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repetition – do you bother, do what you do, do it, close your eyes, or even dream,

now the parties are concerned three questions: why Hang Zhou to launch an attack on the "son"? The interests of drivers and passengers can be protected? Itself strapped LETV will easy to

in your head.

"as far as I know, there is a real money problem.". And the most direct reason for this problem is that music as easy as funds misappropriated 1 billion 300 million." Zhou Hang’s announcement will be easy to fall into crisis, directed at music, said, "because music as well-known reasons, but also inevitably hurt the easy to itself."".

"on account of what? People can not find it! Let’s go to Beijing to find someone?!" a Shanghai car driver display easy to "white" to the first financial journalist, it records the driver’s name, account number and the amount of cash.

in later times, I shop business gradually better, at that time I was delighted to see their pay for results, I feel very excited, but I also put my propaganda live down, but my stop is to make my business once again deserted, at that time I realized I do not go far enough, I also need to continue to do, continue to do.

opened a year in my shop, business has been basically stable, but my income has been good, then every day I was washing and guest chat, some people may think that life is good, but I was a little tired. I’m eager for new, so I’m ready to invest in other

from Hang Zhou 17 PM reporter to voice has been in the past over 24 hours, in the meantime, the car is easy to Shanghai branch and is located in Beijing Zhongguancun Chinese technology exchange building easy to car headquarters, gathered a group to come to ask the driver and client is easy to. In easy to official micro-blog statement released yesterday, is also flooded with drivers and users tucao.

how to deal with?

today, I’d like to share with you some of the phases I started in business, and summarize my whole business process in a period of time. I hope it will be helpful to you:

we have their own understanding of entrepreneurship, but also have their own purpose and mentality of the beginning. I don’t know what other people are doing. I was excited at first. I thought if I could open my store, it would mean I was successful. I guess I was just right. The store was really the beginning of my success, but it was also the beginning of my suffering….

Beijing driver master is also facing a piece of "ious", it says "payment notice", on behalf of easy to promise, will let the driver withdrawals, but the official arrival to wait 16 working days.

"I have more than 5000 yuan left."." Beijing easy to driver Li master 18, the first financial reporter said. On the same day, Shanghai also has a lot of car drivers gathered in the easy to use car Shanghai branch, two drivers said they have 60 thousand yuan has not been mentioned.

, a music industry close to the source told the first financial reporter, does not rule out music as easy to find home, financing and find the family is equal."

easy to own 24 hours: keep on account of

attention – do you love, nothing can only be of two minds


easy to capital chain problems are not new, but this time to easy to collapse is the founder of the company Zhou yun. 17 afternoon, Zhou hang said in a statement on the music as easy to misappropriation of funds of 1 billion 300 million, also strongly urged the easy to control – and actual LETV Jia Yueting can stand in the perspective of social responsibility, easy to properly handle the problem.


continued – nothing can be put down, and sometimes falling means going back to life.

I just started doing a car wash shop, just opened a few days, the business is not bad, I also worked particularly hard, but gradually fewer people, business is deserted. The rest of my life is every day to distribute leaflets, distribute leaflets, distribute leaflets, I suddenly have a world of deception, feeling abandoned, sometimes watching others my flier readily thrown into the trash, I really want to beat, but I didn’t, because my face is not to mention leaflets that response I can not change the reality, so I can only repeat, repeated day by day. I will shop, slowly, do.

more than easy to the driver told the first financial reporter, years ago, successful withdrawals rely on luck, withdrawals after the year is basically hopeless.

when I started looking back at my whole business trip, I actually had a lot to say. The years of ups and downs, like a TV series, are constantly repeating in my head. When I came to this city, I was so yearning, but when I failed and I feel so strange, then to now I have not a sense of accomplishment, but a genuine sense of belonging.

to tell you the truth, at that time I lost most of the time, I don’t know what to do when I shop, do not know what time you can make money, then my heart is only one idea, is to do it, no matter how stick with it.

, however, for the door for the driver, easy to deal with the only way is "on account".

as of press time, although the first financial reporter dialed the phone three times, but Zhou hang refused to answer. In addition to easy to continue to come to collect debts driver "on account", also did not make more response. The music is riposte that has invested nearly 4 billion yuan to the development of ecological resources and a large number of support, and implied the Hang Zhou is the farmer and the snake in the story that the snake return kindness with ingratitude evil for good.

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