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in Xiao Yonghong’s view, the big data industry is really built up the core or technology.

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36 big data study found that currently get big data for corporate financing, most have been in this industry for 2-3 years. Big data business can not be anxious, can not blindly rely on government support and financing to seek development, can really create commercial profits with big data companies can survive in the fierce competition, big data technology and talent is the core competitiveness.

below is a wonderful view of the NetEase’s on-site guests:

36 big data founder Liu Jinling believes that big data is a plough industry, find the breakthrough and development in depth business is very important, big data applications focus on segments of the easier access to capital favor.

a lot of much of the knowledge about the webmaster website claiming rookie, compared to these modest people I had to call myself a rookie, because I am not a computer professional background, did not grasp what what Html language, thanks to the Dreamweaver visualization software to build, I also set up their own station, go on webmaster entrepreneurial road, although the road is not smooth, although the process is striking one snag after another but saw his website, sh419 included, some people patronize, still very satisfied, then I am willing to own a super rookie Jianzhan process and the webmaster exchange, also hope the role of master get advice, I would like to thank

Bao Zhongtie: mobile App has become the entrance of customers and data

Liu Jinling: focus segments large data products easier access to capital favored

Zhang stressed that enterprises should attach importance to product retention, especially mobile Internet products. Focusing on retention rates will lead to better customer reputation and marketing, a longer customer life cycle, more opportunities to do cross selling and lower CAC/LTV ratios.

in Bao Zhongtie’s view, companies are moving from product centric to customer centric, and mobile Internet is becoming the mainstream of online business, mobile App has become the entrance of customers and data.


my site first from the course of why I choose to build station to start, first I am a Taobao owner, now has two diamond store this is the real deal done by sales, not sales, brush is good, I feel very satisfied, but there is little shop Taobao is indeed very hard, every successful transaction requires patience exchanges, and work for a long time, until the small hours of the morning is a regular thing, he sometimes wanted to be able to have a simple way to make money, don’t try so hard, but occasionally a chance to see the Taobao launched Taobao off, I feel good, as long as the construction of a website or blog to Taobao promotion of goods is put up, there are people to link into the things they buy are not royalty, and sellers to communicate directly, save a lot of trouble, So there is the idea of site promotion. But how to build? How to release? Etc., not too much, do not know, let me start, by chance I saw Admin5 station network, the first browser grabbed at once, since then, the Admin5 station network became my daily must see the teacher station here, I know the station program, learn how to understand the network promotion, advertising and so on, I can say that the station can have the appearance of today, half of the credit is Admin5 webmaster, I am here to Admin5 webmaster and say: Thank you! through a period of study, understand, I started the first step of the website, choose what software is a station, choose the site CMS program or use the Dreamweaver site, through the front of their study also learned some CMS procedures, the need to quickly build, who do not want to simply save ah, so on the Internet under a CMS program to get you, and source code, and database, in a few days did not understand how to use it is not feel shy to say, I was too stupid, who have no master can ask, no choice but to give up. Then bought a book, is about the use of Dreamweaver, while reading, while practicing, I feel slowly get started, although not understand the HTML language, can also be built directly with Dreamweaver

The core of

NetEase Francisco March 9th news, recently, organized by the 36 data of the application and practice of "big data" salon held in Beijing, a number of big data industry on behalf of the enterprise to make sharing, and solve the problem of big data business applications.

Zhang Ximeng: enterprises should pay attention to product retention rate

Xiao Yonghong: Data Trading is the use of rights or value-added data, rather than the data itself

data hall co-founder Xiao Yonghong share, said the direct data trading platform is impossible, because it involves the original data, security and personal privacy issues. Data transactions do not directly sell the data itself, but the use of data or the value of data.

TalkingData. "Different people’s perspectives will lead to big data and different business models.".

GrowingIO company CEO Zhang Ximeng shared "growth hackers" in the speech of the. He believes that the core of the growth of hackers, including access to users, stimulate active, improve retention, increase revenue and dissemination of recommendations, support growth hackers continue to create commercial value behind the "black hand" is the big data.

Bao Zhongtie says shift >

"Data science is the art of translating data into action," says Bao Zhongtie, chief financial industry expert at

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