Ma Yun the nternet is not a money making tool entrepreneurs should believe in the futureAli mother

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to see ah in the forum, never go, and see a lot of people say ah, in these days, the chaos K number, only my heart comfortable,,, I was not bad. This is a big chance that, before I do sh419 cheating sh419, K, after that is determined not to cheat in doing well, honestly, did not expect that, honestly, even worse, hard earned money to be withheld, back… I remember sh419 K I also said to me, I cheat, what, ah, more cattle. An abnormal data.

, I gave them my statistics account password, they called them, or data anomalies… Really still exist, and so far I didn’t figure out, they said I cheated or what happened,..

I don’t know if I can’t stand it, or I can’t do it. I’m always raped by others, so I’ll take our breath away,

I’m sorry, according to the proof of your offer materials, we again review website name, the existence of abnormal data, so you can not.

Ma stressed that the secret that has kept him confident about the future is that he believes in the future. "10 years ago, I wanted to survive. I just wanted to have the money to pay my employees.". 14 years ago, my monthly salary was only 92 yuan, or 15 dollars a month, and I was hoping to get 30 dollars. But I have expectations for the future.".

DoNews news in December 11th December 10th, the Alibaba group chairman of the board Ma speech at the University of Seoul in South Korea, explained the thinking of Alibaba and the future competition ", and expressed confidence in the future of young people and. Ma Yun said he believes that the Internet is not a tool to make money, but to improve the tools of society, and to keep him always the secret of confidence is to believe in the future.

Ma Yun said in his speech, the last century, if you want to become a great company, usually need to take 1, 2 or 3 opportunities; and this century, to become a great company, it is necessary to solve the social problems. What the Alibaba can do is to get jobs, expand domestic demand, enrich the peasants, and make the economy greener three aspects.


Ma Yun said, 10 years ago, he has identified the Internet as the future, "even if it is not our success, there will be other people’s success, so we have to work hard.". To this day, I still believe in the future".

Ma Yun: it’s my pleasure to be here. I never thought I would have the chance to speak at the University of Seoul.

asked how he should deal with the government’s relationship, Ma said, Alibaba’s principle is "love with the government, but do not marry the government."".

why did Alibaba develop to this size? Because we believe in the future. 10 years ago, I told people that I firmly believe that the Internet is the future. Even if we do not succeed, there will be other people succeed, so we must work hard. To this day, I still believe in the future.

in Chinese, Taobao, sh419 and Tencent, we have no chance? I think in South Korea the same situation, everyone will think, have this company, how can we survive? 10 years ago, my bill · Gates also have the same idea, because Microsoft, I have no chance because of the Go>;

these days, Ali fucking K, I think most people have experience, I stop every more than 2000 IP, a lot of places ah in advertising, but there are a few very hot day, click, point out 2~4 yuan, every thought, a few days ago suddenly changed ah, in the propaganda, into account, a look????. The abnormal data…!!!! After a complaint, is ah service you push me, I push you, push the mailbox, the mailbox that background complaints… No resistance. Finally picked up the phone a dozen long was resolved. Received a letter:

"it is our duty to contribute to this country, whether you believe it or not, or whether you like it or not. On the road to China’s development, the Chinese government does play the most important role.". "If the government does the right thing, it’s good for China, China is good, we will be good, that’s a simple truth," I said. "I’m very confident about this new government. They’re great.". "It is very difficult for anyone to do this government and to manage a country, so what we have to do is not to complain, but to help," Ma said. finished

the following is Ma speech excerpt:

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