How to achieve the promotion of Shanghai dragon tyrants nternet screen

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screen mode

in the promotion of the work, there is a way "is the screen". That is to say, the keyword search results, video, news source, know the search engine platform products own network products to occupy the proportion, that is to say, the number of search show the position and proportion of more of its own brand as far forward as possible. In fact, do promotion on the screen of the search engine is very important, but also determine the amount of success of the screen a project in an area.

screen is very important, first of all design [Keywords] and then through the search target, the target keywords to view its rankings and key platform. Check the platform included sites, especially UGC, PGC video website, it can help to search engines, in a large number of included after ranking is demonstrated, which is very important. The screen keyword search box there is a way, is the screen of long tail keywords, this model through classified information platform, search engine ranking, know library better platform to upload the content, to do so, it is easy to make a lot of long tail keywords ranking, after a large number of long tail keywords ranking, search engine data screening will enhance the target keywords ranking, put a few of the long tail word ranking based on the target relation >


screen is a way very difficult, to promote its mass, need to continuously update the original, pseudo original, and brought together a variety of resources, mining platform, in order to achieve the effect of the screen from the root, in short is as difficult as the general promotion, Shanghai dragon is a function of the curtain after driving and the need to constantly.

on the screen promotion, Shanghai dragon occupies a very large proportion, often in the promotion process, target keywords it is only a dozen, but requires a large number of video and news source content, know to enrich, so as to ensure a keyword search results page to display. With the standard of Internet products, the quality of the original content, more and more important. The acquisition of user generated content, and screen keywords in the search engine, can enhance brand awareness, especially in the industry, to ensure the stability of its brand awareness and growth, but many enterprises at this point do not pay enough attention, this approach is not desirable. As a business, training industry, manufacturing industry needs to promote, especially in the mining industry keywords results, often through the target keywords Shanghai dragon to make their sites difficult to obtain ranking, then through the search engine to know, video, news sources and other functions to make their commercial brand keywords and maximize the show, then for potential users.

internet promotion screen is very important, but it is time to screen the search results, you need to use a different platform, if you screen your own media is OK, if you want to achieve the screen in the search results, it is a very difficult, need to constantly groping.

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