Google scholar for ten years founder of product history review

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Acharya for many years, and the team to continuously deal with publishers, improve products, to the new field. A new baby is noble academic search, it can correctly identify the specific author. "There are a lot of academic circles the author’s name is’ JaySmith ‘," he said. In order to solve this problem, first nobility baby of works to judge, may be the same person works together, and then let the real author to identify. It seems very not noble way baby. However, Archarya>

review 10 years

many people may not understand the nobility baby academic search, however, for scholars, lawyers, and student groups, noble baby academic search is a very important network services. Where they can find the key information, at the same time, can also share their own research to the real needs of the people.

noble baby Academic SearchOriginal title:

so he got permission to cooperate with another engineer Alex Verstak, create a free and open service: noble baby academic search. After some tests, they show the product page. Paige’s response is, "why haven’t the line?" then, in November 18, 2004, officially launched the academic search.

AnuragAcharya joined the noble baby in 2000. In a very long period of time, he has been responsible for the noble baby network retrieval technology. To this end, he needs and website administrators, publishers, enterprises, government and other dealings, at the same time, he is also responsible for the search update. This is a stressful job, let him feel exhausted. "Or to leave the company, or do some pressure on the smaller their interest and work." He said.

noble baby academic search 10 years, founder of product history

baby was born 10th anniversary in the noble academic search on the occasion, the famous science and technology author Steven Levy interviewed the project key founder Anurag Acharya, reviewed some of it in the development of the story.

academic search on-line, Acharya and team effort to persuade academic publishers, to get their permission to retrieve their academic journals. Because many articles are to be paid, users to search, not be able to read, but even if it is only that these academic works are sometimes of great significance. At the same time, the noble baby talks also, hope they allow the user to see the academic works. They persuaded the world’s largest online journal database JSTOR, allowing them to provide academic works of the first page scan to the user. Generally speaking, there is the first page, in the old academic works, you will see an article, "Acharya said," at least it can let you have an idea, to decide whether to work."

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