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in the United States, more than 80% startups live more than a year, less than 4% of the company to survive for over five years, those few, and what is the last deus ex successful start-up companies rely on what? I’ve been trying to find out and summarize it in common.

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we know that some of the best and most successful entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley, many of which are the university did not finish the investment business, Bill · and Steve · Gates; Jobs would not have said, Larry · Alison read not founded Oracle Corp, Mark Zuckerberg at the University of · but also the university did not finish the created Facebook.

Dell is a company in the United States known to every family computer company, its founder Michael · DELL in the 14 years old birthday with their own money to buy a apple computer, and put it down out of order. But he was not looking for technology, but looking for opportunities. Later, after dismantling many machines, DELL saw a flash business opportunity: parts of the IBM computer were worth $600 to $700, but the market price was as high as $3000. As a result, DELL went to wholesalers to buy back computers at wholesale prices, then upgraded them and sold them on campus for less than 10% to 15% of the market retail price.

, here’s one point: I don’t recommend dropping out of school to start a business. I just want to say that during the University, entrepreneurship is almost without failure cost, or the cost of failure is particularly low. At the same time, you can learn quickly in such a good environment. Rapid failure, rapid learning, rapid adjustment, rapid growth, such a virtuous circle and valuable experience are very helpful for building your own business in the future.

Abstract: really good entrepreneurs, his attitude is "big mind" Abundance mindset, he believes that all the resources, I can get, I just do not think the best way.

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the development of Facebook, a famous high-tech company in the United States, is the same. Zuckerberg, the founder, made good use of the resources of the campus and found a "test field" like Harvard

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starting a business is a hard job.

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, DELL tasted the sweetness of the year, when he was only 19, and had just entered college. For DELL, college students are likely to be their own customers. This is a very worthwhile opportunity to try, and, to put it another way, if he failed at the start of the business, that is, the loss of the cost before the investment, he did not have any big losses.

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