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How to improve the effect of Links

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PR, a pretty

love Shanghai Scindapsus algorithm, other classified information, forum and industry website to restrict users leave the anchor text, hyperlinks or text links, friends of the chain link to the webmaster is a pity chain as gold. Because the chain links can improve the site of PR, increase the amount collected love Shanghai and improve the keywords ranking effect etc.. But if in exchange when a chain of improper operation, will cause the site into the doomed eternally. When we exchange Links, how to improve the Links read more

How to choose the keyword keyword analysis

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4. can not be too narrow. Keywords search too narrow is relatively low, even no search, which is why most keywords causes no flow of

5. will expand the seed keywords and competitor keyword combination, basic keywords BK (Base Keywords). BSK = ESK + CSK. The basic principle of


2. search number, little competition. Through a large number of detailed keyword mining, search the number of relatively large, relatively small keywords


4. according to the competition website CS, looking for competitors website keywords CSK (Competition Site Keywords) read more

Love the sea really put you as the original source

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I’m in the A5 Adsense nets cast a soft, but 2 hours later, found in the audit success, but I check included, has not been included in the Shanghai love, so I love the sea search for the title of the article, the original articles included me be startled at, in other sites, other sites must be collected A5 webmaster net, then, I think, love Shanghai will identify who is original? So I did an experiment, just to love Shanghai A5 station network included the first release of the article, in order to decide the conclusion. The second day, I checked the original articles included, A5 station is love Shanghai included, but I love Shanghai in search of the title, in the first row is the A5 station network, but another site of another collection of A5 articles, let’s look at the time of release, A5 net release time it is 11:36 on May 27, 2013, and the acquisition station release time is 13:14 on May 27, 2013, but why is it ranked in the front? You can see pictures, love Shanghai included the original A5 that article, but the ranking is not the first, as follows: read more

One of the key points of Links the inside pages can not be ignored

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This is the

The importance of

Links self-evident, remember that someone said in the A5 forum, one of the important methods of Shanghai dragon Wang Tong point is the exchange of Links, Links can quickly increase the weight of the site, to ensure the transfer of weight, can let love Shanghai more favor, so here is said to yourself about Links A and easy to overlook the point, that is the inside pages of

in the group saw a classmate that Links, I never change the page, there is always some pages of some of the large Links for me, is not to change, sweat, see here, don’t remind a station easily within the page weight is very low, perhaps, weight a page is higher than your ZhengZhan weight, the most easy to fall in love with the sea search, which search without pages exist within the pages of existence is a symbol, then the weights of the inside pages is how to put up the chain?? then you go to look that some pages fell in love with the sea the ranking is good, have done the chain; want to say here is a correlation, one is the domain name weight, see here, these 2 points is not the essential factor of ranking? Yes, it certainly is, a web site, but also has a correlation Transfer effect, if a page is made of long tail keywords, so for this correlation will transfer effect, that is what is what, not ambiguous, and the weight is the domain name, there is no explanation; for example, the Alibaba section of the page, we inherited the weight of the main station on the one hand, set the correlation in this column, this is a very good performance; don’t think the weight of the inside pages is very low, remember in Shanghai dragon why, Cardiff said, after the Shanghai dragon forum " read more

Love Shanghai Shanghai Longfeng e commerce strategy using Gome love Shanghai open platform

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one of the keywords to love Shanghai to search, results in addition to advertising and official website of its own brand, there is a box like this:

in fact, Gome online mall this website, in many e-commerce sites, Shanghai Longfeng foundation is relatively poor, but we see it in Alexa on some data:

yes, this is the United States electronic online mall weapon in Shanghai Longfeng aspects: love love in Shanghai Shanghai open platform data open platform. Any legitimate sites, as long as the application and website conform to the classification of search engines love Shanghai needed, will be free to love Shanghai submitted to the search engine, like the United States presented in front of the user. Of course, some conditions, including as is to provide the tax registration certificate, authentic licensed assurance (for details see love Shanghai merchandise search, if you see the noble baby divided into the categories of goods). The submitted to love Shanghai, is in the XML format as submitted format, the format is in compliance with the standard, but also to love Shanghai search engine site map file. read more

Never understand Shanghai Longfeng optimization to became a Shanghai Longfeng practitioners experien

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I contact Shanghai Longfeng optimization is the time from the beginning of June 2010. Remember entered network industry is 2009 May, the Shanghai dragon does not understand. Every day only to imitate other people’s practice, I went to check the Shanghai index was also not love, only to see the people to do the site title is about some types of Wangzhuan keywords, then check their income cut figure is very attractive to me, every day hundreds of hundreds of income cut figure, I think, if I can copy the title and content of them, maybe I will have such a good website ranking and revenues. He also copied their title. After the description and keywords where to copy all the people, even the people of the copy. read more

The word around behind the optimization technique

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webmasters understand the search engine user experience is the survival of a web site, first is to cater to the user; now or the future, the search engine for the user experience will be more and more valued. Reasonable use of four word correlation technique can not only make the search engine understand the content, can also greatly increase the weight of the website; users can more easily from the search engine get the information they need, this is a win-win situation to the search engine.

clearly, the long tail keywords around a word approach, as long as the user carefully, still can find traces of the search engine will find. So the search engine in the end it as what position? I think the station early to make less use of the early, to enrich the content, if deliberately used the word around, is likely to be sentenced to optimize search engine over into the cage; can be appropriate to use this approach to obtain the trust of the search engine; the late weight comes up I do not have to say, you know what to do. read more

Micro blog account group let me share the experience of site traffic increased by five times

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included micro-blog is very fast, but the current mainstream micro-blog PR are mostly 0, using the weight transmission theory, depending on how much weight and cannot be passed down, but the weight is low and can not be said not to increase the chain and weight, such as the 300 micro-blog account I in a day can increase 500 the chain. The love of Shanghai is still very good ranking optimization.

micro-blog energy is concerned groups, if the number of your attention in 100 is equivalent to a medium-sized forum, pay attention to the number 500 is equivalent to an advertising banner, the effect is very. read more

Jabberly online helps users better connect to local communitiesHujiang Rui volt color business for 1

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below is the on-the-spot record of titanium media finishing:

I do Hujiang network do now for eight years, the site for thirteen years, the time is from * * * Chinese after the Internet bubble, 2001 entry, then online education is the first, to the present "

he believes that now the Internet education has not yet reached the highest point, is an absolute rise, last year there have been many projects, covering many aspects, many problems began to emerge, but still have not been covered, there are a large number of needs to be solved, so to provide enough opportunities for entrepreneurs. read more

How to make love Shanghai to speed up the content included in the new page

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many has stressed the need to make the high quality the chain, the site’s ranking to help, then what is outside the chain of high quality, new Adsense will mistakenly think is high PR>

website must update the content of quantitative timing, a certain period should pay attention to the cultivation of good search engine crawlers visit every time, only good planning website update time, then in the crawler crawling several times later, found that almost all a time Duan Youxin appear, then the crawler will be at this time of day frequent visits, website update time fixed, the same search engine crawlers will form a fixed time of visit. read more

For the four best Links resource efficient shortcut method

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4, in fact, your competitors on site Links is the best resource, but one thing is, how do we find each other contact, my own research, finally found a way to share with you now, that is to use the domain:+ domain name + Links way, generally as long as the station in the optimization, more or less will do Links exchange in some Webmaster Platform posts, and leave contact information, this time, we can add each other, and then do a chain exchange.

3, QQ group inside, Links, use chain platform, Links platform…… Key words about this, and then join in this group are very active, many webmaster exchange chain inside, but this group, I went to the exchange, found that most are uneven in quality exchange launched station, or related industries, every time to see the flashing of the results. No, I wasted a lot of time. But the new words, go here to exchange without losing a good choice. read more

For growth in the change in website optimization

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second, /B2B2 classification information website, also used to be concentrated in the chain, the type and classification of information website /B2B2 related information, updated quickly, the industry.

webmaster hair chain is usually love blog, classification of information, /B2B2 website forum, several video sites released by the lamp main position, so we take a look at some of the position change.

3, the chain channel has been changed to

2, the number of the chain can change the quality of

to change to change the website optimization we can correspond to the following aspects: read more

The effectiveness of the chain view

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in the chain when everyone knows what time is the best anchor text and hyperlinks, the last is the text. Although my hair of the chain is not much. Most of them are pure text. But some is in the form of hyperlinks. I found a hyperlink also has several different forms. When we put the mouse on the link, do not click on, look at the bottom of the browser display, usually three display forms, one is the direct link URL, the hyperlink can transfer page weight, spider can also climb down, the second is Javascript (), this form is more common in classification and information the B2B website, it is the legendary call, there is a typical page Jump, like Shanghai is Shanghai dragon pony blog comments to stay outside the chain, there is also some forum, this is the chain jump range. In fact, I on both the hyperlink heart always have some doubts. Although the two link is a hyperlink, but these two links are spiders index difficult category. As I understand, the real effects on the website optimization is the normal display link instead of JS calls and jump. read more

According to the statistical analysis of estimation and prediction of the web site keywords and valu

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. In the noble and love baby in Shanghai Chinese Internet market of the us through them to run amuck, forecast, basically can predict the stability of the site search flow.

estimation, prediction of the site keywords flow and value; in fact, Shanghai dragon website optimization, the most important point is not considered directly on the key words. First, when we received a keyword, the first is to carry on the forecast, this thing no wrong.

search engine noble baby, we can know the monthly forecast of the website keyword search times, has been hit, more can keyword traffic prediction search engine to the site, if the baby aristocratic prediction to row name prediction so long to share how much traffic from search engines, or 30%. Or is 50% read more

Common medical problems in Shanghai Dragon

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medical industry in Shanghai dragon in order to improve the keyword density, that can improve the maximum possible keyword ranking, will continue to the title tag keyword stuffing, especially in the home tab. Not only that, there are also many medical websites for the three major label does not pay attention to the home page ZhengZhan title tag, causing page similarity is too high, at the same time will cause the title tag is too long, great circumstances affect the user experience. Whether in the website keywords ranking and user experience are underperforming, need to do so in Shanghai Longfeng medical website strategy, rational planning of the three major labels is the first step to Shanghai dragon, must be refined and excellence. read more

Shanghai dragon three problems the website architecture content Chain high quality difference

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here is the fat Shanghai dragon blog about the beauty of Shanghai dragon is unique, but also from the three problems of some views about the site has a lot of unique, different from the traditional Shanghai dragon, if you are interested, you can control some views following their own study.


to do a good job in the website structure, it is also necessary to search with the user requirements, the real needs of users in the first place, the user wants to give them what content. Here directly on the dry cargo, here is a relatively good enterprise website architecture case, column navigation its home page is very simple, without the introduction of our common company, such as company news, which directly into the LED lamp price list, product category and common industry problems, these are more useful to users column. This site is a reference architecture of the needs of users to search, also a reference to the Shanghai love search, you can search. read more

Shanghai kuangsong 450 local mobile phone portal into the burn Era

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Chinese Internet market after 10 years of development, the product pattern has undergone many innovation. From the birth to the bubble period, then the Soviet period since the development of economy, the field of Internet innovation, a smash hit, also die halfway.

Alibaba by means of electronic commerce, the introduction of local community walk Taobao e-commerce concept, attracted local stationmaster of a lot of popularity, the emergence of Xiamen fish, long lane from the Discuz switch to phpwind camp. The Tencent to QQ Internet community concept counter. The forum attracted Yantai enabled QQ landing drainage function, and the recent Shanghai Shanghai community forum first let QQ Internet enabled, in Shanghai for the local community to occupy the important step out. read more

Summarize the site keywords ranking drop causes and Solutions

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3, Links in


this is a common cause of keywords ranking drop, the optimization is over expressed in what way? A keyword density is too large, the chain rose, one-time remove or replace a large number of Links and so on.

this reason, small crane is deep, because of the small crane before there is a website, because there are two Links website is k, he is also due to busy, no time to check often Links, resulting in ranking is the brush down. Then remove the two Links, and since the new for two Links, keywords ranking soon recovered. read more

Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis scheme nterpretation of Shanghai dragon new ideas

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site location


3, a directory name and layout

whether new or old station, we all need to locate the site, we want to know, why is our website, which mainly provides services for users, our website belongs to what type of site, our site development is how, we all want to induce, and then to their website a combination of summary and positioning. As long as the site is what a good location, we have the power to step to plan according to the site location, even if the site location are not, how can we go to the next step of read more

Shanghai Longfeng Encyclopedia how to layout the website long tail keywords

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4. long tail word title and description set

mining well placed in the electronic form, remove duplicate and long tail word obvious brush and not related to the long tail word. A class of words such as mining steel tube steel tube dance related long tail word, then dance the long tail of Related words must be removed.

distinguish short words and long words in the selected keywords, if it is short term and index and the degree of competition is relatively large as the column page keywords, and the long term and the index of small degree of competition small keywords as the inside pages of the long tail word ranking. For example, Hefei Shanghai dragon Li Yong blog is a long term, but the index and the degree of competition is relatively large, so as the layout of the long tail word column page, and Hefei Li Yong blog website optimization index and the degree of competition is relatively small, so as the inside pages long tail word layout. read more