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Shenzhen City Social Security Bureau responsible person, Shenzhen City College, school, occupation in technical colleges graduate school within the school students, graduates and graduate with a Shenzhen residence within 5 years of college, school, occupation technical college, graduated 5 years studying returnees were satisfied for business support objects.

has appeared on pay frustration in some employees, especially in the same period under the leadership of Mr. Kalanick outside of the company’s taxi service more and more dissatisfaction with the company treats the way the driver, there are obvious loopholes in the management of the human resources department and other issues related to the company culture have criticized the case. The outbreak of the company’s crisis began early this year, after Uber’s workplace culture was amplified by several sexually harassing allegations. In June 6th, Uber disclosed to the outside world sexual harassment cases and other misconduct in the company’s investigation report.

when Uber’s cultural crisis attracted industry attention, many employees were outraged by pay packages. They pointed out that many of the staff has been the recruiter’s verbal advice at the time of entry, they said these new employees should receive lower pay than before work, because the valuation of Uber will maintain the current momentum continues to rise, the company has a bright future. However, the company’s forecast price has barely changed over the past 18 months. More than half of the employees employed last year received more pay than previous jobs, according to a person familiar with pay plans and specific figures

college students start their own business after leaving school and after graduation, the rental subsidy standards on the existing basis to improve 20%-50%, outstanding projects can be given a maximum of 500 thousand yuan subsidy.

original title: Shenzhen allows college students to drop out of entrepreneurship, institutions of scientific research personnel can undergo Entrepreneurship

in the middle of 2015, Uber chairman Garrett Camp and Bill Gurley once told investors the leadership of the company expressed concern that they were on the board of directors remuneration committee, Uber for new employee equity incentive too much, so that the existing shareholders diluted.

pointed out that some measures to promote the "on" talent development, Shenzhen city intends to not less than 1 billion yuan a year to cultivate and introduce overseas high-level talents and teams, targeted to the introduction of the shortage of professional talents, culture of the party and government regulation institutions of scientific research personnel can undergo entrepreneurship……

therefore, CEO Kalanick Travis Kalanick, which owns more than 30% of Uber shares, has approved a new algorithm based system that provides relatively low pay packages for new employees. According to two people familiar with the controversial program, although it has not yet been publicly disclosed, this has led Uber to spend billions of dollars in equity incentives in the next year and a half.

data show that as of the end of December 2015, the year in Shenzhen city business students a total number of 2564 people, the city’s venture secured loan student entrepreneurs 21, the loan amount is 1 million 210 thousand yuan, and 10 business students who received a total of 610 thousand yuan unsecured loans.

change another effect of the salary system, the salary gap between the same period into Uber and hold the same position of the employees become larger, which is one of the leading causes of employee dissatisfaction, and within the company started a new system to new recruits female employees pay less than about male employees salary.

, which stipulates that students from school and after graduation to start their own businesses, the rental subsidy standards on the existing basis to improve 20%-50%, outstanding projects can be given a maximum of 500 thousand yuan subsidy. To improve the standard of job placement and internship subsidies for college students, the maximum monthly fee is 2500 yuan per person, the longest is not more than 6 months.

it is understood that Shenzhen has now identified 18 incubation parks as incubation bases for municipal business incubation, and 1 business incubator park was identified as the provincial incubation incubation demonstration base. Among them, Shenzhen University Pioneer Park, Shenzhen Polytechnic creative business park, the two have accumulated more than 350 college students entrepreneurs, driven employment more than 1000 people.

Shenzhen City, before the introduction of "on the promotion of talent priority development measures", which states that will encourage innovation and entrepreneurship students, allow college full-time students leave school business.

Uber recent troubles, not only faced with the outside of its corporate culture questioned, the company does not let people worry. Uber adopted a new compensation system, aimed at reducing the cost of equity incentive and avoiding dilution of equity, but the effect was achieved, but it also caused a series of side effects. Some employees think the new system is sexist and is particularly damaging to the company’s current situation. This article, entitled "After Revolt, Uber Changes Employee Compensation", explores this issue in depth.


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