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culture: Finn who tells stories, Finn,

is no stranger to NOKIA and the angry birds game, thousands of miles away from Chinese consumers, but once enthusiasm has cooled.


above, someone will ask why there is still data for 1-6 days in August,

but, curiously, why does minimalism always come from Finland,

name, commission description, date of activity, applicable commodity description

"the Finns are shy and the winters are long and cold. People love to hide at home and make up stories.". So there was angry birds." "Supercell," CEO quipped.

1, Ali mom’s charge by effect CPA

depending on the promotion of download: 1.5 yuan /

please be more attention, more replies, more questions, I will answer your questions in a timely manner.

!Since the launch of CPA

appropriate advertising campaigns on their websites to promote and maximize profits.


Ali after I’ve always wanted to try, just start to apply UUSEE to refused, and later the first application, magic could pass, so the advertising code, the second day of landing back to see the data, found no data, then carefully read the rules, this is the original seven days of data, the head is a bit dizzy, realism, directly change the ADSENSE code, the N long, boring landing mom, remembering the promotion of things, then view the data, will have today’s article. I’ll send the data first to share with you.

hay day, a game similar to the farm, is good for both young and old, and has the same taste as angry birds.

with two games, 500 thousand dollars a day, is it possible?

share, I have to AD my plate: bbs.admin5/forum-176-1.html 

but Supercell, the social game company’s CEOIlkkaPaananen, gives a positive answer – we are the most profitable gaming company on the iPad and iPone platforms so far.

in June and August this year, when Supercell’s HayDay "hay day" and ClashofClans "tribe wars" were launched on iPad and iPhone’s APP applications, they were downloaded wildly.

night is falling and the Baltic is cold. Helsinki central station tower clocks at 19, but the capital of Finland unexpectedly early to sleep, the streets do not see heavy traffic scene, square street artists accordion sound from near and far, Kang Shen, the wind in the silence of the night.

recently, the "daily economic news" reporter should be invited Finnfacts, in-depth visits to the Finland national innovation system, trying to decipher rooted in the "Thousand Lakes country" IT industry genes.


ad I put on a day, but the data is not worse than Adsense, in the absence of Ali mother CPA this time, I Adsense day is 30>

2008-07-10 up

Kiosked is committed to the technology research and application of embedding commodity information in network pictures and videos, and its innovative advertising model may subvert the current Internet advertising format. "All we have to do is make shopping anywhere."." The >


in fact, the IT people in Finland not only love telling stories, but also the master of "telling stories". Their keen insight into business models is amazing.


poison never flicker, the data is their own pro test income, to share with you.

, let’s talk about today’s 2 main characters:

answer: because UUSEE’s billing system requires 2 landing. So there’s data for the follow-up.

The root of

advertisers get paid for real advertising, while web owners can pick the most appropriate

billing by effect is Ali’s mother launched another billing.

2008-12-31 music, movies, entertainment, streaming literature site activation, refers to the installation after 24 hours to 7 days, open the client to watch a program above

Rovio, director of public relations SaraAntila on the "daily economic news" reporter said: "angry birds is the world’s first don’t need to see any text, does not need the language requirements, whether it is two or three years old or grey-haired old hands to get to know how to play the game."

far away corner can be seen NOKIA store’s new ad, and open the phone found a number of free WiFi, there is one from Rovio – "angry birds" company.

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