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User role innovative booking airline website requirement analysis

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will do some research on network booking, in fact, from a recent written test questions, the following analysis is the lack of a large number of user research, the right to enhance personal ability to do some exercises.

the booking site overwhelming, in addition to the airline booking portal booking site, a variety of small professional but involves too many to count, the process of financial transactions, users tend to high visibility and high reliability of the website, like tmall fame, booking system, "where" and "Ctrip" champion, while QQ had rushed to follow drool with envy. read more

Talking about the core value of blog marketing

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did you write a blog today? Classmates and friends often ask each other questions similar to each other. Indeed, Blog has become an important part of Internet life in the past few years, and blogs are becoming more and more powerful at the level of public opinion, media influence and celebrity effect. The major mainstream portal blog has gradually become the stage of people’s life expression, personality display and ideological collision. It has also become an exposure platform for celebrity life and career. This is the full embodiment of blogging as a media attribute. read more

Server hosting

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easy four trick to teach you select hosting server

first recruit: first managed, may wish to look at the ICP card

is the first time you want to rely on this server hosting business, dig out the life first bucket of gold, then never considered without a ICP license "small company", to lock a good qualification, large scale, great reputation, high credibility of the company, which is the basic principle, even spend thousands of dollars worth. In the future you will understand why.

second trick: try to cross unnecessary middlemen (intermediaries) read more

Talking about the business of hunting and hunting orientation core major

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The development of

throughout the Internet, with the development in recent years, the network recruitment is still blowing a fresh air, and it also needs a better air thrust to improve their success rate, thirst for talent for business development has become a major problem of the temporary unit, but for the low efficiency the current Internet recruitment, the employer may need a better platform to make their own higher success rate, while the headhunting network is to improve the success rate of such a network recruitment platform, and it exploded in the age of the Internet, bring to the employer is not only the economic benefit so simple, and this paper will analyze will be those secret behind the headhunting network successfully, the secret of success for you to decrypt it. read more

The dilemma and challenge of nternet Entrepreneurship

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for business, today went down earlier than usual, met with big box small box of distribution in the elevator. I was surprised at his earlier. Asked him how Dangdang had been doing recently, he told me, "well, what’s more, we’re all in charge of a small area, and we can’t deliver it.".

Ma Yun’s winter on less than six months, while Dangdang’s business is in full swing, it is really hot and cold two days,


in fact, the Alibaba and the hot recession reflects the Internet development characteristics: by collecting enterprises such as advertising fees, membership fees, fees and other ways to profit ranking of the Internet Co, because of the economic crisis led to the decline in corporate profits, reduce investment in marketing and have great influence. While users rely on Micro Payment ways to profit the Internet Co, is due to the increase of unemployment linger boring play games online and making friends, looking for the opportunity to bargain and other consumer shows Spring is in the air. prosperity. read more

Zhu Yong the future development trend of personal websites is to follow the brand operation road

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now, with the continuous improvement of search engine algorithm, it will become more and more difficult to do garbage flow making. The author thinks that the development of website will change from content resource type to service type. Because the content type information site in order to truly become bigger and stronger need to put a lot of effort to make the contents of construction, the content for the core competitiveness of the website to keep the original content and readability, only by a few people is not enough, we must let everyone participate into interaction can produce large numbers of valuable content, such as Ai Rui, A5 and other sites are because there are many industry experts and many participants come together to create content to attract people in the industry to this platform. read more

Despite the business model why is the news still difficult to succeed

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Most people in

for all the chips in the form of news comments, most concentrated in the business model, and when we put the idea back to the news industry to look at this issue, the answer may be similar, but the process of enlightenment is undoubtedly more precious.

raised the concept in today is no longer fresh, to raise public projects are becoming more and more diverse, the past few years abroad to raise public platform rise on the occasion, to raise the public news once the topic is the focus in this field and hot item. However, a short period of time, the news raised almost all domestic chips platform disappeared, in foreign countries are also facing the embarrassment of fewer people. read more

mperfect web analytics data Data idealization and visitor idealization

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1, technical idealization

Collect each kind of data

has its unique technical advantages, but no one can capture the perfect way to collect visitors all the action on the site, each kind of technology will be due to the limitations of the cause you see the data is not perfect data. To calculate the page stay time, for example, the following figure is the time history of an access: (the time in the icon is the time to enter the page)

usually calculates the retention time of the page as follows: the entry time of the current page is the difference between the entry time of the current page and the entry time of the next page. Thus in this example page retention are as follows: read more

How to do a good job of site positioning

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today’s website can be described as grass, a large number. And quality is a hierarchy of bad, and even some fraudulent sites. Presumably, someone is a network of fraud, the feeling of hate. Growing up steadily from small to large, the site is a leader in the industry. In other words, it’s a weathervane. Why do they become "leaders" and they are silent and silent?. Even in a struggle, it’s a bit close to bankruptcy. Such a phenomenon, one of the factors: site positioning, there is a direct correlation. read more

Dry sharing network entrepreneurs explore the efficiency of individual owners to make money

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with "want to live on the web free occupation" more and more, individual network business has become a hot topic and one of the premise, want to start is to have its own survival ability, the survival, is actually on the network can earn the cost of living.

on the network to make money a lot of ways, Xiaoqiang is not one by one example, I just say I’m good at making money online one of the ways, personal adsense.

One of

‘s business is strong, do webmaster foundation class teaching, simply put, is recorded in the tutorial, sell tutorial, get data, personal webmaster more and more, more and more personal webmaster want to survive in the gold rush on the Internet, so personal webmaster how to make money? read more

LV Fu home how to enhance the user experience of small and medium enterprises website

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website, for everyone to understand is not the same, the Internet in China, people’s lives more and more inseparable. The rapid development of online shopping, how to retain business users, improve online sales become the focus of attention, for personal website which is safer, more services in place, better quality is a priority. Between merchants and customers need to establish a network relationship, how to establish the business is the most troublesome problem, the emergence of the user experience to narrow the credibility of businesses and users, the rate of single rate has greatly improved. The following author (Lv Fujia) introduces the importance of user experience at four points: read more

Every day let the soft loss of more than 3000 P

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as webmaster all know, soft Wen can increase the external links, improve the weight of the web site. But who knows the link in the soft text is not free to add, in particular, can not add the source of the article, once to improve the weight of the site.

all know the search engine to implement the word segmentation technology, search engine based on the key word combination, convenient for users to search the required content, the implementation of segmentation technology is a boon for high weight website, the life service peak online there is an article named "body art photo pictures" this is the Google search engine is the combination of a new "company" keywords, and give a good ranking, when you search for the words "company" when the engine in Google, easy to find in the first page can. This keyword belongs to the popular keywords, the daily search volume is high, ranked eight in the first page, every day can bring more than 3000 IP. As the saying goes, "avariciousness", this does not meet the current pattern, seriously write a "typical" in website promotion once more "soft, with the link 28976.html, used to increase the page’s external links, improve the weight. In this way, the keyword can be ranked in the second or even the first position, and the ranking will be more stable. read more

09 years is a good time for the master to train and save energy

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with the rapid development of the Internet, China’s rapid expansion of the team of webmasters. 08 years ago, a lot of people are likely to be born, because of higher technical requirements, so the non-technical stationmaster is very difficult to intervene, now accompanied by many fool program, chief of the technical requirements in the lower, head of the threshold is low down. A webmaster who has no contact with technology like me should be a lot.

economic crisis, so many entities enterprises have been greatly shocked, the economic downturn of the entity also affected some webmaster’s website revenue. Many comrades who have just stepped into the ranks of the stationmaster are now the best opportunity for us to build up our strength and strengthen ourselves, and so on, when the economy recovers, that is, when we can play. Novice webmaster must keep learning, take good care of your web site, let your web site can grow up quickly. The old owners also have to continue to work hard for tomorrow to share more market share, and not be chased after the army. read more

2013 10 Web design trends responsive design content is still king

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Several Web design trends we see in the

in 2012, the number of responsive design to the most significant, and now the 2013 bell sounded, let us boldly predict Web design trends 2013.

1. more responsive design

although responsive design was brought forward in 2012, response design is still changing and innovating. For example, the new device keeps coming out (iPad, Mini), which has left previous design ideas crumbling. Now responsiv Web has gained more and more attention, "let people forget the size of the equipment" concept will drive faster responsive design, so the design of Web will also usher in more responsive design elements. read more

Case study holiday house rental website HomeAway com file

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transparent property information, the perfect industry standards, so that real estate e-commerce in foreign countries to develop faster and more large-scale. Today is Monday and everyone under the crowd just IPO HomeAway.

HomeAway is a holiday service online rental website, founded in 2004 and operated in 2005. Just a few years time, HomeAway through a series of acquisitions and strategic expansion (the founding investment and mergers and acquisitions five world-class vacation rental site, including the United States and Britain’s Holiday-Rentals Cyberrentals web site), has now become the holiday rental housing the world’s largest online service provider, the company is currently in 145 countries around the world has more than 560 thousand vacation rental housing. read more

Changde Talent Network talent network domain name selection can not follow the crowd

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before I published an article on "from the brand, convenient, friendly full consideration" from the talent network domain name choice about the choice of personnel website domain name, said the three elements: short and easy to remember domain name selection, search engine friendly. This paper analyzes what kind of a domain name is the good domain name, which is suitable for users, but also for the search engine, but with the stand growth time, and continue to communicate with the elite, I was in my former idea gradually had suspected, and in part under the guidance of the successful webmaster, again to determine an extremely important factor for talent network domain name choice: do not follow the crowd, have originality. read more

How many days do you want to be a movie station

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I’m a movie station on 7.29 with Marx. I’ve never done a movie station before. After a few days of promotion, found that the movie station is really faster than the forum and CMS flow. My small station ( from the site of the first day, every day traffic is rising, 51. pull yesterday’s Statistics yesterday traffic: 1448, IP, 5121, PV, today to 21:40, also has 1100 of the ip.

, but it’s still not included in Baidu, and my traffic comes mainly from two traffic alliances (about one day 300ip) and Youku and other big video sites (600+ip a day). read more

From free traffic free business models are either free or subverted

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Ma Yun, chairman of

Alibaba group said: Entrepreneurial fear is invisible, despise, cannot read, not follow; see where the opponents, look down on opponents, opponents cannot read why can become so strong, then keep up; even if the opponent is weak, also must take each other very powerful, even if the opponent is very strong, do not have to see yourself very weak. "From" free flow strategy, Pro you understand,


you read the free business model? Free business model, the author concludes that, enterprises and consumers will be the early experience of the products and services free of charge, the virus broadcast in the promotion strategy, let more consumers free to experience the value of products and services, the rapid expansion of corporate reputation and brand awareness, and continue to provide value-added services and products of higher value, the realization of a profitable business model read more

Bold speculation intermediary platform site development direction

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when we search for a keyword is not difficult to find a lot of keywords ranking are classified information and B2B occupy a large site, that is not to say that search engines love these sites? I think as long as you in the perspective of ordinary users to analyze these sites will be the corresponding answer, no matter what your answer is anyway, I reject. Why search engines will give these sites so high ranking? I think the main reason is the network market is not refined, with the network market gradually refine the site only direction is like Taobao as a platform independent. read more

Know the future to knowledge as the theme of the website how to crack funds problems

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know is a very low-key company, but in half a month ago rare held a media briefing, two and a half years, this is the first time that apparently know almost ready.

knew about two and a half years since the line was launched in January 26, 2011, during which the invitation system and the audit system have been maintained. By the end of 2011 known registered users from 200 thousand to 200 growth at the beginning of the end of 2012, registered users reached about 400000, until the second half of 2012 or open access to content, and open in March 20, 2013 after the registration, know almost daily active users has increased significantly in a short period of time, active users reached 600 thousand monthly active. Users reached 10 million, half year growth of 10 times, and continue to accelerate. The daily quality of the inner volume has increased by 5 times, equivalent to 2 news portals a day’s update. read more