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Old end English SEM online shopping sites need to pay attention to a few details

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A lot of foreign trade retail owners often met the problem is that the

SEO keyword ranking up, also to flow, but sales are not ideal, a big problem is the details, the details do not directly affect your sales. The foreign trade station retail need to pay attention to what the problem, at the end of the old in here a few main speaking, one is the description of the goods, the foreigner online shopping has been very popular, trading than domestic more regular and perfect, many are looking directly at your website directly to buy, do not ask what unlike the domestic Taobao, ask what a day is not to buy. read more

Not yet opened Wanda electricity supplier with any valuation of 20 billion revealing its true color

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2015 is a O2O battle, Miss 2015, Wan Hui did not A new force suddenly rises., defeated. With the help of the world’s largest commercial real estate projects, one million began to take an advantage, but the traditional commercial real estate first, does not mean that O2O can make the first. If the general really incompetent, even if Wanda, external cooperation cannot stop service.

Wanda Group’s business website wankui on-line has been more than a year, I recently had a try wankui iPhone version, download the 0.9.10 version, and a combination of Web products (WebApp not found), in accordance with the version number of view should belong to the test version. read more

Buy fake Taobao Tmall to Hangzhou Court available in the consumer residence

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to buy fake Taobao Tmall need to go to Hangzhou Court: in the consumer residence

[TechWeb] reported on March 17th news, according to media reports, a Beijing consumers to buy food quality problems in Tmall, Tmall and shop sued to Beijing Haidian District court, but Tmall to "service agreement" agreement in the grounds of the jurisdiction objection is that the case should be transferred to the Hangzhou city of Zhejiang Province Yuhang District People’s court.


raised objection to the jurisdiction of the reason is that all consumers must be registered Taobao account in Tmall shopping, registered Taobao account will display the "Taobao service agreement", consumers need to click "accept and register", in order to register the account. In the "Taobao service agreement" in the following agreement: "you and Taobao platform operators are agreed to the defendant’s domicile to the court of first instance jurisdiction of the court". Therefore, consumers sued Taobao, Tmall need to court in Hangzhou. read more

Wangzhuan is how to make you play earned your website

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make your site "play" is a book about the website of the book, more systematic introduction to the web site operators need to consider all aspects, and through actual cases detailed analysis of website operation success. This book is easy to understand the language, the grassroots webmaster website will have some inspiration.


name is quite interesting, play make your website, revealed the essential reason of grassroots webmaster of the operation of the site, I before several articles also mentioned some of their own do stand experience, make a station driving force is often reflected in the play earned the two words. I remember the first stop is the personal home page, although no one has to browse, but happiness within, reflects a word play. Later came to know the website also can make money, they made a love they had a profitable website, which reflects from play Wangzhuan process. Do stand a few years, also made a number of sites, later station will first consider is how to make a profitable station, and not just in their own interests, many of which are in Wangzhuan for the first goal, I think most grassroots webmaster and I have similar experiences. This book is to let you be able to earn your website, both to experience the fun of standing, but also easy to make money. read more

The way of communication between 5 common e commerce websites

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now small and medium enterprises website operators are considering the use of e-commerce to increase sales, improve product brand awareness in the process, many factors need to be considered, but one important indicator is the amount of consultation. Visitors to the communication between the staff and customer service through the website, we can let them know our product advantages, our strength and other aspects, and finally led to a deal with the viewer, then can get the user’s contact (telephone, QQ and e-mail) for late tracking service, to after sales! General visitors access to the site if you want to consult you through the following 5 common Consulting: read more

Taobao began to auction the island you will throw money or stir up trouble

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Taobao began to auction the island, we can auction a nouveau riche Island, after taking the real estate investment immigration, or just want to be a quiet island of Taohua Island is their own choice.

March 3rd will begin the official auction, is still in the registration stage, the general need to pay 1000 to $5000 to participate in the margin. Although there are a lot of options, but you may want Fiji can not touch the lives of children, the blue island of its heart.

near Fiji’s main island "Haiyangzhixin" is a type of the original island. As the Commonwealth of the Republic, Fiji has more than and 300 large and small islands, half of which are uninhabited, and the sea is as blue as diamonds. As a former film of the island, the rest of the island to shoot, Bill · Gates’s wedding, honeymoon venue, President of the United States, President of drinking water is also a special gimmick full of water. A few days ago, President Xi Jinping’s diplomatic runaway Fijian also became the new China to Fiji visa, the highest can stay for 90 days. Ah, but you might get a tan, because you can’t wear a hat other than the head of the village in fiji. read more

Taobao customer practical skills sharing and online shopping market situation

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first to share with you the current online shopping market situation

Taobao eleven during the transaction volume of 626 million, has now exceeded the daily 800 million, in the near new year period, I believe will create miracles. At present, online shopping has become the people’s lives, in the traditional sense, we will not imagine the impact of the site on life. And now you can clearly see that online shopping has gone beyond the traditional shopping paradise.


latest report released read more

Buy all over the world tip black five Carnival shopping in Sogou search

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double eleven panic buying discounted goods have not yet been fully opened, "black Friday" the Christmas shopping season with the first snow on the north, not to the credit card "cut the hand of the party who is already in, Mayer, Nichia and 6pm sea Amoy website hualiaoyan? It must not miss. Shopping search channel, here seven million promotional merchandise category from selected the most affordable goods, let you again in November 25th through eleven all over the world to buy double tip goods" read more

O2O local needs must not be empty talk

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What is


began in 2012, a new term in the field of e-commerce O2O instantly by various types of enterprises and industry insiders to discuss, or tap their profit opportunities. O2O in the end what is the usual explanation is Online to Offline, the next line of business opportunities and the Internet together, so that the Internet has become the forefront of offline transactions. In this way, the line service can use line showmanship, consumers can choose products or services online, but also online settlement, and online access to goods or services. read more

E move open 1 yuan CN domain name registration and discount space activities

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registered address:

Dear users:

to thank the vast number of users has been on our support and love, together with CNNIC to promote the CN domain name as China EDONG network launched 1 yuan of registered CN domain name, "super special.


during the event details: first, new CN domain name registration first year fee face price 1 yuan / year. (including all agents)

1 CN note:
2, unified plus time Monday to Friday 9:00-17:30.

3, 5 yuan only registered for the 5 CN domain name, and will be forfeited.

4, CN domain renewal to maintain the original price, out of a need to renew, transfer fee of 10 yuan / month.

5, apply for free domain name user registration information must be true, accurate, complete.

6, active time from now until April 30, 2007.

7, the final interpretation of the activities of the Chinese E mobile network all. read more

Ali to join the Zhejiang Bureau of inspection to achieve the country’s first cross border electricit

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recently learned that reporters, Alibaba jointly Zhejiang entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau, to achieve the country’s first cross-border electricity supplier defective consumer goods recall. Alibaba is the whole network is not a recall of imported bottles. Zhejiang inspection and Quarantine Bureau said that the recall played a demonstration and benchmarking. In order to further protect the interests of consumers, the current Alibaba and the Zhejiang inspection and Quarantine Bureau to establish an interactive mechanism, can quickly deal with substandard substandard goods sampling. read more

Twelve LG G3 G after the carnival starting off

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December, it is time to adjust the state, so that the body and mind in peace. Why don’t you give yourself a gift for a busy year, or a favorite phone, or a pleasant journey. Hereby, LG Lee Min Ho sent a hand in hand at the end of the "heart" tour for you now, in "LG G3 G after the carnival, the guest of" activities, not only can enjoy 3199 yuan of preferential prices, as well as the chance to win 4999 yuan Tourism Fund, LG Beat Mobile phone G3 and other multiple awards. Active link: read more

Black five electricity sales increased 18% YoY in Andrews three times with iOS

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Adobe data released on Saturday, Thanksgiving and black Friday, the U.S. electricity supplier sales hit a new record, reaching $4 billion 470 million, an increase of 18%. Black Friday day, mobile electricity supplier sales of $905 million, from iOS, 25% from Android.


technology news Beijing time on November 29th afternoon, Adobe data released Saturday showed that this Thanksgiving black Friday and American electricity sales hit a new record, reaching $4 billion 470 million, an increase of 18%. read more

Magic box important announcement important data on the last week an important announcement

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              from the start on Friday, because the product changes, resulting in some loss of data, bring a loss to the webmaster, on behalf of the magic box advertising platform ( staff to express my sincere apologies to you, I hope you forgive me, please continue to we support! We will pay close attention to the problem and reduce the loss to almost 0.

              in order to compensate for the losses caused to you last week, the magic box advertising platform ( all data this week magic box products, magic box advertising platform will be in accordance with the actual amount to 110% and to the main site of settlement. read more

Mobile e commerce traditional electricity supplier of the next battlefield

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  from the annual sales of billions of dollars of immediate purchase, sale of treasure, to AppStore in the "life" under the category of Taobao, the Jingdong, where customers, shop No. 1, Ping goubao mall and other App software, after the application of tools and social games, mobile e-commerce has become more and more people in mind "a piece of cake".

and application of scene quite limited compared to PC (personal computer) and portable mobile phone to the properties of the electricity supplier have greater imagination: work on the bus or subway route "with" stroll on the bus by the way; "the next single"; then immediately after the completion of shopping, and shopping products information sharing to social networks, indirectly help businesses do word-of-mouth marketing; even in peacetime when shopping, can through the "price", "query online shop whether goods" means "intercept" for consumers, they will be back on to the line — this will to a large extent exacerbated the impact of online the electronic commerce on the traditional offline retail. read more

The second session of the whole network of small and medium enterprises throughout the era of e comm

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July 30, 2010, sponsored jointly organized by Chinese, electronic commerce association and the Shanghai city district government of Baoshan District Fudan Software Park, Shanghai Weibo company (V5SHOP, V5MALL, China) hosted e-commerce top event — the second small and medium-sized enterprises throughout the whole network of new marketing breakthrough training conference held in Fudan University. This is following the 2009 successfully held a series of training conference, Weibo network once again get out of this meeting host, is currently the only company in close cooperation with the local government and held the e-commerce business training event. Unlike last year, this year the whole network of e-commerce training sessions will be full of small and medium enterprises throughout the entire network of e-commerce to promote the project in major cities nationwide have started. read more

A Taobao shop a product earn 3420 yuan a day

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Taobao shop fortunately do now Taobao shop also make money in 2015 is also suitable to do Taobao too much, too many questions are about Taobao entrepreneurship. Many people say that Taobao is not good, hit the price hit badly, can not find a good product. I also think that Taobao is not good to do, but yesterday saw a Taobao shop, I completely changed my mind.

a few days ago, I want to buy a marketing software for everyone. Come on my blog VIP Shao Lianhu is member of the development of the time, of course, income also, thank you for your trust. However, the light can not make money feel a bit awkward, so that some people will think that I am very stingy Shao Lianhu. read more

CNNC data show that CN domain annual growth rate of 94 6%

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According to the

China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released the latest data show that as of the end of July, China’s CN domain name registration has reached 12 million 360 thousand, the annual growth rate of 94.6%. Experts pointed out that the CN domain name explosive development thanks to the rapid development of China’s Internet trend, and its own standardized registration management system, stable analytical services, etc.. Among them, CN domain name registration service agencies bear an important backing role. read more