My so called entrepreneurial projectsHello founder of a Allen Lin and his 360 million meal chili s

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sixth project ticketing website. Doing this site is because a period of time, attractions tickets earned a little money. Then start the YY. If I make a ticket class website. Everyone calls for me when I go shopping. Each earned one. There are so many people all over the country. That would be nice. But the station didn’t do it either. Tickets for such things are low in profit. Occasionally there is a phone call to booking, I am too lazy

– yes, except for singing, I only know how to eat and study.

at the end of June 2016, Allen Lin integrates Youku life "creation of meter" food, hand wash, Tmall’s box three platform.

– again, will you choose your

fifth projects. SkyDrive. This site on-line, did not go to promotion. This station is the collapse of the reference XUN6 and the city and thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers. Because I analyzed it. The domestic famous point Wangzhuan network hard disk competition is not so fierce. With the hard disk based Wangzhuan is not much. Bought a commercial version of the program. No time to toss about. The website is off. Now the big companies out of SkyDrive quite a lot. Do it yourself. Hang up pop-up ads, too.

a bottle of 360 million worth of sauce,


both the stage and the cooking stove need to be created. Eating delicious food and talking about art is probably the best combination of life.


cut the fast-food business and concentrated on the sauce. In May 11, 2016, the rice sauce was formally launched, and 30 thousand bottles were sold for 2 hours;

from the singer to roll up its sleeves into the kitchen to make chili entrepreneurs, Allen Lin has completely changed: love free man turned to workers, running around in the project roadshow and prostitution and entertainer, study around the cooperation, because the company management issues such as night insomnia etc.. But Allen Lin is very proud: "from singing to chili sauce, it can be said that the spiritual level to the material level I have covered, and this is a very proud thing."." Some people joked that we grew up listening to Allen Lin’s songs and eating his chili sauce.

says the first project. I’ve been fooling around. Thousands of IP from the first web site. To close the station later, to 2020 after the domain name renewal. Waste without words. Two years ago, I changed my website into a website for the production of websites, and gave it to my brother. It’s annoying to meet a dissatisfied change. But on the whole, if you are willing to pick up. This site is still profitable. Thanks to those who know I’m a vagabond and believe in me.

fourth projects. Base station. Send me a web site from a friend. The station lasted several months. No gain without loss. I don’t understand the world of friends. Therefore, the constant revision, traffic is constantly dropping. Just shut it up. The other day, another friend said his station was walled. Should I congratulate myself on not insisting on it?. Maybe when I sit as close as 1024. Wall again. I guess I’ll feel even worse.

Allen Lin’s entrepreneurial dramatic, LIAN ceyuan founding partner of Feng Bo and he had a meal called "you must do and food related things, I want to invest in you! I want you to start!" second days, he gave Allen Lin 500 thousand dollars, then hit $500 thousand. The news of Xu Xiaoping also quickly joined in, and became the angel of the rice Ye investors, Allen Lin was so "forced" entrepreneurship.

with "capital", "project", "cooperation", "investment", so it is the high-end scam, like college waste have even won’t do this message is full of "my project", the layman does not know this grandson do big business sound. – at the beginning of this article, I quote the words of my friend Mr. Big dog. Ha-ha。

second items, callback card. It was found on Taobao a few years ago. Call cheap. So they sold some cards. Basically make a profit of thirty percent. Later, I did a callback system, and then sold their own cards on the loss. Because I met a cheater. It’ll work just as well as an Internet phone like UUCALL. You should still make some money.

both the stage and the cooking stove need to be created. Eating delicious food and talking about art is probably the best combination of life.


in April 2016, won the Huiyuan Group, Fang Sheng fund and other tens of millions of yuan A round of financing;

people are iron, rice is God, people hungry, will soon appear "Ye" mentality. "God must eat a good meal", which is the name of the name of "rice God".

2014, rice Ye founded, but the product is really on-line in May 11, 2016. In a year or so, 30 million of the sales have been completed. Online "Red + video live + electricity supplier", offline and major business, super convenience store cooperation, etc., rice Ye has been in accordance with their own speed of rapid development:

"the real recorded hotpot appeared in the Song Dynasty, when the name was called" Xia Xia. ". A small stove above a carbon pot, pour in the spring water, meat slice, made into sauce with wine, soy sauce, pepper, cinnamon, etc. bubbling and boiling, clip in soup boiled, dipped in sauce to eat… "… eat Allen Lin, between the words" greedy taste full.

in March 2015, the real fund and LIAN policy source millions of angel investment;

third projects. The conquering SF., those years have been playing conquest. Later, I bought the game server with my friend. I found a computer room in Harbin. Maybe the line. There are always people talking about card delay. It’s nothing special. Not making money, either. Lose money, play for a year. This year, with my friend’s permission. Sell the server once. However, people just opened shortly before being attacked, can not go down.

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