How do we do website optimization and global account details

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my own in the process of website optimization, website optimization is a global discovery and details of both the global optimization is work, is the core of the optimization program, efforts in vain in the wrong direction that is the truth, and the details of the implementation of specific measures derived by global, both of which are optimized the foundation, are indispensable, the author and all the detail of what we want to do.

first, must be a reasonable planning for the entire project site before optimization. Shanghai Longfeng optimization project planning is very important. Because of the overall planning objectives we can know where to go, can clearly see their objectives to be optimized in there. What stage do what, what things need to be done, these are we need careful consideration in the overall layout planning problem. We first look at the site title, optimize the development to the present title and writing evolved from before cheating is now nature, a good title should have characteristics clearly understood. The title do not accumulate a lot of core keywords to optimize and integrate into the company, in the title of the concept of service in line with the user experience is the core. For the specific description tag is that we provide services, mainly through the complete sentence fluency to describe those we provide related services for the core keywords, the reasonable deployment is the main theme of the present optimization.

third, the website optimization should be gradual. After the completion of the station optimization we have to look.

second, website optimization is reflected in the details of the perfect station. With the above program of things, here is the station optimization details of the grasp, if a person is a global vision, the details is a personal style, here is the construction of global website to support our website theme in the website core keywords layout and detail is how to through the station including the home page the inside pages, keyword deployment details, by providing valuable information for users to retain our visitors, and further to win the search engine keyword is not recognized, in addition to the station, we need to build a new station on the line early effort, must provide the original content of high value, Shanghai Longfeng class can some companies make appropriate information in allowing users to really feel the power of culture to the enterprise itself is not limited to information Content updates must be carried out, around the user is most concerned about things, optimization of articles and news articles of the enterprises should be combined, not all is Shanghai dragon very obvious signs of the article, it will cause excessive optimization of the suspects, in the specification of URL, the site is at the beginning of the line must be carefully set reasonable and as far as possible the use of static / pseudo static settings for url. In weight, in the 301 and 404 pages, 301 can focus your weight, 404 can improve search engine and user experience, and rational use of robot.txt to screen the dead link, the station optimization details are carefully pay attention to the problem.

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