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with the rapid development of e-commerce represented by Taobao in recent years, more and more people have made money through the Taobao platform. There are a group of people who don’t sell things, but they can earn over a million dollars; they don’t sell products, they sell only services; they’re Taobao photographers, scouring girls, shop decorators.

it is understood that Taobao paid photographer generally divided into two categories: one category is according to payment, the other is paid in accordance with the day. According to the first approach, Taobao needs to shoot photographer around 10 pictures for each item, different products will be taken in accordance with the degree of difficulty is slightly different, daily necessities, kitchen supplies and commodities generally 15 yuan / piece of clothing, usually priced at 40~60 yuan. Second days according to the payment style, average in 200~500 yuan / days.

, a senior hemp bean

although Taobao’s photographer has earned a lot of money, he faces some challenges due to the immaturity of the industry. According to a two-year Taobao photographer, said: "the average monthly can receive 4~5 single business, mainly in shooting clothing. In addition, the weak season is very obvious in this industry, income is not stable, when the season may earn 3~5 million a month, on average, about 10 thousand per month, the problem is not."

announcement on 19 day earnings decline!           yesterday, there are many students reflect Saturday’s decline in revenue in the forum, after learning of the news, to start the verification work overtime are quickly, after a day of hard work, finally find out the reason, because the fault settlement server, resulting in 19 hits a day data there is no complete settlement to the owners, there is no complete deduction of advertising spending, we are currently working on emergency treatment, will be the first time for the owners make up income, at the same time, advertisers spending the day no longer buckle up, this part of expenses shall be borne entirely by the mom!
          with the integrity of the webmaster to grow up, Ali mother has been adhering to the principle, the mother will continue to work hard to make everyone’s every effort to pay off. Grow together and share the fruits of development! 

activities details:

rapid development of the electricity supplier industry, to the electricity supplier industry sub ecological chain brings new opportunities. Known as the "Amoy girl" online model, because of increased demand, has become a beneficiary of the development of the entire electricity supplier industry".

3. CPC launch plan must be for full category launch. That is, do not choose any category, you can choose the region. Click the unit price shall not be higher than 0.5 yuan.

photographer is not a new career, but with Taobao two words, it has become a very hot career in recent years – Taobao photographers. According to a photographer who relies on Taobao’s online store, he made 60 thousand yuan a month just before the double 11 eve.

in order to thank the webmaster for Ali mother’s long-term support,

if they directly create the CPC program

4. time this week from 5 July 18th to calculate, for a period of 7 days, 4 week July 24th 0 PM, as for an accounting period, the newly created during this plan CPC consumption will receive 50% of the cash back. the sooner you create a plan, the more you send it.

right now!

"If you want to step into this," says

punch out new activities: new CPC plan, return 50% now, 50 full 100, and so on

, he also said: "Taobao photographers this profession has not yet received most of the online shop’s identity, which is also one of the reasons for income instability.". For many small and medium-sized shopkeepers, finding professional photographers is an additional expense."

girl platform disclosure data show that in October this year, the Amoy girl orders up to 200 thousand capacity is far beyond September, pen, increased by 40% compared to September, even businesses began early in July to the Amoy girl film. It is understood that the "Amoy girl" platform registered about 35 thousand hemp beans, the first half of this year’s output value has more than 1 billion 100 million yuan, the per capita output value of about 31700 yuan. It is said that the highest daily income of 50 thousand yuan, equivalent to the first tier cities ordinary white-collar income for six months.

members who meet the above requirements need not sign up. They will be able to participate in activities

5. activities are tentatively scheduled for 1 weeks, and activities are subject to daily forums.


1., Taobao photographer

6. will be eligible for cancellation if it finds cheating.

According to the "

2. has never created a webmaster for a CPC plan who has created a CPC plan but has no actual consumption and can participate in it.

no matter how much it is consumed will be returned

in the online store shopkeeper earned money when making online shopping, who made money from the shopkeeper’s pocket?

webmaster friends:

2. Amoy girl

1. event is aimed at a member of a registered Ali mom who has successfully released an advertising station which has been advertised for more than 30 days.

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