Analysis of Gome search engine marketing two Niche Marketing

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for the new information to the old user search in Shanghai, love know the answer page will appear on the right side of the United States Trade Advertising Association, new users click to enter, can be accurate to guide the new for old, Gome brand all know ", at the same time embedded in Gome’s sales promotion advertising information, right now. Immediately went to the 51 Day holiday, as follows:

the article analysis of "Gome search engine marketing focus search" analysis of Gome Feifei by focus search network marketing, we should remember that consumers buy more and more critical of home appliance products, style and price requirements, at the same time, the emergence of the Internet in the rapid development, so that more consumers used in the purchase of household appliances before you go online to search queries, Gome is by virtue of this while leveraging the power of the ingenious marketing opportunities for "home appliances to the countryside" and "new for old" Gome to bring a lot of marketing opportunities.

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3, a sharp focus page show wonderful recommended quiz and the right side of the Gome brand introduction, Gome Cheng Long housekeeper professional answer module configuration

together to communicate!

in the "new for old" policy has not been substantial publicity when the United States is already aware of this opportunity and advance and love Shanghai depth of marketing communication, to search the material preparation.

1, "page, TM, the United States all know" by the machine automatically crawl in the way to gather all related issues with old change new


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love Shanghai for the United States to choose a high degree of active love Shanghai know platform, carefully build "new for old, Gome brand know topic page, starting from the user to explore the perspective of knowledge, to guide the user to understand the old for the new policy.

page list will Gome and new two aspects to distinguish between the old problems show, users can find the answer at a glance.

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4, the measures to narrow the gap between Gome brand and user distance, put up a direct dialogue between the brand and the consumer’s bridge, Gome brand occupy the leading position in the competition.

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