experience is not difficult, but also can not through the data analysis can be effective. The operation method is first put the new users themselves as the website, the data to a new visitor mentality to test their own site, be sure to remember, when they find their own site open speed slow or interface is not clean, the need to record, and then ask yourself whether to continue to visit, and then to third the State Party on their website to have a general understanding, also can invite friends to help test, therefore, in fact, not only the analysis of the data analysis of user experience this way, as the saying goes, all roads lead to Rome. But today, I talk about improving the user experience of the operation in the first part of the whole optimization, processing text access speed.

ZhengZhan spatial instability

The instability of the

space is definitely a big killer of the user experience, but also to let the spider crawling into the web site content to crawl. If the site is a villa, the space is the villa of the foundation, when the foundation is stable, who dare to live in? However, many owners when analyzing the degree of user experience are rarely aware of the importance of space, most of the webmaster is around the content to improve the user experience. In fact, this is a very big error, even after all the sites are open or sometimes open and open, but also to talk about the user experience? And it is not open space, natural good content users have no blessing. We determine the site space is stable, can through two methods, the use of the system comes with the PING command to test, when the connection time is less than 60MS, is to ensure the stability of the natural space, of course, the need to test in the peak of the Internet, such as 12 noon to 14 p.m., between 8-9 night. The use of Webmaster Tools query is connected with the frequency of the country, this can be tested through the webmaster tools of super PING command. When the space is not stable, we don’t talk about the user experience can not fly, even can not open the website is a problem.

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