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slowly, knock knock Panpan experienced a lot, finally from an Internet "white" level to "Deep-Fried Dough Sticks", from a daily hope they can teach me something, I would like for him to do anything I can do to become a lecturer can speak Shanghai dragon also, see too much like I just have contact with the network situation, everywhere to find the legendary "training institutions", hoping to learn something. Or who do master fantasy worship, and then taught me how to do, if you can understand what the night that is best. For these cases, the emotion, the Internet for the novice, as a "veteran", to give you some advice:

2. don’t believe any of the training institutions, I can say that no matter what kind of training institutions, training you to, will be disappointed. You will find your training finished, have much difference with your expectations, and you find that, after you finished your training, or what is not, what also don’t understand. This is a common phenomenon, not to say that the training institutions are not good, also is not to say about the contents of no, in many cases, are you going to buy soy sauce, you can listen to it, what didn’t do, you still haven’t taken the most important step, as long as Michael, there is no training institutions there is no one, training really is so important? You buy a space, buy a domain name, the whole.


long ago, when I was a novice Internet, do not understand the Internet, do not understand the website, every day busy to tinker with world of Warcraft, StarCraft, QQ space, network game. At that time, saw a Sina blog, feel very cow, this man is too much TMD, are able to engage in their own website. It will feel that people especially cattle, so also with one, it is also found. Not long after, he met a person, with your own domain name, the whole space of a web site, but also on the site to make money, and told me the hype. The prospect of the network, as one can say the Internet is white, I was shocked, he didn’t tinker with for a long time. Tinker with what stuff out, then, for the establishment of technology "stunning", feel very deep, no brushes, can’t eat this meal. Later, and come into contact with the Shanghai dragon, to do rankings, even more.

1. a lot of things we are not so difficult to imagine, when you dare to step out the first step, you will find that he is like that, when you participate in the training, many people will dahushangdang. Station, Shanghai dragon is not what we imagined so profound, if you subconsciously see him very hard, so, your first step towards the longer it takes, the more difficult it is to go after the road. When you really walk, you will find that being an ordinary webmaster, do not understand the code of a webmaster is so simple, a lot of things, such as a lot of code, you do not need to know is if you can do it, what will you do what.

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