Novice bloggers write the most prone to these problems

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very subjective things, this article is to show the value of their own blog and thought, which is the requirement of the novice webmaster do some reasonable optimization of the site itself. In order to update machinery to fill content is also a novice bloggers are more prone to the phenomenon. Here, Xiaobian to tell the blogger, do independent blog and web portals, large portal sites are basically mutual news reprint, but independent blog is definitely out, even if your site to a certain extent, you don’t write the article, but even if the articles, search engines, this blog is not long, look at the industry famous Moonlight blog is how to do it is easy to see. I often see such articles, when you take the title inside, is a picture of a video, or a copy of the news. Without any explanation, very unexpected is not natural, I believe that visitors will think you are just a pure forward, than to the portal to see where the comment.

blog is not to write prose, even bloggers literary talent is again good, most of the blog can not be displayed in the form of striking literary grace, as long as you are a person, is not ornate. In addition, we should understand and write is not Sina blog, blog portal more than the people’s daily, so the text style not too official too bureaucratic and too deep. Blog text with some of the best, the best example is Xu Jinglei Sina blog, each article is his own feelings or learning.

this is generally held to be included in the state of mind, to update the blog, the article is mainly to the search engine, rather than the presentation to the user. First of all the wrong understanding of the webmaster friends are generally novice webmaster, continuously updated to keep the site is very important, but users love to read your essay which is more important. Not because of the one-sided pursuit of the daily updates, but only to pursue the search engine will love what. The general webmaster all know that search engines follow the user experience to go, if visitors are the keywords you feel too stack, then search is not love. So the qualified post is not just on the search engine friendly, more user friendly. Here including the expression of fluency and clarity can give users search the required information.

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post new blogger is a lot of new Adsense headache problem, but since the blog site, or update the content every day, a lot of new bloggers in writing, are facing this or that problem, A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝 www.yuehuai贵族宝贝/ Shanghai, zhenduan/) today and we exchange we are most prone to problems, and how to solve it.


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