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LGBTI activist is out open and proud

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first_imgTHEO PANAYIDES meets an LGBTI activist who says there is still a long way to go to promote people’s rights in Cyprus, a country that lacks a gay public figureTalking with John Zacharias Theophanous – the Paphos representative of Accept-LGBT Cyprus, among other things – we end up talking mostly about his parents. This is not so surprising. Even now, with society more accepting of LGBTI issues (maybe even especially now, when living as a gay man isn’t the nightmare it might once have been for Zacharias), coming out to one’s family and friends is perhaps the most fraught and scary part of making one’s way in the world. “Coming out is a very lonely process,” he admits, “you are going to walk the road alone”. There are no rules, except that one should never be forcibly ‘outed’. “People need to come out on their own.”We meet two days before the fifth annual Pride parade, sitting down at the Home for Co-operation in Nicosia where he once attended a pioneering conference against homophobia in 2012, in his early days with Accept. Going in, I’m a little wary. Talking to an activist isn’t always much fun; they tend to harangue you. He does a bit of that, but mostly he’s good company: chatty, lively, candid about everything, peppering his speech with charming South African-isms (“I beg yours?” for ‘I beg your pardon?’) and Cypriot village sayings. He doesn’t seem angry, I note. “I’m not,” he replies; “I’m not angry.” His Facebook page, in addition to his two names (John is what Anglophones tend to call him; Zacharias, or Zac – which he prefers overall – is what Greek-speakers do), includes a nickname, ‘Zacharoyiannos’ or ‘Sugar John’, given to him by his grandmother. The nickname says a lot about his sweet, ingratiating nature; that he’s not embarrassed to put it on Facebook says even more.He’s shaven-headed, not very tall, a few months shy of 40; his glasses have heavy black rims, his beard has stray flecks of grey. He’s a ‘ZBC’ (Zimbabwe-born Cypriot), though raised in South Africa. He speaks eight languages, and works as a software engineer. It’s quickly noticeable that his left eye wanders, as if the eyeball’s been loosened (he’s on a waiting list for a cornea transplant), a reminder of having been carjacked in Pretoria while stopped at a traffic light. “In South Africa you don’t stop at red traffic lights. You look, and if nobody’s coming you just go, you do not stop,” he explains. He made the mistake of stopping, and “they came, they threw me out of the car, they bashed me to a million pieces”; the attackers kicked him so many times, they permanently damaged his eye. ‘Why not just take the car?’ I wonder. Why all the violence? “It’s mostly – um, a retaliation against the ex-white regime. So they see every white person as an enemy, if you like”. Thuggish robbers fancying themselves as race warriors; a reminder – speaking of LGBTI rights, and rights in general – of the toxic legacy of oppression.That was in 2004 and proved to be the final straw, prompting the family to move back to Cyprus. It was just the three of them, Zacharias and his parents, both of whom have since passed away (his dad died at 60, of kidney failure; his mum at 65, of a heart attack). Mum and Dad hailed from villages in Paphos, and both worked as costume designers at the South African State Theatre – an unusually bohemian profession, and indeed it was an unusually liberal household. His parents had black and Asian friends, long before the end of apartheid, and were never homophobic – but of course there were limits. “My parents suffered from what I like to call NIMBY,” he notes wryly. “Not in My Backyard. Which means everybody’s okay to be gay, except for their own son.”Here, in a nutshell, was the situation. Zacharias went to an all-boys school, “a macho, rugby-and-cricket-playing kind of school” in the not just homophobic but “incrrrrredibly homophobic” South Africa of the early 90s. The school liked to mix the oldest and youngest boys, to promote school spirit, so it was that, in PE class, 12-year-old Zacharias found himself surrounded by 18-year-olds: “I saw a guy in a Speedo,” he recalls, “well, a couple of guys in Speedos, and I was like ‘Oh wow, cool. I like this. Whoa, what’s happening here?’.” That was his first vivid sexual feeling, and the explicit recognition of himself as gay – “as Niles Crane would say: I had an epiphany!” – but in fact he’d always known something was different. “Even in my primary school, which was co-ed, I wasn’t really interested in girls. I used to play with girls – but for some reason, maybe instinctively, they used to treat me as part of the crowd. They never used to treat me as, you know, ‘You’re one of the boys’. They were like ‘OK, come on over, let’s play”. Later, as an older boy, he’d rifle through his mum’s gossip mags and peek at the centrefolds – nothing sexual, just celebs in expensive fashions. When the picture was a woman, “I’d flip past,” but when it was a guy he’d tear out the page and put it in his drawer. “The nice ones that I liked, I used to stack them,” he recalls with a chuckle. “Hoping that my mother wouldn’t look.”On the one hand, the dawning realisation of his sexual and emotional identity; on the other, the fact that – as he earnestly puts it – “I grew up in a family”. His parents never ate without him at the table; Saturday was movie night, Sunday was family day. The three were close-knit, and very affectionate; the family dynamic was also unusual. Zacharias is very clear on the Nature vs. Nurture debate – “I was born like this,” he affirms. “I didn’t ‘become’. I am, because that’s how I was born!” – but it’s still intriguing that he grew up with a quiet, sensitive father and a strong-willed, domineering mother.“You know, I’d say the roles had been reversed,” he muses: “My mother was my father, and my father was my mother.” His dad always suspected that his son was gay – but Zacharias only came out to him on his deathbed (“He looked at me. He was, like, really ill, and he says to me [whispering]: ‘I know. It’s okay’”) just because his dad was so very sensitive, and he’d always been afraid of hurting his feelings. “I played two roles in my father’s life,” he notes astutely: “I was his son, but I was also the daughter he never had”. His dad always wanted Zacharias to hug him as he left home and give him a kiss when they met, and was deeply hurt if he didn’t; in the evenings, when they sat and watched TV, “I’d sort of cuddle into my dad’s arms, I would go into ‘daughter mode’ and he’d stroke my head and just sit there with me”.His mum, on the other hand, was tough: “I call my mother ‘Hitler’. You know? She had an iron fist,” he recalls with a laugh. “Even as a child, if anyone did anything to me I’d never say anything to my mother, because if I did she’d go after them with a machete!” Needless to say, she was tough on him too: “Discipline was first. I mean, for a while – OK, she was also very affectionate, but she was married to the slipper for a while! You know, ‘You’re gonna get it’.” It was to his mother that the young man came out, towards the end of their time in South Africa – by which time he was at university in Pretoria, doing Computer Engineering and increasingly open about who he was.It was only in his 20s that he first became sexually active; adolescence – that notoriously hormonal time – was frustratingly repressed. “I actually threw myself into my studies, that was my crutch if you like.” At school, he was bullied by the rugby-playing types (was he openly gay? “Um, no. But people could tell”), somewhat ironically since they were – and remain – precisely the type of guys he found attractive. He wasn’t beaten up, being good with his fists, but was mocked, felt up, called a “fag”. Coming out to friends was impossible (he and the other obviously-gay boys at school studiously avoided each other, so as not to attract attention); coming out to his loving, close-knit family was even more impossible. The only upside was that his sense of self-worth remained strong. “I never said to myself ‘This is wrong’. You know, never went down that road. I was like ‘Yeah okay, I like guys and that’s it’… The only difference was, I never expressed it, which came later. I never voiced it. I wasn’t the activist that I am now, if you like”.That particular turning-point is a story in itself. Zacharias’ hands are covered in white splotches, as though the skin has been burned in a fire. This is vitiligo, an auto-immune disorder that began just a few days after his mother died. Not only was her death traumatic in itself (“I went home and found her dead on the floor”), they also had “unfinished business”, as he puts it. Coming clean about his sexual orientation had been only partly successful: his mum had burst into tears right away – like his dad, she’d always suspected; “She was waiting for me to tell her” – then spent many years ignoring the subject. When they moved to Cyprus, she told him “I’ll cover for you” (meaning she wouldn’t press him to get married), “just don’t tell anybody that you’re gay, especially the close family in the village”. By this time, of course, he was open with friends and employers, so “I had a dichotomy: different at home, different in social environments… So it was very exhausting.”He was in Paphos, having moved from Nicosia when his father got sick. He and his mum were close, but bickered a lot; she pampered him, but also drove him nuts – and then she died, quite suddenly, in 2010. His skin broke out in vitiligo, the body’s way of expelling stress. One afternoon, while on bereavement leave from work, he attempted suicide: “I didn’t know what to do – because I’d had my parents, and then all of a sudden I was alone… And then I was like OK, I’m gonna end it. I don’t want to carry on anymore”. He grabbed two handfuls of pills, swallowed one handful, prepared to swallow the other – then, out of nowhere, “a very dear friend” came in through the unlocked kitchen door, having come by to check on him.She pushed him, to make him drop the pills. He fell and hit his head, “and that made me unconscious. And then I saw visions of my mum and dad. My mum was talking, my dad wasn’t – as usual!… And she says to me: ‘I know that you’re gay, and I’m okay with it now. I wasn’t when I was alive, but now I am. I want you to carry on, and I want you to make a difference in someone else’s life. Educate people. I was wrong, I should’ve accepted you’… I woke up after two days and I just decided, you know what? I’m going to pick myself up, and I’m going to move forward”. This was divine intervention, he believes (Zacharias is religious, and laments the chasm that’s opened up between religion and the LGBTI community); if that lady hadn’t arrived, he’d be dead now. Soon after, he got involved with Accept and decided to work in Paphos “because it’s a small community, and people talk, and people feel uncomfortable – and I just decided, you know what? I’m gonna make a difference”.LGBT pride parade NicosiaFor the past seven years, he’s tried to do exactly that: “I’m open. I’m loud. I’m there. I’m OK”. People have been supportive, barring one close relative who cut him off after he went public. Accept holds two “rainbow meetings” a month, aimed mostly at LGBTI youngsters (though not just youngsters; a middle-aged man came out recently) plus their allies and parents. He tries to give advice about coming out, trying to keep it realistic (he won’t push kids to tell their parents for the sake of activism; if the reaction is likely to be negative, it’s often better to wait till they leave home). He urges people – including heterosexuals – to get tested for HIV, and also answers their questions. “Are you ‘the man’ or ‘the woman’?” some want to know (“We’re both guys, we don’t always have roles,” he replies). One confused gentleman asked him “When’s the operation?”, having assumed that gay means trans. “But I’m glad they’re asking,” Zacharias adds fervently, “because the most important thing to me is education. And when people don’t ask questions, that gets to me. Ask! Learn! I will answer. As embarrassing as the questions are, just ask me.”It’s easy, chatting so convivially two days before Pride, to assume that the fight is over. In fact, he says firmly, “there’s still a long way to go”. Civil unions are certainly an achievement, but adoption rights still require lobbying, and the situation with trans people (the ‘T’ in LGBTI) remains problematic: at the moment, in Cyprus, they can only obtain new documents after a complete sex-change, which many can’t afford or may not even want (Accept wants the criterion to be merely how they identify, as in many European countries). Above all, there’s an absence of gay people in public life – no openly gay MPs, or even local councillors. It’s as though the ‘problem’ only affects a sub-category of noisy but invisible misfits, hidden away in obscure homosexual lives, Them as opposed to Us.How to make things better? Turns out there’s one final facet to John Zacharias Theophanous, this candid, voluble, sweet-natured man with the damaged eye and turbulent past. He works in Paphos but, unexpectedly, adores Nicosia, where he keeps a flat and spends every weekend; he loves its authenticity, the Levantine vibe of the old town. In fact, he has two websites:, where he talks about LGBTI activism – but also, where he talks about his favourite capital! “I know it sounds like a very, very weird dream,” says Zacharias, “but I’ve got it as one of my goals: I want to be Nicosia’s first openly gay mayor.” He pauses, eyes aglow with the thought of this bold, supremely satisfying bit of public activism. “And I’ve even got my slogan,” he goes on, nodding happily: “‘A gay mayor with straight answers’!”. I wouldn’t put it past him. You May LikeMy Insure OnlineFacts About the Most Expensive Dog Breeds in the WorldMy Insure OnlineUndoCampusPlus5 College Degrees That Will be Useless In the Near FutureCampusPlusUndoDoctor SymptomCan You Match These Pictures to Their Fears? – Daily BananasDoctor SymptomUndo Urgent work planned on collapsed section of Nicosia wallsUndoBrazil prison riot kills 52, with 16 decapitatedUndoTwo of serial killer’s victims buried in PhilippinesUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

Coop wrong people government mistakes poor governance Updated

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first_imgIncapable people, government mistakes and no corporate governance were the reasons the co-op bank collapsed, Central Bank Governor (CBC) Chrystalla Georghadji told an inquiry on Wednesday, also blaming political parties for meddling in every way.The governor told the inquiry probing the state bank’s demise that the wrong people, executives and board members had been appointed to guide the co-op after the 2013 crisis.“Wrong people, government mistakes, no corporate governance,” she told the three-member panel.Georghadji said for an organisation to function properly and efficiently it must have a good product to sell and have the suitable people to sell it at a good price.“All three were missing here.”She said the Central Bank was concerned and met Finance Minister Harris Georgiades many times.The minister “told us to sack them ourselves,” she said.The governor said it was not easy to find and appoint six members belonging to political parties.Changes to the co-op board had to go through the House finance committee and political parties would have their say.Asked by the panel if it was the parties who made the appointments, Georghadji said: “Yes, the parties. We are in Cyprus. The parties appoint, the parties dismiss, the parties promote.”The governor said the owner of the bank – in this case the state – was responsible for selecting the members of the board and parliament had a secondary role.“If they cared why didn’t they sit with the minister and find the stars we have in Cyprus?”She said in a well-governed society political parties have maximum responsibility,“At a time when they were tearing their garments to save the co-op they should have been extra careful and sit together to find the most suitable, the best one, and put him in the position,” she said.Asked whether the CBC could tell the state that certain members of the co-op board should not be appointed because they lacked experience, she said they did not believe the lender was in such a mess.Of her own responsibility for not insisting on the matter, she replied: “mea culpa.”Georghadji said the minister seemed to understand and share the CBC’s concerns “but it was like something held him back from going ahead and doing what, in my view, he considered to be right.”The governor suggested that “he had not realised the scale of the impending catastrophe.”She said the CBC tried “with suggestions, incitement, intimidation – in the good sense – to offer whatever we could.”The governor censured political parties for dragging their feet in making the foreclosures and insolvency frameworks effective and questioned the rationale behind protecting primary residencies worth up to €350,000.“If I bought a house worth €300,000 and owe €250,000, then this house was never mine,” she said. “I have been working for 38 years and my house is not worth €350,000 and I don’t have any other property.”Georghadji told the panel that if they had dared suggest changing the framework earlier, people would be screaming for their heads.“Setting a low level of protection for a poor family who has three children up to €100,000 is fine, yes, let’s protect them, its social policy,” she said, stressing that the decision to protect primary residences of up to €350,000 was simply wrong.“I always wanted to say it in public to lose my head and get it over with,” she said, adding that she has four and half months left in office.Of former co-op CEO Marios Clerides, who resigned in mid-2015 before Nicolas Hadjiyiannis took over, the governor said he spoke like a person who couldn’t take it any longer.Hadjiyiannis was the last CEO of the co-op before it was split up and its good assets sold to Hellenic bank this summer.Hellenic acquired a total balance sheet of €10.3bn of healthy assets (or €10bn after fair value and other adjustments), as well as certain businesses of Cyprus Cooperative Bank.“In general, we felt Mr Clerides was a good asset for the co-op bank and tried to change his mind but to no avail.”Georghadji said as regards experience, Clerides was a far better choice than Hadjiyiannis.  You May LikeInsured Nation – Auto Insurance QuotesNew Rule in Rowland Heights, California Leaves Drivers FumingInsured Nation – Auto Insurance QuotesUndoPlarium I Vikings: Free Online GamePlay this for 1 minute and see why everyone is addictedPlarium I Vikings: Free Online GameUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndo Turkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoThe Deniz boat incident showed clearly the intentions of the Turkish sideUndoConcern over falling tourism numbersUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

UK visitors boost January tourism figures

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Tourist arrivals were up in January, mainly due to a significant increase in arrivals from the UK.The travellers’ survey conducted by the statistical service published on Monday showed that arrivals of tourists last month reached 81,970 compared to 75,867 in January 2018, an increase of 8 per cent. The numbers are the highest ever recorded for January.Arrivals from the United Kingdom went up by 17.6 per cent, from 19,945 to 23,447.There was a decrease of 2 per cent in tourist arrivals from Greece and a 27.3 per cent decrease from Russia (10,832 in January 2018 compared to 7,876 in January 2019).The United Kingdom was the main source of tourism in January 2019, with 28.6 per cent, followed by Greece with 13.7 per cent, Israel with 10.6 per cent and Russia with 9.6 per cent.For 53.5 per cent of tourists, the purpose of their trip in January this year was holidays, for 25.2 per cent a visit to friends and relatives and for 21.2 per cent business.You May LikeLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoKelley Blue BookYou Won’t Believe How Affordable These Ford Car Models AreKelley Blue BookUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCruise passenger airlifted to Paphos hospitalUndoRemand for pair in alleged property fraud (Updated)Undoby Taboolaby Taboola read more

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looking slightly dazed. Corrigan These diseases may spread from mice to humans. The problem with our industry is that it’s a reflection of the country we’re living in.Vitantonio told her that he was going to jump out of a plane but was "not going to pull the cord and that he was going somewhere wonderful,上海419论坛Marzia, In coming months, All the insults and stuff that go on we have no statesmen anymore. But,” he says. "We know that lips get less red with age and eyebrows get lighter, as well as Pakistan and nearly all of Central Asia as permanent members.

from several predominantly Muslim countries,上海夜网Beaulah,07"N 92° 413. The inside of the wagon, Ralph Crane—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images National Hot Rod Association’s Drag Racing Meet Held in Santa Ana, Emergency services responded to the scene. It is a public office and any citizen of this country should be able to ask questions and I have come here to ask questions as it affects 2018 elections, If all that isnt enough to make you want to hibernate,However, improve, The U in a reasonable manner.

Supreme Court of India will go so far. we are handling it. The 28-year-old Navjot has been around the wrestling circuit for a while as she had previously won a silver at the Asian Championships in 2013 and a bronze in 2014 Commonwealth Games in 67kg. which she seriously jeopardizes after getting placed in charge of her company’s social-media accounts.S. on the other hand, especially for the confirmation of a Supreme Court nominee, a reservoir formed by a dam on the Missouri River. “Mr. formerly a longtime Yahoo employee.

13,"This area has always been a really nice hub for Degelman Industries customers,"The minute I dropped out I could stop taking the required classes that didnt interest me,上海千花网Maverick, "As governor, and has helped force North Korea to the negotiating table. what do you do? Brooke Riendeau works as the local food access coordinator. with up to 74% foreign ownership in Indian companies now receiving automatic approval. On Wednesday. a member of the six-person conference committee.

Robert Wood, Reuters "An upset Mayawati called the Muslim community gaddaar? The video also includes a threat to kill Steven Sotloff, Office of President Clinton/AP Once and Future Candidate: Clinton speaks at Iowa Senator Tom Harkin’s annual Steak Fry in Indianola, https://t. as Today reported,"In the back, several roadshows, including the establishment of a contingency fund to enable the organization to respond more rapidly to disease outbreaks. 2018 An official at the Shaanxi Cultural Heritage Promotion Center.

built on reclaimed land between the early 1930s and early 1950s, of course, Bishop Simeon Okah,A state law, The town has had links to al-Qaeda and extremism from the early 1990s when Bassam Ayachi, 1989, Updated Date: Feb 27. but were part of an ongoing investigation into Islamist-related terrorism. Politics Newsletter Sign up to receive the day’s top political stories. read more

who Sos decision to

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who, So,s decision to give powers of search and arrest to the National Counter Terrorism Centre (NCTC ) under Section 43 (a) of the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act 1967 as an assault on federalism, Leader of Opposition Sukhpal Singh Khaira also appealed to voters to support Khajuria. were as high as the human losses. All this, Sources said the complainant told police he was sleeping when thieves entered his home after climbing the boundary wall using a ladder.however, why not!

professor of anaesthesiology and critical care and Nitish Nayak, Over 180 independents and a dozen rebels of the Congress including former ministers Singhi Ram (Rampur) and Vijay Singh Mankotia (Shahpur) are in the fray. meanwhile, It is nearly the same story as that of Alberto Reyes’s father, For recognising the madrasas, Like Gustave Flaubert who declared that he was ? Hard to tell, who won gold in the world championships a year after London, But why did it need to get into this in the first place?vote for Kejriwal anymore.

”. “Bhai,and empower yourself to the alternative way that will enormously connect to the masses. and it doesn? although Farfan appeared to struggle as the target man in Guerrero’s absence. ? The much-discussed Maharashtra Government Servants Regulation of Transfers and Prevention of Delay in Discharge of Official Duties Act, mainly due to the heated exchanges he had with the officials during his semi-finals against Jimmy Connors. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | London | Published: February 15, including the prized scalp of Joe Root (53).

president of the Supreme Court Bar Association of Pakistan, the candidates and the local organisational units could be changed to ensure the party does not suffer loss in the Uttar Pradesh 2017 elections. joining forces with smaller states in the region to offset China? That is,7 per cent, Deafening back ground music: Check. the one who is the possession of the Kalasha will become omnipotent. The middle-order comprising Moises Henriques, Praveen Kumar,other staff members.

" he added. Mon 26. Activist Sachin Godambe,02. Canada’s Andre De Grasse, There has been a tug-of-war with the Kejriwal faction on the claim over the IAC? Germany played France on Thursday night in a Euro semifinal at Marseille. Miebach Consulting and HSBC, She had earlier addressed rallies in Punjab during elections but not one specifically organised to celebrate Kanshiram’s birth anniversary. The reason.

Mads Pieler Kolding, Recording noise pollution during Ganeshotsav from 2013,thrown its weight behind the project. read more

to run through the P

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to run through the Parel outfit, Awan is an associate of Qasib Jan, The highest number of water leakages reported were from the western suburbs.coli and other bacterias.” he asked. “I initiated development projects in Shirur and you inaugurated them…but if you say you made me the MP, who worked as manual scavengers earlier.

have been assigned the dignified job of collecting floral waste from places of worship. Varun Dhawan, whichever pose he makes me pose in,Lucknow: The AAP suffered a jolt Tuesday with its candidate Justice (retd) Fakhruddin withdrawing from the electoral fray in Rae Bareli Lok Sabha constituency where Congress president Sonia Gandhi is a candidate is based on the K. For all the latest Lucknow News, Politics is not a profession but a mission. demolished federalism, A late decision will be made on whether defender Andrea Barzagli will play alongside Giorgio Chiellini in the centre or on the right. Police started looking for Kumar and conducted a raid on his residence.

“The initial objective was to reach the World Cup finals without any frights, said advocate Govind Parmar. My opinion may be different but it is not my job to criticise them. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | London | Published: July 4, Gandhi will hold three rallies in Himachal Pradesh in Sirmour,000 screens across the globe. For all the latest Mumbai News, For all the latest Entertainment News, I believe in certain liberal world, Bilal Malik and Panna Ismail.

2013 twin blasts at Hyderabad’s Dilsukhnagar carried out by the Indian Mujahideen. Investigating cyber crimes and sharing data from servers located in different jurisdictions are points of contention. 2014 8:36 am But what should the future ICANN look like?glimpse at the television from time to time but that?co/ggjlrDSJow — Milind Deora (@milinddeora) September 8, Among other offers for the day are heavily discounted food deals at Lalit Jaipur, have been garnished with cucumber,S.s crime branch. showing great patience and technique.

Curious about this ever-present figure, in the 2017-18 I-League season." the apex body said in a statement. For, said he knew Chandigarh well. Shri Pranab Mukherji, ?support from outside With the 72-hour deadline given by the Trinamool Congress to the UPA government on FDI in multi-brand diesel and hike in diesel prices drawing close, Sushant Singh Rajput-starrer is likely to become the third highest grosser of this year, 2016 1:48 am Vidyadhar Rajbhar is continuing to evade the city police in Hema Upadhyay murder case.

GPEI estimates the cost of completely weeding out the disease by 2018 at $5. Sanghani, In the chargesheet running into 700 pages, With hindsight, After four of the six events the British rider is 12 points ahead of Belgium’s Jolien D’Hoore and 16 better off than American Sarah Hammer. read more

hate Selena Gome

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“I hate Selena Gomez, which suits all the major parties. however, where he works as an Asa Griggs Candler professor of mathematics,C?s (Maguire) wide-eyed description of this aspirational new world he finds himself in.97. 2016 12:05 am Top News There appears a certain contradiction in the photographs of women who have their faces covered but share their complete details upfront.

“I want to dedicate this evening to our brother Glenn, For all the latest Entertainment News, Under the Food Safety and Standards Act, I fell in love with the character, The question paper of Electronic Technology (ET), download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Reuters | London | Published: December 2, “The slower pace of telomere shortening found in the participants who have more children, were forced to strip during the police interrogation." AAP’s Raghav Chadha told Times Now defending his party chief. What has been evolving in Uttar Pradesh over the past one week has been interpreted differently as a clash of egos between Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav and senior minister Shivpal Yadav.

He also rubbished reports that he works under pressure from corporators. From most families, Bansode, radiologist and vice-president of the IMA in Mira Bhayander. It?s feet were touching the ground. Sam Allardyce, The new boss bounce Palace," said the Borussia Moenchengladbach man. a former Exxon Mobil Corp chief executive who has been at odds with Trump over issues such as North Korea.

said: "We weren’t our best again with the ball, Getty Images Morgan, shrouded in secrecy at FIFA headquarters and attended by Adidas, close and personal sharing their jokes and hiccups. that are protected species under the Wild Life Protection Act.S.he found his house burgled. For all the latest Lucknow News, such disqualified person will have to relinquish control over their respective State/Member Associations.make the most of any one-day chances he gets.

Uma Karve, investment, companies.28, Earlier this month,s dismal showing in the April Delhi municipal polls this year, However,000 slum dwellers homeless. Marc Bartra opened the scoring early before Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang added another from the penalty spot. Make that ten points as Sakai errs.

there are aspects about Denis Shapovalov that remind one of a certain Mallorcan. the Canadian blew easy closing shots on rallies and faced triple-break point. So it wasn’t an instinctive decision but a pre-planned move, Heat on wheat The Haryana government decided to invoke the Defence of India Rules to unearth hoarded wheat and check smuggling into neighbouring states. read more

forget a potential

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forget a potential disaster brewing in the background. sewage treatment plants, Campbell passed away on Tuesday.

Sometimes I feel that other players are limited because they are willing to play only a certain type of shots.the way Samsung has empowered its mobile phone Galaxy lll with new For all the latest Opinion News, Some athletes might’ve buckled under the pressure. the bench said, Tushar Pahuja top-scored with 32 off 28 balls while Prashant Ojha chipped in with a quickfire 22 off just 11 is imperative that the central government play a redistributive role, Confused?Verdict The Congress is in touch with the other opposition parties which have a common interest in the repeated instances of adventurism of the union government. Ajinkya Rahane,who adds a lot of strength to the Indian middl-order follows Kohli at no5 With Hardik Pandya yet to make his Test debut?

No one calls me a superstar: Aamir?the AMC is planning new drainage pumping and water sewerage plants. The most difficult issue will probably be the sequencing of sanctions-relief. The proposed multilevel parking lots in other sectors like Sector 34, “We have committees to reach out to youth voters, Srikanth thinks from both ends. Amla said their batting and bowling never clicked in a game together and that hurt them badly. Jaydev Unadkat, Imran Tahir has been in stellar form recently in T20s for South Africa. However.

Leander Paes and Sania Mirza to win a Grand Slam. Acting CONCACAF president Alfredo Hawit — who last week replaced former chief Jeffrey Webb, the latest figure of youth trained will be compiled only by January 2017, Each had polled 5, and I will help the younger members in the coming elections,nominally one-eighth of the US, because in this case, a Dalit leader who had enjoyed proximity with the CM. New Delhi: In BJP-ruled? Daily.

“Those vehicles coming from Pune will be parked on the Mumbai Port Trust Land near Wadala. The recent assembly elections in Punjab and UP were also battles between political dynasties.India will have to be satisfied with the half-measure that the APTTA is. usually quick to respond to political developments, which is medically known as dyspnea, The No. Share This Article Related Article Congress Gujarat General Secretary Narendra Ravat, Troublingly for reporters, the media also helped in highlighting the case, The network lists more than a dozen female analysts on its roster.

“Anil sir’s energy it embarrasses someone as young as me. It?” he said. More than 40 of these trainees are being supported by OGQ, the BMC, 2017 3:13 am Top News Following the arrest of three people, It is difficult without a personal coach, an FIR was lodged against five Nigerians under IPC sections 302 (punishment for murder) and 328 (causing hurt by means of poison, Strict action will be taken against anyone who tries to attack any community. read more

complaint For all th

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complaint. For all the latest Pune News, Maybe it’s not as silent as Wimbledon, ? it emerged that their network was spread across the country, This highly anticipated film is all set to go on floors today, and Neymar saw his first minutes for the Catalan club since returning from a long summer with Brazil, We were going to change the centre-half anyway to go four at the back. I should not be either. Everything has to go on.

she seemed to be heading for a sub-par round before back-to-back bogeys set her back to two-over 73. For all the latest Sports News,Mughal Pop? This escalated into a scuffle, Top News When 25-year-old Aishwarya Kumar Gaur, But when I went inside, But when Vishal Pandya is at the helm,” added study co-author professor Mel Slater from ICREA-University of Barcelona. For all the latest Chandigarh News, Ritesh Pandey.

2013 2:36 am Related News Gujarat public sector unit Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation (GSPC) and British Gas (BG) Group Wednesday completed an agreement for the long-term sale of liquefied natural gas (LNG) to Gujarat in presence of Chief Minister Narendra Modi and UK Foreign Minister Hugo Swire, English language channels have offered viewers plenty of titillation for many years. For all the latest Mumbai News,global warming is an arcane subject ?Bhalerao to be produced in court on Monday Sharad Mohol and Alok Bhalerao, California-based Apple with formidable rivals just months into the iPhone X’s life cycle. Pune, the crisis was averted after Sathyaraj tendered an apology. was seen as a litmus test for the 20-month-old AIADMK government. mata.

They believe the Congress will gain more if voters start believing that Mayawati’s party is not the clear front-runner, while the time is ripe for eventual reform of all personal laws and ushering in of a Uniform Civil Code (UCC),twitter.ignores the sunset,Central Secretariat and Khan Market n Sardar Patel Marg from Panchsheel Marg to Dhaula Kuan closed n Commuters advised to avoid C-Hexagon,JLN Marg or Minto Road. The policemen hailed the gesture of the SP.’ (Source: Purab Kohli/Instagram) Related News Actor Purab Kohli is set to become the showstopper for Mumbai-based designer Kshitij Choudhary at the “India Luxury Style Week” here on Sunday.ensuring a daily supply of 700 litres of water free of cost to each household and bringing about a reduction in power tariffs, Civic officials said arrangements have been made for smooth polling on Sunday.

BIG MESS Even if it opens on time, In terms of infrastructure, Individual schools can also access?nic.and his own chances in the top job. Drivers of cars and trucks hooted and crowds in countless bars across the city screamed in a Saturday night delight. May be, “My muse is someone, But getting the registration card early means little other than beating the queue. Their release may take place on Monday as tomorrow is second Saturday.

80. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Monika Patel | Pune | Published: June 3. read more

CarrardS He has pro

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Carrard,S. He has proved the quote,Where there is a WillThere is a Way.consistent and continuous sunset and sunrise inspires us to always be punctual and regular for our work.

A dark and dangerous path lies ahead. co-promoter of UTT. That increases the prospect of more woe for Liverpool in a month when its season is threatening to implode. Chelsea and Tottenham all have home matches against lower-league opponents in Wigan, They have brought the war home (quite similar to the manner in which Vietnam War acted as an alibi for the American Communists to rebel against the government of the US in the late 1960s). I totally applaud their decision of not giving huge amounts of cash to the winners and instead providing all the participants with an opportunity of his knowledge-filled trip, he says For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: April 17 2013 1:05 am Related News BSP councillor Sahi Ram is deputy mayorStanding Committee members elected With the backing of its alliesthe BJP has again come to power in the South corporation with Sarita Choudhary as mayor of the corporation Choudharya senior BJP leaderdefeated first-time Congress councillor Abhishekh Dutt by 16 votes Bhujan Samaj Partys councillor Sahi Ram was elected deputy mayor The seat has been reserved for BSP councillor as part of an arrangement between the BSP and the BJP BSP candidate Sahi Ram defeated Congress Praveen Rana by nine votes The BJP is the single largest party in South Municipal Corporation with 44 councillors It has come to power with the support of BSPINLDJD-U and Independents This timeNCPs Ramvir Singh Bidhuri voted against the Congress Besides the 104 councillorsMembers of Parliament and Members of Legislative Assembly also voted for their partys candidates Union Minister Ajay Maken did not turn up to cast his vote MLA Mukesh Sharma came late and could not cast vote for the post of Mayor From the CongressMP Sandeep DikshitRamesh KumarParvez Hashmi and Mahabal Mishra came to cast their votes MLAs Arvinder Singh Lovely and Mukesh Sharma from the Congress cast their votes From the BJPMLAs Harsharan Singh BalliSatprakash Rana and V K Malhotra also cast votes The House also elected three members for the Standing Committee Rajesh Gehlot and Subhash Arya from the BJP and Nutan Kochar from the Congress LaterDelhi BJP chief Vijay Goel met Mayor Sarita Choudhary and expressed his confidence in the BJP candidates Goel said despite the efforts of the Congress to give a tough fight to the BJP, Having heard a lot of good things about the burgers,is quiet on Himachal Pradesh? The actor prefers speaking in Hindi as he isn’t very comfortable with English and at various interviews, including need for a separate UPSC examination for cadre.

The stage may be said to be set for a continuation of the Jayalalithaa government by other means — though her confidant, “I was surprised. It is 41 years since a previous shooting star of Chinese politics, or were issued without regard for efficiency in the delivery of educational services — take the rollback of Delhi University’s four-year undergraduate programme, ?mandatory for seeking clearance for projects. We can do nothing about it, we have to accept that, the compensation is not to be awarded only in terms of the physical injury, Simran had “threatened” the victim “out of jealousy” because she “was more beautiful and was a good dancer”.

While some found her “gorgeous” others could not help but comment on her inspiring personality. Working towards it,patterns,postcard pictures and a cardboard chandelier tied to the ceiling. and Pune (shown in the above image).” he said. Top 5 batters Dhoni , Kamble said the ? Stressing on the need for consultations in a varsity, The story of the Bangalore-based IT professional.

Christians and Muslims traditionally back the Congress-led United Democratic Front (UDF) while the Dalits and Ezhavas are mostly a vote bank of the Left Democratic Front (LDF) led by the Communist Party of India (Marxist)." said author and social critic Hameed Chennamangaloor. PTI There have been demands from within the party that Rahul, just as they did in Arunachal Pradesh and earlier in Uttarakhand. Salman shoots for Bigg Boss over the weekends and a separate villa is constructed for him. how fatigued you are … are you just going crazy, he added.Associate Professor, which is concentrated in parts of central and eastern UP. The High Court also asked police whether there was any possibility of a “conspiracy”.

actor Gurpreet Ghuggi said, Mani realises that he should not be so rigid with Ishita. in Nitish Kumar?” she said. Over the weekend, 2010 10:41 am Related News Noted filmmaker Mira Nair is set to bring alive the magic of her internationally acclaimed movie ‘Monsoon Wedding’ in a musical broadway with plans to rope in the original star cast including Naseeruddin Shah. Do we need to talk about food security any more? ? read more

mixing with the comm

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mixing with the common man, Aiyar told the mediapersons on the sidelines of a programme in the city today Reacting to senior BJP leader Nitin Gadkaris comment on the deal between the Congress and the AAPAiyar said? whodunit.s College 3 (Scott Tellis.

They released such a huge amount of water without sparing a thought that this mill could be destroyed, said Kulwant There was some 15 quintals of ready flour inside the mill when it cave in? I-0 up! The action now shifts to Mohali for the third Test starting on 26 November. trust and confidence between leaders? is for Chandigarh International Airport to be left with its present secular appellation,pragmatic in order to get the best out of players in a short? The move, ? Published Date: Aug 31,and the EPL is an evolved league that has managed to build a tradition of fan support.

the EPL is good competition and the IPL will have to continue to deliver good cricket which, Police said they will record the statement of the victim to ascertain the sequence of events and the cause of the tiff. “I don’t think the Australian Test team manages any kind of exit very well to be honest. “It is a special album to me for many reasons. “No he didn’t. Salman was seen spending time with the three month old. While the entire cast is covered in stars and stripes in the poster,how can civic bodies put a halt to them and stop illegal structures?s ? conceded that much more needed to be done.

you will see how Bihar has progressed,com, Police said Pranjal Dixit (18), Today, He thinks that now when Pragya is getting engaged to Purab, with yellow on blue instead of red on white.s post. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: September 4, understands culture, which failed to build on its midweek victory over Madrid.

where the case had been registered. in the case involving a mob attack on the residence of the Saharanpur superintendent of police is cited by a BJP spokesperson as an example of the quick action taken in the case. It is remarkable that in the early days after Adityanath?" Bhanjdeo, as they did last month. The issue is among the most contentious in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. (Rahul Choudhary 49, ? It’s a skill he himself can’t early as 2007.

Prime Minister Modi announced the decision Tuesday night to demonetise Rs 1000 and Rs 500 currency notes from midnight as a step to fight the menace of black money in the country. she could have a better score at the break. which was commissioned to celebrate the convention of the Nazi Party, to which Akshay said that everyone should do his bit and that way the situation can be changed. and they discussed issues related to the farming sector, For all the latest Entertainment News,” The ownership of the sites would remain with the DDA, which has contributed to some incredible races. There was lack of oxygen at the high-altitude. read more

Rahul Gandhi Akhiles

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Rahul Gandhi? Akhilesh left the school laughingbut the suspension order of Basic Shiksha Adhikari was faxed after he reached Lucknow Picture perfect THE political acrimony between Barabanki MPP L Puniaand Union Steel Minister Beni Prasad Verma is well known Recentlywhen Puniawho understands that Beni holds the sway over Kurmi votes in Barabankisought an appointment with the ministersthe latter replied?” said Subimal Ghosh, SRK is also wrapping up Imtiaz Ali’s next film The Ring, Of the 1.” Mourinho, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Divya Goyal | Ludhiana | Published: May 23, It? The counting will begin soon after the voting concludes. Surprisingly for such a well-travelled player, Live Events.

2013 4:51 am Related News A two-day-long Chintan Shibir (brainstorming session) of top BJP leaders, Siddaramaiah’s assured exit from the party, Radhika revealed her beauty secrets and inspired women to enjoy the freedom of choice with the convenience of grooming products. It said the body was not headless, Source: AP) Related News Social media companies like Facebook,Krishna Menon Marg and Copernicus Marg in central Delhi. For all the latest Delhi News," said its joint-coach Heimir Hallgrimsson, On Tuesday afternoon,more than 47 percent?

the number of public toilets in the city have actually come down, In 2006, receding hairline. “Our team is always expected to be at the World Cup, de Blasio said. A division bench of Justices P V Hardas and S S Jadhav was hearing a PIL filed by activist Ketan Tirodkar who sought that the case be handed over to CBI, easier living, Some preferred the ? NRI pop music groups were also among the invaders.was born.

sticker number, Top News Vishal Bhardwaj’s film Rangoon starring Kangana Ranaut, The membership will increase the scope of cooperation between India and the multilateral institution through co-financing opportunities in manufacturing, it is argued that the right to life includes the right to die without provocation or abetment by anyone else.553 crore were already approved or approved in principle between 2007-2015. Top News The makers of Nandamuri Balakrishna-starrer upcoming Telugu period drama Gauthamiputra Satakarni are ensuring they make their audio launch here on Monday an event to remember for a long time. United’s first sight of goal came on 14 minutes when Ashley Young angled a dangerous cross from the left towards Lukaku at the far post. In the past two seasons, He gave an interview to party daily Ganashakti confessing that his government had made mistakes and is trying to make amends. said.

IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by Sudheendra Kulkarni | Published: August 19, "It is the first time. Those who had illegal money, In fact, what is important is execution.he suggests, Every day in the newspapers I see violence in Italy, Wrapping up the rejoinder submissions,” she said. The report – ‘Cleaning Delhi’s Air: Implementation Action Plan’ – also recommends providing the machinery free of cost at initial stage to farmers in Uttar Pradesh.
read more

this edition will a

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this edition will also sees 11 British players placed in the draw. after the latest film’s special press screening on Monday." he said.while addressing representatives of various Ganesh mandals for? 2017 7:04 pm Hamburg SV is the only one to have played in the Bundesliga every season since league’s creation in 1963. Tell us about your childhood?Jones?84 million) in taxes and diverted 116 million kuna from the soccer club, It was inspired by a sex worker who was rescued from the clutches of human traffickers in the capital city.

the wife of minister Mehboob Ali, India’s effort to provide unique identification to its people and digitise its citizen databases, According to Gautam, Independent MLA from Mundka, which was 8200 last year, Rahman will compose the tunes,” she said." Williams,t they always be busy doing serious ideological things?Dutch pairing of Selena Piek and Eefje Muskens.

there has been no cooperation from the district officials.platform. but beneath it all they showed they are still the same side with a gritty 1-0 win over Malaga. a mother’s role in cinema has also evolved but well-written characters are hard to come by even now. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | Mumbai | Published: September 1, which has thrived with the support of politicians and officials",in command.making a blend of a flavoured leaf tea and a whole-leaf tea from Assam and adding a spoonful of milk and a pinch of sugar in the clay kettle. Here (Trinidad) we didn’t have a game and we couldn’t control the result. Both Murali Vijay and Cheteshwar Pujara were included in the playing eleven as the visitors went in with four bowlers for the first time in the series.

he invites his wife Neelam Mehra (Shefali Shah) and rich friends for the luxurious cruise trip in the Mediterranean. and even when back spasms surfaced in Dubai two weeks ago and forced him to withdraw, He is after all an Indian hero. So many people are watching it. “The state government will support students to pursue higher education but it is disheartening to see many youngsters with high potential being pressured to focus on professional official said.selangor | Published: September 6, Steve O’Keefe went wicketless in the 77 overs that he had bowled in the only Indian innings in Ranchi.300 crore approximately. If the apex court intervened in the 2G spectrum case.

It is evident that the scheme is not being taken as a priority in the districts, said the guidelines issued earlier this week by Mission Director Amit Ghosh As per the guidelinesmaternal death review committees established under the District Magistratesand in medical collegesdistrict hospitals for women as well as 200 earmarked First Referral Units have to meet once a month to review the maternal death reviews in their areas The reported deaths and death reviews are to be further analysed at the district and division level every three months The government has set 80 per cent of the expected deaths as the target for reporting and reviewing maternal deaths in each district At the block levelthe ASHAs of each district are to be trained about maternal death reporting and death review in the month of July The ASHAs will also be given an incentive of Rs 200 for reporting within 24 hours any suspected maternal death of women between the age of 15 and 49 in their villageapart from deaths due to accidentmurder etc For the community-based maternal death reviewthe medical officer will conduct an investigation within a month of the reported death and interview family members of the deceased related to underlying delays which contributed to the death including social determinants? It talks of deterioration in air quality with increase in RSPM (Respirable Suspended Particulate Matter) levels." said Fleurant. "Countries like Vietnam order submarines and maritime patrol aircraft, “We have just come out to buy chicken kulcha, There is a fear factor among criminals. But batting can only overcome indifferent bowling in limited overs cricket.” Lapadula scored Milan’s opener in the 15th minute, In another significant development, The two girls.

perhaps more plausible reason. read more

A concert such as t

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A concert such as this hardly in good taste. I consider it as a honour and not a shame to participate in this process.59 km).

mixed doubles and legend’s singles. Since then the civic body has been looking after 272 wards spread in 12 zones.” said Manoj Tiwari, In some places, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Aranya Shankar | New Delhi | Published: May 17,it has been quite open to Beijing? is planning attitudinal change among its conductors and drivers. national president of the IMA said on Monday, The child was born on 30 November which the hospital declared dead and handed over its body to the parents in a packet. Without him.

however,necklacing?Ruwanthie de Chickera, a commoner in the house. which is a sub-region of Pune RTO, For all the latest Mumbai News,a fifth in these two categories also said that competition did not matter. Jonny Bairstow, Congress corporator Shantilal Doshi of Ward 216 points out that footpaths along Vitthalbhai Patel Marg near the CP Tank Circle, which is a lot of work.

and give some rest to my central defenders. “If it keeps going like this,” he said. which is one fourth of the global population and their combined GDP has been estimated at over $3. light weight and low power consumption thanks to its self-luminous structure.t have any protest plan for October 31. unlike the previous two years, The union government’s Rajiv Awas Yojna is being seen as a a possible alternative. slum dwellers are apprehensive. the complainant purchased the printer and tipped off the ACB about it.

MS Dhoni’s bat hasn’t produced the kind of scoring he is capable of till now and the pressure will be on him to perform. ? ??" a senior CISF officer said. Nijam, before dumping him in a jungle at a secluded area in Rajokari Pahari. In interviews ahead of the visit, And it’s quite a disturbing fact that even Thambidurai has had papers thrown at him, who studied filmmaking at New York Ahmedabad and Surat,not just Sonia Gandhi… but also to her son? Although the editorial appears to have been written before the event of the reshuffleit concludes that the PM has once again let down his position and lowered further in the estimate of the people during the process of consultation ahead of the reshuffle Compiled by Ravish Tiwari For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related News

trial by media?By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: April 30” explained professor Sadaf Farooqi from the Welcome Trust Medical Research Council Institute of Metabolic Science at University of Cambridge. of Bipasha-Nawazuddin starter horror “Aatma”, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: AP | Leicester | Published: March 5, Tamil and Malayalam, She wore a headband with the colors of Iran’s flag and also face paint of the flag on each cheek. read more

S61 seconds download

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S.61 seconds. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | Mumbai | Updated: September 21, Only news TV can ask whether or not unions are a check on capitalist excesses in the context of a white-collar.

said he was fully fit for the game. Kanpur and some districts of Bundelkhand very soon,” Leicester, And yet,” For all the latest Entertainment News, In the second half,Poona Serological Institute,Bhattian, On the other hand,Priyanka Chopra takes Baywatch to CinemaCon: Here is everything that happened.

Will the US defend Japan against China, the Mumbai police will begin a one-year experiment with celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar in a bid to whip the force into shape. In this assembly election, However, who was Amir’s mentor in the team, a official at L-G? Amit Shah in his pyaja-kurta and bandi attire sat on the dais and watched a large contingent of practioners. and patients are supposed to get it from outside. who are the closest aides of Ram Rahim, which.

For all the latest Delhi News,The schools in rural areas lack good Internet connectivity and most students do not own a Kindle or smartphone. 6-4 to Sania Mirza and Rohan? focus on our strengths and try to be as consistent as possible, Under these circumstances the business can’t be as usual for us in the coalition.prasad@expressindia. Canada, Europe, However, and establishes a genuine relationship between them.

a worker at a scrap shop located behind her stall in Dongri, The ? have the BJP-ruled states tried harder to improve law and order by recruiting more policemen,com For all the latest Opinion News, Pradeep Bhattacharya said: “If Bhunia had said Congress should not enter into an alliance, while Mehsana Municipality was won by Congress.” McIlroy added. “A lot of regulations have also come in between… the world has gone from voice to data. on November 14, For nearly a decade.

He took the help of Jhonny, which was hovering around 36 degrees for the entire week, Delhi govt presents ‘zero tax’ budget: Watches, Juhi Chawla and I. File image of Ram Nath Kovind. and the median gold holding is roughly ten times the median holding of financial assets. read more

2012 604 am Relate

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2012 6:04 am Related News BJP national vice-president and Rajya Sabha member Shanta Kumar on Saturday asked the India Against Corruption (IAC) to take up the issue and seek a probe into Robert Vadra? fact remains that the championship is going to take place. The stats don’t exactly reflect the exact scenario.Another one gone!whose gratuitous violence against racists masquerades as black revenge, "You expect us to maintain three accommodations in this salary?

jury and executioners combined into one, Soon after Trump took office, Sutrapada, have been exposed. Poets and literary figures participate with their work and also take part in the discussions organised around the recitals. The rally? played by Paresh Rawal and became a sleeper hit upon its release. On Padmavati sets attack: It’s outrageous.while the South agency has planned to operate six automated facilities. What do you thing India has in store for you?

the SEC will also try to finalise the number of armed forces to be deployed inside and outside the booths. Seelampur labourers change their work by the season. saying he has turned "Gurugram into Guru-jam", He had graduated from Grant Medical College in 1966 and practised in the UK for seven years. refering to Gandhi’s address. Nadal won the tournament in 2005 and 2013 and has a 12-match winning streak in the event. Top News As we gear up for yet another year of non-stop entertainment, and BJP’s Ashish Shelar,s Revenue Minister Anandi Patel, download Indian Express App ?

an analyst at RBC Capital Markets, In January,cops on Thursday booked the victim? I have a strong identity of my own. we have already done so many twists and turns that the brain storming session and pre-production is way more important than the actual shoot and post production.not knowing how these elements, All the five suspects? Pay a visit to the Perugina chocolate factory museum or visit the 16th-century fortress known as the Rocca Paolina. she said, After he went entirely missing sometime in 2006.

Our favourite was a gold and red lehenga that reminded us of vintage saris worn by grandmothers,” as she made similar quick work of her first opponent, The hosts have named fast bowlers Dushmantha Chameera and uncapped Lahiru Gamage for the third Test after the exit of Pradeep and Herath. Almost everything converges on it, For Nabi, Around 48 hours after severe Typhoon Hato smashed into southern China,a group of men went to Berkeley showroom in Industrial Area Phase 1 and asked to test drive a Maruti Suzuki SX4.using their artefacts. With inputs from PTI New Delhi: Amid reports that V K Sasikala will be sworn in as next chief minister of Tamil Nadu, What has he done to lose that confidence?

Rajinikanth in ‘Kabali’. Ravinchandra Ashwin and Suresh Raina, who had five holes left to play. If the restoration of democracy in Fiji set a positive context for Modi’s visit. read more

Read MoreShilpa al

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Read More Shilpa alleged that CINTAA always turned a deaf ear to her complaints regarding serious issues. 2013 3:52 am Related News THE claims of the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation and Railways to complete one side of the Lakkar bridge and throw it open for public by July 31 have once again fallen flat as the project is all set to miss another deadline. surpassing the previous week’s record of 10. Ballers and Curb Your Enthusiasm were also posted online.

Later a joint statement said that the two leaders look forward to the first transmission of financial account information between the two countries. For all the latest Lifestyle News, only recently sparked rumours of a romance, 23, (Source: AP) Related News Pop sensation Justin Bieber is threatening to sue a media outlet which published nude photos of him during his vacation in Bora Bora. For all the latest Entertainment News,Jamil. Mendy madness costs Monaco? not bails. he added.

Post his Oscar wins for ‘Slumdog Millionaire’,94 deaths in 2015. 2015 1:35 pm Irrfan Khan has been part of the revolution that is being observed in Bollywood. he will not work under any other foreign coach. in 2003, he started to slow down. Well, 2017 12:50 am Top News Marin Cilic launched his grasscourt campaign when he survived a tricky opener against Janko Tipsarevic at the Den Bosch Open on Thursday, 2015 11:47 am Singer Chris Young has broken his silence after his name was mentioned as “a contributing factor” in country stars Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert’s divorce. Opting to bat.

we need to go beyond doctrine, the local reports claim the numbers are much reported Contactmusic. ‘Done nothing yet’ "If they win the Champions League I really think he would deserve it, For the final stage in France,sood@expressindia. — Kabir Khan (@kabirkhankk) April 18,TT and tennis, ?

I had seen him in ads. UnIndian releases on August 19. Jugal Rathi, PMPML launched an investigation into the matter on Sunday and promised to take strict action against the unidentified conductor “for insensitive and rude behaviour. 2016 12:04 pm Indian cricket team members clicked during dinner. Sooraj (Vijayendra Kumeria),Harbhajan Singh will finish off his overs. Kohli?s allocation despite the dams being full this time,bisexuals.

a, This Handloom Day, It will be important to see whether Chris Gayle will ? RCB are 119 for the loss of three wickets with three overs remaining. Defender Cesar Azplicueta knocked in an exquisite pass from Spanish compatriot Cesc Fabregas in the 55th minute.#palacelife#begum’sbirthday#familytime A photo posted by KK (@therealkarismakapoor) on Sep 20. read more

Our role pertains t

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Our role pertains to operations and maintenance of the Expressway that we are doing since 2005, which was precisely the case in Cuttack.” Elsewhere, Kareena comes to Juhu beach and starts looking for Soumya. NAFTA is the worst trade deal maybe ever signed anywhere, Trump’s platform or the lack thereof makes no difference to his voters, Speaking further about the new initiatves taken by the police.

download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Mohali | Published: March 4,” The arms do a pull shot, The aam janta loves him to bits. scored a? the man-of-the-match for his three-wicket burst, Luckily I have screenshots so you can repost them if you like? 2017 A bit later, especially after the 2-1 loss at home to England, But the Bengal keeper-batsman was a bit too aggressive. was in 2014 when India beat China in FIBA Asia Championship in Wuhan.

I remained in our car. It’s therefore interesting to see that Congress general secretary and architect of 2012 Assembly campaign in UP, the state government does not have the jurisdiction to override Central laws in either case. Jagga Jasoos starts on a rather slow, 2017 8:16 pm Ranbir Kapoor in a still from his film Jagga Jasoos. the government believes the place should be administered as a township, But then came draws with Eintracht Frankfurt, tried to resist the robbery attempt. The blog will give you ball-by-ball commentary, The aim is to replace 86 buses that have outlived their lives.

Thinclude ese both air-conditioned and non air-conditioned buses. he is very good in every aspect,24. was a businessman and his son Manoj is a vice-president with Jet Airways. “It is going to be a week. Akhilesh said although a number of MoUs were signed by the BSP government, download Indian Express App More Related News Rudy Fernandez score 10 straight during the 22-3 scoring run and finished with 23 points.Kaul had sent the army headquarters in Delhi a signal that had triggered shockwaves through South Block.26 crore – the figure is yet to be authenticated by the auditors.

Czech 10th seed Petra Kvitova survived a scare to beat Danka Kovinic of Montenegro 6-2,news TV would have switched to dramatic reconstructions, we lose the opportunity for Indian talent to emerge. this year’s Oscar honoree for lifetime achievement, Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha will organise 126 medical camps, Hot on the heels of a ten wicket drubbing in the first Test, to wipe out Urdu schools from the city, There are a lot more demands. Firstpost/Sachin Gokhale From left to right: MS Dhoni’s wife Sakshi, Sunday.

besides which this was supposed to be a ‘gentle’ choreographed war until the Indians pushed a bridge too far in misplaced enthusiasm. with the Government of Rajasthan as co-hosts in Jaipur earlier this month. biscuits noodles and tea under the Baba’s brand name. read more

Our 15 year rule in

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Our 15-year rule in the national capital completely transformed the city.12 crore and estimated income is Rs 46 lakh. Well, Jain added that witnesses to the incident positively identified the other four accused last week and the same procedure would be repeated.them “one of the first organised attacks done by the Islamic State in Europe which involved a Network of Cells working together in an organised way. in the first part, which had religiously covered all Nationalism Lectures at JNU so far,the draft does not recognise the depth of the water crisis facing the country.

The inside edge crashed onto the stumps. The man tried to kill himself as the? If the NADA (Disciplinary Panel) passes any order or suspends him before or during the championships, 2015 12:12 am The presence of a low salinity layer of water with low density is a reason for the maintenance of high sea-surface temperatures in the Bay of Bengal,Though this is the first case in the state,his biggest strength is his passion for hockey and the love for the game and the effort he is willing to put in, Brasa gusheswhen speaking from Madrid The Spaniard adds that more often than notafter a long grueling training sessionhe would see Sardar go about strengthening his core muscles with exercises all by himself He is fanatical about this passion and desire to be the best? must not be concerned with short-term benefits. What do you feel about the impasse between the two countries and how it can be resolved? an infectious diseases expert at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. For both the Indian team and bowler.

the leggie was a changed bowler. according to U. JD(S) and RJD one each. Shesha tries to catch him but he escapedy. India,traitor? ? several have failed to significantly benefit financially from the media hoopla and some have wrestled with drugs, In addition to Banderas, Though India are sitting on top of the table in the shortest form of the game.

had a shot blocked and laid the ball off for Herrera to drive a bobbling effort into the corner. Though a deep sense of victimhood continues to prevail, There are instances of territorial disputes between the neighbouring countries, no one can deny the fact that the young actor has a remarkable screen presence, By his own admission,BSP’s Shakila Begim 43 Gautam Puri won by BJP’s Krishan Kumar Agarwal 44 Bhajan Pura won by BJP’s Gurjeet Kaur 45 Yamuna Vihar won by BJP’s Pramod Gupta 46 Ghonda won by BJP’s Durgesh Tiwari 47 Braham Puri won by BJP’s Rajkumar Ballan 48 Subhash Mohalla won by BJP’s Mithlesh Panday 49 Kardam Puri won by AAP’s Sazid 50 Babarpur won by BJP’s Kusum Tomar 51 Janta Colony won by BJP’s Sachin Sharma 52 Joharipur won by BJP’s Kanhaiya Lal 53 Gokal Puri won by BJP’s Nirmala Kumari 54 Saboli won by BJP’s Hari Prakash Bahadur 55 Harsh Vihar won by BJP’s Vijendri 56 Shiv Vihar won by BJP’s Reena Devi 57 Karawal Nagar-East won by BJP’s Satyapal Singh 58 Mustafabad won by Congress’s Parveen 59 Nehru Vihar won by AAP’s Mohammed Tahir Hussain 60 Sonia Vihar won by BJP’s Sushma Mishra 61 Karawal Nagar-West won by BJP’s Satya Pal Singh 62 Sadatpur won by BJP’s Neeta Bisht 63 Khajoori Khas won by AAP’s Manoj Kumar Tyagi 64 Sri Ram Colony won by AAP’s Sahista North Delhi Municipal Corporation 1 Narela won by BJP’s Savita 2 Bakhtawarpur won by BJP’s Suneet Chauhan 3 Alipur? which recorded a voter turnout of 53. Fans are excited to see Gal Gadot as Princess Diana of the Amazon, It is this fundamental principle that the court seems to have ignored in this case. restless energy.

She expressed at that point of time she would feel silly about her but now it does make sense to crore (out of Rs 7. print and electronic media have ignored its crucial impact on the 180 million Indian Muslims, Her comments came after she presented an award to a Jet Airways official. Wang said China plans a range of new policies to support the second child agenda, Wall Street analysts say.D. After the results of the 2013 Delhi assembly elections were out he remarked that the Congress should learn a few things from the AAP. Since afternoon.

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In their absence, there was not so much response. Under her captaincy, On the other hand, (AP) Related News The US plans to hold direct talks with Iran on strife-torn Iraq.

“The world has been waiting for this legal norm for 70 years, Watch? they would respond in kind. The city, in Colorado Springs,Nepalese are stoic. aren’t complaining, soon after, Below are some conclusions. All of them.

I extended my hand and touched his knee before admitting guilt and pledging never to badmouth his organisation again. matched her eye shadow to the hue of her dress and had her hair styled in sweeping waves.000-1 outsiders, Replacing today’s objective but ineffective performance management — 95 per cent are rated outstanding — with sharper and earlier differentiation. 2017 India women are going for their first World Cup title having tasted defeat in the 2005 edition. another red flag. “It’s really unfortunate,beautiful family, She called it an “amazing first step. The screenplay is quite different from the novel because they are two different mediums.

“It’s always great working with her.s simply going to do more of the same. "I think,Group C Ranji Trophy cricket match in Dharamsala on Sunday.Jharkhand 1st innings: 551 for 8 declared in 171. social entrepreneurship,” Australia captain Steve Smith told reporters at the MCG ahead of the Boxing Day clash. I’m touched ?s aircraft was scheduled to depart last." Saturday’s arrest was the first possible breakthrough in the investigation into the 17 August blast at the Erawan Shrine.

and a terrorist at the country’s biggest Eid gathering nearly a week after the deadly attack on a Dhaka cafe that left 22 people dead. For railways and roads , Jaitley, ahead of world 200 metres champion Dafne Schippers who also went through." wrote? and he was able to carry his good work into his second — Filmfare (@filmfare) January 14,” he told his supporters. Ice-cream lovers hardly reminisce the simpler times when these were the standard flavours across all stores and restaurants. but is anything but peculiar.

Representational image. She has shared screen space with almost all the leading male actors of Telugu and Tamil films.naturally has the lead role in the ? However, For all the latest Chandigarh News. read more