Google paid links against website weight decide on what path to follow

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exchange Links. At the beginning of establishment of the site may because of the weight of your site, collection and PR are very low, so the exchange of high quality Links is very difficult, so we can start looking for some time, and your site is a site to exchange, do not think that this is not good, both sides will eventually have a qualitative change the key is to adhere to. When your website has improved, then find a higher site exchange Links, this gradual increase the weight of the website.


not paid links, how to increase the weight of the website in this environment? I am according to the personal experience summed up the following, we hope to be able to help


domestic paid links business reasons I think like a raging fire, do not say it! The chain especially one-way Gao Quanzhong weights on the website of the increase is very rapid and obvious, so the domestic various rain webmaster related sites are hanging on the sale of small ads, with a superb collection of beautiful things, but it is also the so-called reach, this method is fast and good effect of disrupted Google for the website evaluation thinking. As we all know, the chain is an important index for evaluation of the Google website, so Google announced a thorough investigation of the paid links, no doubt to the domestic market with a head-on blow like a raging fire.


first: soft Wen promotion. In fact, we each write soft focus, some is to increase the amount forwarded from your own web site, will be sent to increase the weight of the website, as well as to reflect their own related products and services in the article, visitors can go to search or direct purchase purpose. Of course we use here is the former. Write text can also make some like-minded friends in addition to the above benefits, so do not write in the soft somewhat conservative, familiar words, really can change really. Where to publish articles I would not say it, A5 ah, we all know that A5 is the best views and forwarded the article published place.

again: Forum promotion. In fact, in the forum to promote the increase of the chain there are many ways you can post, can reply, you can use the signature. But we should pay attention to, then your posts are included only love Shanghai potential is a chain, so even a post in the forum should also pay attention to the original, because the original things more easily included love Shanghai. So I suggest you reply in the forum original post, which included increased the possibility, and not because of the embarrassment of the original post every day. The signature is not to say, you can check it, very simple

finally: don’t give up every opportunity can increase the chain. In fact, the network propaganda mud site is a lot of places to the classified information website, blog, Links station etc..


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