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our venture investment fund has a double identity as a partner Charles Li VC and entrepreneur, encouraging entrepreneurship of young people. In his view, there is no clear business model of start-up companies, in addition to fools, no one will invest, because no one willing to pay you wrong tuition. Early business cash flow is a life and death struggle, made recommendations to ensure that each business CEO company has not less than six months of cash reserves at any time.

first, under normal circumstances, start-ups want to be able to build their own chains around the world. Even if you don’t make billions of dollars a year, you’ll have to earn at least millions of dollars or tens of millions of dollars. At this stage, each start-up must aim at between 5% and 10% of its business growth every week in order to achieve rapid growth and expand its business.

3, no clear business model of entrepreneurial companies, no one but a fool would invest, don’t blame VC for not timely assistance, no one is willing to pay for your tuition to make mistakes. Early start is a cash flow life and death struggle. It is recommended that every startup CEO ensure that the company has cash reserves of not less than six months at any time.

for business start-ups in twenty-first Century, business growth is the highest pursuit of business.

following Chali classic part finishing:

4, I started business in many universities and ended up asking who would drop out of school and start a business with me. The answer was zero. Do you think students easily fooled? Please be assured that China culture education system in the vast majority of students don’t start! Those who have never seen entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship students fear ruin bigwigs, cut the crap, free to go to the students about to take risks, independent thinking,


editor’s note: the author of this article is Josiah Humphrey, and Mark McDonald co founded a mobile application services company called Appster, specifically for non technical origin of the enterprise founder to help.

business growth


specifically, they have to acquire enough users, scale economies, take on larger market share, expand operating income, and move steadily into the new market. In the final analysis, if a technology start-up can not guarantee business growth, it will have no way to survive in the fierce market competition.

2, start-up companies can not find the business model, and then CEO will There is not much left., experienced a severe test, and wait until the last moment of layoffs, than to begin immediately, the reality is cruel, not what face and dignity. That troubled venture CEO cut the Gordian knot, Jingxiaxinlai think again… Startups sometimes need to shock therapy, zero rebirth.

then, if a startup’s business growth is stagnant and the earnings remain stable after reaching a certain size, what kind of response should an enterprise leader take?

is a well-known technology start-up incubator co-founder Paul · Graham Paul Graham, or a serial entrepreneur and innovation of contemporary master Steve · Blanke Steve Blank, or the lean startup presenter Eric · LES Eric Ries, the key is the same. That is, as a technology start-up, to survive and succeed, it is necessary to ensure a certain speed and quality of business growth.

then, in this article, I will introduce three proven practical solutions to help those in need solve these problems successfully. In addition, I will share some of the ways and means that contribute to the growth of start-ups.

traveled the world…

I want to say: 1 all students find their favorite things, brave to do; 2 must have the opportunity to go abroad, the world is very big, worthwhile experience; 3 in front of a company and a large company job opportunities, and try not to take the former; 4 civil servants, has fallen into the VAT you ruined; 5 never lose dream!

Charles Li believes that if the company can not find the business model, then CEO will experience a severe test, and wait until the last moment of layoffs, than to begin immediately, the reality is cruel, not what face and dignity. He suggested that troubled entrepreneurial CEO should cut the Gordian knot, Jingxiaxinlai think again, entrepreneurial companies sometimes need shock therapy, zero rebirth.

1, start-up companies in cash depletion, business model risk breakout will be very serious, because the new business model needs time to trial and error, and in this moment, time and money have become entrepreneurs luxury, of course, whimsical in the company some people were forced to abandon the mark of vital importance, attention to the nature of the above finally, breakout success, as people said a close call business.

second, in order to ensure rapid and sustainable growth of business, start-ups must strive to achieve economies of scale. The so-called economies of scale, refers to a cost, income, the most ideal operating conditions. In this state, the cost of the product will follow the company’s customer

The importance of

I wrote another article some time ago. In that article, I highlighted the importance of business growth for a start-up. Specifically, at that time I analyzed the following three aspects:

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