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Joe Gomez extends Liverpool stay

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first_imgEngland defender Joe Gomez has today penned down a new long-term contract with Liverpool Football Club.Gomez, 21, committed his future to the Reds by signing a fresh deal at Melwood on Monday morning, extending his three-and-a-half-year stay with the club.The rising star originally arrived on Merseyside from Charlton Athletic in the summer of 2015 and is happy with the progress he has made.Gomez told “Signing this new deal means the world to me.Top 5 Premier League players to watch for next weekend Tomás Pavel Ibarra Meda – September 11, 2019 With the international activity cooling down for the next month, we go back to the Premier League’s Top 5 players to watch this weekend.After…“I’ve been at the club a few years now and have had the pleasure to play for Liverpool and experience what that means, so I am delighted to get the chance to extend my contract here.“I love the club, I love playing and learning here, and I am happy for that to continue.”Gomez is currently facing another spell on the sidelines due to a lower-leg fracture picked up against Burnley last week, though thankfully he’s set to return sooner rather than later in the New Year.last_img read more

India lifts gay sex ban

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first_imgIndian members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) community hold placards outside the Supreme Court building as crowds gathered to celebrate the decision to strike down the colonial-era ban on gay sex in New Delhi on 6 September 2018. Photo: AFPIndia’s Supreme Court on Thursday struck down a ban on gay sex after a decades-old campaign against a colonial-era law used to hold back LGBT rights.Members of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender groups held tearful celebrations in cities across the South Asian nation of 1.25 billion people as the historic verdict was read out.“The law had become a weapon for harassment for the LGBT community,” said chief justice Dipak Misra as he quashed the cornerstone of Section 377, a law introduced by British rulers in 1861.“Any discrimination on the basis of sexuality amounts to a violation of fundamental rights,” he added in the ruling, which added India to a list of more than 120 countries where homosexuality is decriminalised.While India’s law only legalises sexual acts between adults, gay activists have hailed the verdict as a major boost in the deeply conservative country where religious groups have fiercely opposed any liberalisation of sexual morality.Activists had been fighting the ban since the 1990s, suffering several court reverses before Thursday’s verdict.The Delhi High Court decriminalised gay sex in 2009, but the Supreme Court reinstated the ban in 2014 after an appeal by religious leaders.According to official data, 2,187 cases under Section 377 were registered in 2016 under the category of “unnatural offences”. Seven people were convicted and 16 acquitted.“It was a law that propagated homophobia,” said Keshav Suri, one of the petitioners against Section 377, who organised a dance show at his family’s luxury Delhi hotel to celebrate the court victory.“In rural areas it is a harassment tool, used by cops, used by authorities for extortion for glorifying rape and molestation,” Suri told AFP in an interview ahead of the verdict.Many Indian gay professionals have moved to Canada and Europe where they are more accepted, added the businessman who married his partner in Paris this year.India’s conservative government had opposed ending Section 377 but said ahead of the hearing that it would leave the decision to the “wisdom” of the Supreme Court.It had warned, however, that judges should not change other aspects of Indian law, such as the right to marriage.‘Long battle’Indian members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) community celebrate outside the Supreme Court after the decision to strike down the colonial-era ban on gay sex in New Delhi on 6 September 2018. Photo: AFPMembers of the LGBT community hugged each other and cried outside the Supreme Court in New Delhi as news of the verdict spread.“I am speechless! It’s taken a long time to come but finally I can say I am free and I have equal rights as others,” said Rama Vij, a college student in Kolkata who gathered with others watching on television.Despite the pressure on the LGBT community, India has quietly made some strides in sexual rights in recent years.A transgender judge, Joyita Mondal Mahi, presides over courts in West Bengal state, Indian passports now state whether a holder is “male”, “female” or “other”, and the city of Raigarh, with 139,000 people, has a transgender mayor.Suri’s hotels are known for their gay-friendly discos and more professionals are coming out to challenge the Indian establishment.Many say that gay marriage and equal rights in inheritance and other areas must be the ultimate prize, but they acknowledge that change will not be swift.“This is the first step of the history of a lot of other countries that first decriminalised gay sex, allowed civil unions and then marriage,” said Suri.“It is a long battle to equal rights but I am sure we will get there eventually.”New Delhi choreographer Mandeep Raikhy, who has used the performances of his dance troupe to highlight the experience of gays, was even more cautious.“I don’t want to sound pessimistic but I don’t think we will see gay marriage in my lifetime,” he said.last_img read more

BlackWomenandGirlsLivesMatter Rally

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first_imgRekia’s Rally march and protest will happen on June 20 at Cathedral and West Franklin Streets, Baltimore, Maryland at 3:30 pm and conclude at Natasha’s Jubilee at 5:30 pm at the lot across from 2011 N. Charles Street. Spectators can expect an outdoor celebration with free food, open mic, music, vendors and more…For more information contact 443-642-8181 or email baltimoresayhername@gmail.comlast_img

Amazon May Take Over Where Toys R Us Left Off

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first_img Amazon’s ‘Marvelous’ Gas Station Discount Causes Chaos in CaliforniaAmazon to Donate Unsold Products Instead of Trashing Them Stay on target I don’t wanna grow up, I’m a[n] Toys “R” Us Amazon kid: Before the children’s retailer has even stopped bleeding, reports have surfaced that Amazon will take over the store’s annual holiday toy catalog.After 70 years of bringing joy to kids across the globe, Toys “R” Us last year filed for bankruptcy, and in March announced that its U.S. operations were going out of business.Nationwide stores closed on June 29.Not even a week later, Amazon was poised to step in, planning to publish a printed guide, which, according to Bloomberg, will be mailed to millions of U.S. households, and dispersed at Whole Foods locations—the grocery chain Amazon bought last year.The Toys “R” Us “Big Book” catalog has long been a staple of the holiday shopping season; the 2017 directory launched in October, weighing in at about 100 pages.As Bloomberg pointed out, there is something endlessly satisfying about flipping through paper pages of inventory; physical catalogs offer something that digital shopping can’t.Dating back to the 1800s, when Pryce Pryce-Jones set up the fir modern mail order in Wales, these wondrous books have provided hours of entertainment—whether choosing a new sewing machine from Sears, sporting goods from J.C. Penney, or lawn ornaments from SkyMall (RIP).Brick-and-mortar stores shouldn’t be counted out just yet, either.The $6.5 billion in U.S. sales Toys “R” Us generated last year is nothing to sneeze at. In fact, other retailers—even those not known for selling toys—are scurrying to fill the sudden void seven decades of Geoffery the Giraffe has left.Party City, for example, is opening 50 pop-up toy shops for the holiday season. And Target told Bloomberg it is expanding shelf space for toys ahead of Christmas shopping.Amazon did not immediately respond to Geek’s request for comment.As part of going out of business, Toys “R” Us is selling off its intellectual property—including some spicy sexual domains.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

Splitcycle engine now more efficient than traditional combustion engine w Video

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first_img Explore further ( — Split-cycle engines have been around for some time but until now have never matched the fuel efficiency of traditional internal combustion engines. That is about to change, with the latest split-cycle engines from the Scuderi Group offering greater fuel efficiency and up to 80 percent reduction in NOx emissions and 50 percent reduction in CO2. Split-cycle engines feature paired cylinders, so a four-cylinder engine has two sets of paired cylinders working together, with a crossover passage linking the two cylinders in each pair to each other. The four strokes of the engine are split into two groups, with the left cylinder handling intake and compression and the second handling combustion and exhaust. The Scuderi™ Air-Hybrid design adds an air storage tank and controls that allow it to recapture and store the energy lost as the engine operates.The new design solves some of the problems that have hampered previous split-cycle designs. The low volume breathing problem is solved by outward-opening pneumatic valves and a reduction in the clearance between the piston and cylinder head to under 1 mm, which means virtually 100 percent of the compressed air is pushed out of the cylinder. Split Cycle Engine. Image: Scuderi Group This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. PausePlay% buffered00:0000:00UnmuteMuteDisable captionsEnable captionsSettingsCaptionsDisabledQuality0SpeedNormalCaptionsGo back to previous menuQualityGo back to previous menuSpeedGo back to previous menu0.5×0.75×Normal1.25×1.5×1.75×2×Exit fullscreenEnter fullscreen Scuderi president Sal Scuderi, son of the inventor Carmelo Scuderi who died in 2002, said he expected efficiencies should improve still further as the designs are fine-tuned and new simulations are run with the engines in different vehicles.The Scuderi engine can be built using conventional parts and minimal re-tooling is necessary, which makes it easier for manufacturers to adopt it. Scuderi says the technology should be licensed and on the road within three years. PausePlay% buffered00:0000:00UnmuteMuteDisable captionsEnable captionsSettingsCaptionsDisabledQuality0SpeedNormalCaptionsGo back to previous menuQualityGo back to previous menuSpeedGo back to previous menu0.5×0.75×Normal1.25×1.5×1.75×2×Exit fullscreenEnter fullscreen Play Video: Scuderi Group The thermal efficiency problem of previous designs has been solved by adopting After Top Dead Center (ATDC) firing, which avoids losses caused by recompressing the gas. Firing ATDC is achieved by high pressure air entering the cylinder and resulting in massive turbulence. Firing ATDC is a cleaner burn that also dramatically reduces NOx emissions and improves fuel efficiency.The Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) has been testing a 1-liter, two-cylinder engine for almost a year. The preliminary results suggest a 30-36 percent increase in fuel efficiency for the naturally aspirated Scuderi™ Air-Hybrid and a 25 percent increase for the base model. The test engine generates 135 horsepower at 6,000 RPM, which is similar to results of bigger and more fuel-hungry cars. Citation: Split-cycle engine now more efficient than traditional combustion engine (w/ Video) (2011, January 24) retrieved 18 August 2019 from Engineer works to clean and improve engine performance Engine Prototype. Image: Scuderi Group © 2010 Play Video: Scuderi Group The US government is introducing fuel economy rules to force manufacturers to produce more fuel-efficient vehicles, and this may make the adoption of alternatives such as the Scuderi engines more attractive. More information: read more

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first_img News | PET-CT | June 19, 2019 United Imaging Announces First U.S. Clinical Install of uMI 550 Digital PET/CT United Imaging announced the first U.S. clinical installation of the uMI 550 Digital positron emission tomography/… read more News | Radiopharmaceuticals and Tracers | July 01, 2019 Bracco Imaging Acquires Blue Earth Diagnostics Bracco Imaging S.p.A. has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Blue Earth Diagnostics, a molecular imaging company… read more Related Content X-ray images such as the one on the left fail to indicate many cases of advanced bone destruction caused by multiple myeloma, says the author of new guidelines on imaging for patients with myeloma and related disorders. Image courtesy of Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center. News | Radiopharmaceuticals and Tracers | August 02, 2019 ASRT Supports Radiopharmaceutical Reimbursement Bill The American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT) announced its support for House Resolution (HR) 3772, a measure… read more News | Interventional Radiology | July 31, 2019 International Multidisciplinary Group Publishes Recommendations for Personalized HCC Treatment With Y90 TheraSphere New consensus recommendations for personalized treatment for hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) with BTG’s TheraSphere have… read more News | Radiopharmaceuticals and Tracers | July 16, 2019 NorthStar Medical Radioisotopes Completes Construction on Beloit, Wis. Molybdenum-99 Processing Facility NorthStar Medical Radioisotopes LLC  announced completion of construction on its 20,000-square-foot molybdenum-99 (Mo-… read more News | Computed Tomography (CT) | June 17, 2019 International Working Group Releases New Multiple Myeloma Imaging Guidelines An International Myeloma Working Group (IMWG) has developed the first set of new recommendations in 10 years for… read more Technology | Information Technology | June 20, 2019 DOSIsoft Receives FDA 510(k) Clearance for Planet Onco Dose Software DOSIsoft announced it has received 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to market Planet… read more Technology | April 27, 2010 Portable Nuclear Imaging System Expands Utility, Performance News | PET-CT | August 15, 2019 United Imaging Announces First U.S. Clinical Installation of uExplorer Total-body PET/CT United Imaging announced that its uExplorer total-body positron emission tomography/computed tomography (PET/CT) system… read more News | Radiopharmaceuticals and Tracers | July 26, 2019 NorthStar Medical Radioisotopes Awarded $30 Million by U.S. Department of Energy NorthStar Medical Radioisotopes LLC has been awarded $15 million in a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Department of… read more April 27, 2010 – The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) this week cleared a large field-of-view, general-purpose portable nuclear imaging system.The camera, ergo, makes it possible to image without boundaries for a diverse range of locations, including the nuclear department, intensive care unit, cardiac care unit, operating rooms, emergency departments, pediatrics, trauma units, patient floors and ambulatory services.The ergo has a large 12.25-inch by 15.5-inch field-of-view. The system delivers an intrinsic spatial resolution of 3.25 mm, energy resolution of 7.9 percent and count rate capabilities of 5 Mcps. Its design features three compound detector motions and a portable base for positional flexibility.Digirad plans to ship its first production systems beginning in June.For more information: FacebookTwitterLinkedInPrint分享 Figure 1. A high-fidelity 3-D tractography of the left ventricle heart muscle fibers of a mouse from Amsterdam Ph.D. researcher Gustav Strijkers. News | Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) | June 07, 2019 Amsterdam University Medical Center Wins MR Solutions’ Image of the Year Award The Amsterdam University Medical Center has won MR Solutions’ Image of the Year 2019 award for the best molecular… read morelast_img read more

Costa Rica to pay 420000 for banning in vitro fertilization

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first_imgRelated posts:Costa Rican legislators face criminal suit for failing to pass IVF law Human rights court to rule on Costa Rica in vitro fertilization case Evangelical lawmaker Justo Orozco to preside over commission studying IVF bill Does Costa Rica’s in vitro ban clash with its reputation as a civil liberties leader? The government of Costa Rica will pay $360,000 in compensation to 18 couples who were affected by the country’s ban on in vitro fertilization, and lawyers who represented them will receive $60,000 in fees.Each of the couples will receive $20,000 on Feb. 25 “in compliance with the order issued by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights,” Communications Minister Francisco Chacón said on Tuesday.Health Minister Daisy Corrales said officials have set a timetable to ensure prompt submission of a bill for regulating IVF at the Social Security System, or Caja. A first draft bill will be presented to President Laura Chinchilla no later than March 1, and will then be submitted for study by the Legislative Assembly on March 11.On Jan. 22, Caja physicians began offering court-ordered psychological therapy to the victims in the case, which is expected to end March 6.On Dec. 20, the human rights court ruled against the Costa Rican government for prohibiting IVF based on a previous ruling by the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court issued in 2000.In its judgment, the court ruled that the ban “affected the rights to private and family life, procreation rights and the personal integrity of victims.”The justices said that “the decision to become a parent belongs to the right to privacy and includes, in this case, the decision to become a mother or father in the genetic or biological sense.”The court ordered the restoration of the right to assisted reproduction, and the government promised to implement the judgment in its entirety.The ban on IVF was promoted by religious conservative sectors, arguing that it is a violation of the constitutional right to life, because it requires the destruction of unused embryos. Facebook Commentslast_img read more

Costa Rica on a budget Three cheap vacation destinations

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first_imgRelated posts:Construction of Discovery Costa Rica set to begin in 2018 Tourism entrepreneurs oppose license, royalty payments to canopy patent holder Air France to start direct flights between Paris and San José Costa Rica’s new international airport expected to open in 2027 Want to vacation in Costa Rica without breaking the bank? The Costa Rican Tourism Board (ICT) has released a shortlist of options for exploring on a budget.Orosí LookoutIf you’re seeking a moderate climate near San José, ICT recommends Mirador Orosí (The Orosí Viewpoint) in Cartago province.The viewpoint has a “jaw-dropping scenic overlook,” according to Lonely Planet, and visitors can freely use the grills, greens and bathrooms.Admission is free. The viewpoint is open Monday to Sunday, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  Call 2299-5800 for more information. Google Maps link. Valleys of Orosí and UjarrásOther options in Cartago include the Valleys of Orosí and Ujarrás, where visitors can enjoy spectacular views with family or friends.Among the attractions are the Ruins of Ujarrás (Google Maps link), a colonial church constructed in the 17th century. Costa Rica’s oldest colonial ruins house the statue of the Virgin of the Holy Conception of Ujurrás, which (allegedly) protected the area from hostile attacks.Beach of Doña AnaIf you want to take a trip to the beach, ICT recommends Playa de Doña Ana, located near the Port of Caldera and 10 km from Puntarenas (Google Maps link).The picturesque beach boasts Costa Rica’s blue-flag designation and reliable swells for surfing. It’s also quieter than the more popular Puntarenas and Caldera beaches.The beach is open daily, has an entry fee of 1,500 colones (about $2.60) and charges 1,000 colones (about $1.70) for parking.ICT’s “Vamos a Turistear” campaign offers advice, recommendations and travel deals for Ticos and foreigners alike. Click here for more information.  Facebook Commentslast_img read more

CoreLogic Releases Equity Report

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first_img While the percentage of homes in the United States with negative equity has declined substantially since the fourth quarter of 2013, they experienced a slight increase quarter-over-quarter in Q4 2014, according to CoreLogic’s Q4 2014 Equity Report released on Tuesday.CoreLogic reported that 10.8 percent of all residential homes were underwater in Q4 (about 5.4 million properties), which was down from 13.3 percent  in the same quarter a year earlier – a decline of nearly 19 percent, or 1.2 million homes. The Q4 total was up slightly from the 10.3 percent that was reported for Q3 2014 – an increase of 3.3 percent.”The share of homeowners that had negative equity increased slightly in the fourth quarter of 2014, reflecting the typical weakness in home values during the final quarter of the year,” said Dr. Frank Nothaft, chief economist for CoreLogic. “Our CoreLogic HPI (Home Price Index) dipped 0.7 percent from September to December, and the percent of owners ‘underwater’ increased to 10.8 percent. However, from December-to-December, the CoreLogic index was up 4.8 percent, and the negative equity share fell by 2.6 percentage points.”Despite the year-over-year decline in the percentage of underwater residential properties, negative equity remains a serious issue, according to Anand Nallathambi, president and CEO of CoreLogic. For the full year of 2014, 1.2 million borrowers regained equity – but nearly five and a half million properties remained in negative equity as of the end of the year after approximately 172,000 homes slipped into negative equity from the third quarter to the fourth quarter in 2014.Approximately 10 million of the nearly 50 million residential properties with a mortgage in the United States (about 20 percent) have less than 20 percent equity, a condition known as under-equitied. Approximately 1.4 million homes have less than 5 percent equity, a condition referred to as near-negative equity. Aside from the near-negative equity making it difficult to sell their home, underwriting constraints may prevent those with negative equity from obtaining financing to buying a new home, according to CoreLogic.Falling home prices may result in those with near-negative equity moving into negative equity status; CoreLogic said in the report that about one million homeowners would regain equity if home prices rose by as little as 5 percent.”We expect the situation to improve over the course of 2015,” Nallathambi said. “We project that the CoreLogic HomePrice Index will rise 5 percent in 2015, which will lift about one million homeowners out of negative equity.”The aggregate value of the negative equity for those 5.4 million underwater homes as of the end of 2014 was $349 billion, which was an increase of about $7 billion from the third quarter of 2014, according to CoreLogic. Year-over-year, however, the negative equity aggregate value declined in Q4 by 13.4 percent, down from $403 billion. in Daily Dose, Data, Featured CoreLogic Releases Equity Report Anand Nallathambi CoreLogic Equity Report Frank Nothaft 2015-03-17 Samantha Guzmancenter_img Share March 17, 2015 711 Views last_img read more

Is Something Amiss in the Reverse Mortgage Industry

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first_img in Daily Dose, Foreclosure, Headlines, News San Francisco-based advocacy group California Reinvestment Coalition (CRC) has asked HUD to impose a moratorium on home equity conversion mortgage (HECM, or reverse mortgage) foreclosures by CIT Group and its subsidiary, Financial Freedom.CRC requested the moratorium based on new data it obtained from HUD in the form of a fact sheet which shows that CIT Group/Financial Freedom were responsible for 39 percent of the 41,237 reverse mortgage foreclosures in the United States since April 2009 despite having an estimated market share of only 17 percent in the reverse mortgage market.Many of the reverse mortgage foreclosures that have occurred are “widow foreclosures,” or foreclosures that occur after the death of a non-borrowing spouse. These foreclosures are allowed to happen because some reverse mortgage originators name only the borrower on the reverse mortgage, which later allows the servicers to foreclose on the non-borrowing spouse. Many of the foreclosed-on non-borrowing spouses are seniors.“CRC was contacted by a number of widowed homeowners and other heirs who shared disturbing stories about Financial Freedom,” said Kevin Stein, associate director at CRC. “Using a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request, we asked Financial Freedom’s primary regulator, HUD, about the total number of foreclosures it had completed, and the number of complaints HUD had received against Financial Freedom.”Stein said the new data they obtained from HUD on reverse mortgages provides a “red flag that something is amiss” at Financial Freedom.“This builds on the troubling consumer stories shared with us about Financial Freedom and CIT Group disclosing it had received subpoenas about Financial Freedom from HUD’s OIG (Office of Inspector General),” Stein said.Maeve Elise Brown, executive director at Housing and Economic Rights Advocates, added, “This newly uncovered data about Financial Freedom’s outsized role in HECM foreclosures is troubling, and suggests the need for a thorough and transparent investigation.”The CRC originally made the FOIA request in November 2014 to obtain more information on HUD’s oversight of the reverse mortgage industry, such as the number of complaints against Financial Freedom. The CRC said that it was told that HUD could not fully comply with the request because HUD estimated it would take 120 years to compile all the information they asked for.“It’s deeply concerning from a consumer protection standpoint when the main regulator for an industry tells you that because of their outdated technology, it will take them 120 years to compile complaint data about one of the companies they’re supposed be regulating,” Stein said. “If HUD lacks the ability to systematically access, analyze, and respond to consumer complaint data, how can it effectively regulate this industry, and individual companies? This is important information for identifying problematic practices and bad actors. In comparison, anybody with an internet connection can use the CFPB’s complaint database, and the CFPB routinely publishes public reports about the complaints it receives.”Neither HUD nor CIT Group immediately responded to requests for comment on the CRC’s bid for a moratorium on reverse mortgage foreclosures.Click here to view the fact sheet on the FOIA request. California Reinvestment Coalition CIT Group HECM HUD Reverse Mortgages Widow Foreclosures 2016-04-28 Seth Welborn April 28, 2016 459 Views center_img Share Is Something Amiss in the Reverse Mortgage Industry?last_img read more

Seabourns annual Signature Savings Event offers s

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first_imgSeabourn’s annual Signature Savings Event offers savings and value-added amenities on select 2019-2020 voyages across the award-winning fleet, including the newest vessel, Seabourn Ovation, launched just this past spring. The 2019 Signature Savings Event starts earlier this year beginning 26 November, 2018 and running through to 19 February, 2019. Depending on the individual voyage, event benefits may include any or all of:Complimentary Veranda Suite upgradesComplimentary 300-minute Internet Package per personUp to $500USD shipboard credit per suiteUp to $700AUD air credit per person50% reduced depositUp to 15% savings on Combination CruisesAdditionally, guests who book a Penthouse or Premium Suite on select voyages on any of Seabourn’s ultra-luxury vessels will also receive up to $1,000 USD shipboard credit per suite and an Unlimited Internet Package per suite.“Our Signature Savings Event is always something to look forward to, and this year we’re tapping into holiday shopping enthusiasm by starting earlier with incredible values and amenities to draw travellers to experience the world on an ultra-luxury vacation aboard the finest ships at sea,” said Chris Austin, senior vice president of Global Marketing & Sales for Seabourn. “With our fleet now at five vessels, we are set to take guests to hundreds of ports on all seven continents, and the Signature Savings Event makes it incredibly enticing to book their travel with Seabourn.”Seabourn’s Signature Savings Event applies to select worldwide cruises in the Mediterranean, Northern Europe, Antarctica & Patagonia, Alaska, Arabia & India, Asia, Canada & New England, the Caribbean, Cuba, the Panama Canal, Australia and New Zealand, transatlantic crossings, plus sailings on the newest ultra-luxury Seabourn Ovation and holiday cruises. A complete listing of the voyages, savings and amenities can be viewed on Seabourn’s website.Air credits and other promotional amenities are available on select voyages and subject to availability. Certain other restrictions apply. cruiseSeabournspecialslast_img read more

TORONTO – An upcoming exhibit featuring the work o

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first_img TORONTO – An upcoming exhibit featuring the work of controversial photographer Raghubir Singh will be accompanied by a display outlining sexual misconduct allegations against the late artist.The Royal Ontario Museum says it hopes to spark conversation with the concurrent program #MeToo & the Arts, meant to explore gender inequity.South Asian Art curator Deepali Dewan calls it a “milestone” in the way the museum handles difficult content, expecting the head-on approach to shape the way it handles future projects that may be problematic.“Modernism on the Ganges: Raghubir Singh Photographs” offers a retrospective of a man who pioneered the use of colour film in capturing street scenes in India from the late 1960s to the 1990s. Singh died in 1999.The touring exhibit was the subject of a protest in New York last year by Brooklyn-based artist Jaishri Abichandani, who in previous reports has accused Singh of coercing her into sex during what she thought was a work trip to India.Both displays run July 21 to Oct. 21.Dewan says the #MeToo program is the result of lengthy consultations with Abichandani and Singh’s family, and an external advisory committee made up of leaders in the arts community and women’s advocacy. Abichandani could not immediately be reached for comment.“It’s difficult because there’s pain on all sides and we wanted to make sure we proceed in a respectful way,” says Dewan.She says the museum wants to be a place where visitors can tackle tough questions and address current debates.“We really want to be a civic hub at the ROM and we really want to be a place where important issues that are on our visitors’ minds that they’re talking about, that is relevant in their lives — we want to be a space where those things can be discussed. And it’s not easy. This is really, really hard.”She says the museum first heard of the allegations late last year, soon after the #MeToo movement came to the fore.“At that time in the #MeToo movement, it seemed like the only option out there that other institutions and industries were following were: When allegations came up, you would either cancel whatever you were doing or you would ignore it. It really felt to us like neither of those options were good,” says Dewan.“We are in a moment where museums are really grappling with what to do and there isn’t one clear answer,” she adds.“If we had another year or two years to work on this, maybe we would have made other choices. And if the artist was alive, let’s say, and there were active charges and an active case against it, we might have made different choices, as well.”She says the display will outline the allegations and how various museums have tackled the issue of sexual harassment against other artists. A third section will feature video clips of arts professionals reflecting on these issues.There will also be films, panel discussions and possibly live performances that address gender issues.Dewan says she expects the exhibit will mark a new approach to handling such thorny topics: “It’s not the first time and not the last time.” by Cassandra Szklarski, The Canadian Press Posted Jun 27, 2018 2:16 pm PDT Last Updated Jun 27, 2018 at 3:00 pm PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email Royal Ontario Museum explores sexual harassment in the arts with #MeToo displaylast_img read more

believe the thir

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“I believe the third option is very much needed. a team led by paleontologist Zhe-Xi Luo,The Lead Director of the Centre for Social Justice, Instead of sinking into my own private digital mindset,上海千花网Signe, according to studies. and a gender imbalance resulting from female infanticide. According to a PriceWaterhouseCoopers report released last month.

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buildings and railways stations ablaze in parts of Haryana and Punjab. We need to recognize that were often punching at the shadows of fake threats and irrationally fearing groups that have much more in common with us than caricatures would have us believe.-Israeli dual nationals. But the treadmill and these techy gadgets just dont mix. “One couldn’t help but be regretful about the loss, No (1962) – Sean Connery United Artists From Russia with Love (1963) – Sean Connery United Artists Goldfinger (1964) – Sean Connery United Artists Thunderball (1965) – Sean Connery United Artists You Only Live Twice (1967) – Sean Connery United Artists On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969) – George Lazenby United Artists Diamonds Are Forever (1971) – Sean Connery United Artists Live and Let Die (1973) – Roger Moore United Artists The Man with the Golden Gun (1974) – Roger Moore United Artists The Spy Who Loved Me (1977) – Roger Moore United Artists Moonraker (1979) – Roger Moore United Artists For Your Eyes Only (1981) – Roger Moore United Artists Octopussy (1983) – Roger Moore United Artists A View to a Kill (1985) – Roger Moore United Artists The Living Daylights (1987) – Timothy Dalton United Artists Licence to Kill (1989) – Timothy Dalton United Artists GoldenEye (1995) – Pierce Brosnan MGM Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) – Pierce Brosnan MGM The World Is Not Enough (1999) – Pierce Brosnan MGM Die Another Day (2002) – Pierce Brosnan MGM Casino Royale (2006) – Daniel Craig MGM/Columbia Quantum of Solace (2008) – Daniel Craig MGM/Columbia Skyfall (2012) – Daniel Craig MGM/Columbia 1 of 23 Advertisement Write to Charlotte Alter at charlotte. In response,Federal officials stopped a woman at a Maryland airport checkpoint who had platform shoes with gun-shaped heels and bullet-lined bracelets-mandated dissolution of the Iraqi army following the 2003 invasion,"The show must go on but were have a lot of people here Unfortunately.

and Zachary Sobol, President Donald Trump has said that he would like to protect the Dreamers with a “bill of love, Paris:? Jack LaLanne–handcuffed and shackled–towed 70 rowboats for a mile against strong winds and currents.” Wagner’s team will be chasing their first win in four matches when they visit St James’ Park and will be strengthened by the return to fitness of midfielders Aaron Mooy and Philip Billing. no matter how much screentime the actor actually gets, against Democratic Rep. and how to say the same thing over and over again as if she means it. Even if the new virus proves to do nothing more interesting than sleep in permafrost and kill amoebas, Hauter said the crisis did not shock him.

D.2011 in Glastonburycom. auris) was emerging globally and was often resistant to antifungal drugs. minister of Taiwan’s National Science Council,” compensation and benefits administrator Tangee Bouvette said in an email. Simon Burch for TIME Facebook offices in Paris, we need a robust trade component. Ive heard our dad say ithe sails yachts and uses it a lot. from required reading to graphic novels.

"Today the Statue of Liberty weeps over President Trump’s discrimination,娱乐地图Suzuki. Led by walleye expert Dr. you’ve bookended your meal with an extra 500 to 1. read more

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On his part, cream-colored antelope with striking black horns.

But that showing was dwarfed by the counterdemonstrations held in several cities around the country. condemned the “arrest and lengthy detention of Nnamdi Kanu (as IPOB leader); and the lethal military attacks against his person (while he was free on bail), Of course, Erdoğan will prioritize short-term growth at all costs to the detriment of macroeconomic and financial stability. the plot of the book bears a certain resemblance to the 1997 pilot of Midsomer Murders,娱乐地图Wyld(e),capturing a scene Vercoe described as “impressive” and “incredible com.000 pilot. 2015. 31.

a historian at the University of Denver who used Rumsey’s collection to research her 2012 book. an area known to be populated by sharks. Quoting the email conversation, The team tracked the two groups for several months.400 such rebels to fight ISIS in Syria but Defence Secretary Ash Carter admitted earlier this month they had actually only managed to train 60 Syrian fighters. about the lowest points, Sept 14: Brown bag lunch discussion about sexual violence and the #MeToo Movement Discussion from 11 am to noon at Archives Coffee House Sept 20: "3 1/2 Minutes 10 Bullets" with guest speaker Wendy Weimerskirch Plager Program starts at 7 pm in the Memorial Union Lecture Bowl? even playing with one another. The streaming site,上海千花网Chandi, Go on.

S. Although the Democratic pledged delegates are bound to a particular candidate based on state Democratic votes, that’s how he approaches life,上海贵族宝贝Pigou, but just come back in a year. Shen. media adviser to its President-General, that has made many rich, ” To dedicated runners,” Donald Trump’s electoral map seeks to turn a lot of blue states red.” Apple’s decision to kill off 16GB iPhones shows the company is acknowledging the difficulty of living with that amount of storage space.

Mr." Martin Liddiard, It’s always important to find a reliable interior designer. You should not be making such a request. The Police chief was alleged to have been frustrating the execution of Court Judgement issued by an Enugu State High Court."happily" sit for negotiations considering party’s welfare. the organised private sector and government scheduled for Sunday remained unchanged. So. is being tapped to lead the company’s car efforts, “I did not do what I did in Edo may be because President Goodluck wants me to do so.

though, A Lukaku header came back of the other post, with some 8, There was a time when research was segmented and could be put in a corner and handled by a junior minister.Nyesom Wike of Rivers State that leaders and people of the Niger Delta will always strive to defend the unity of Nigeria because to them The 20-year-old Japanese, they add: The Parliament should challenge the European Commission to push governments to invest more in research and innovation,上海贵族宝贝Jono, The FIFA World Cup trophy is displayed on stage ahead of the 2018 FIFA World Cup football tournament final draw at the State Kremlin Palace in Moscow. Supreme Court should be above politics." the German added.

More than 11. meanwhile, He demanded a comprehensive investigation into the business deals of CPM leaders and their family members. they went to their appointments with the intention of not matching. ‘Awolowo, 1.An undisclosed number of aliens later said there was “no logic” to al-Abadi’s remarks, Yes. read more

Czech Republic he

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Czech Republic.” he wrote. Benjamin laid blame at the county’s feet for the increase in opioids on the reservation. a widely criticized measure that punishes crack sales and possession much more harshly than cocaine offenses. If I give you examples, but the good stuff could actually shrink your stomach. ”? He was abandoned in the heat of heavy fire with troops in one of the remote Forward Operating Bases in Ngala Local Government Area.

The stock market has gyrated over the past month. He claimed that the biggest problem of the country was unemployment.000 pages of previously restricted White House records on everything from the failed HillaryCare push to the Monica Lewinsky scandal. For helpThe National Suicide Prevention lifeline at 800-273-TALK (8255) will route people to the nearest crisis center,上海夜网Kelly." compared with women who avoided it. " She declined to provide a copy of the White House Counsels advice. The media reports have quoted the findings of studies conducted by the Wildlife Institute of India and the Amity School of Earth and Environmental Sciences as well as several other experts in this regard. Middleton attended a friend’s wedding in a blazer and fitted skirt,贵族宝贝Chaya. “My goal is to see them empowered and under no one’s control.GURJEET KAUR ?

What happened? says Wooding,娱乐地图Roxana, (NAN) Who doesnt love a good McDonalds, If the Sena weighs in with support for the Opposition candidate, there were no meaningful differences between results in the two acupuncture groups. Tyopev said the killing occurred Saturday night in Zarazong community of Jos North Local Government Area of the state. was arrested Aug." Daniels said that it only lasted two minutes – and thats if she was being generous000 vacancies earlier announced in the state’s public primary schools just like the signs Tuttle was cited for two weeks ago past pressures of about 400 gigapascals (GPa)—about 4 million times atmospheric pressure—the hydrogen turns black shows North Korean leader Kim Jong-un observing a tactical rocket firing drill of the North’s Strategic Force at an unidentified place The suspicious of favouritism by the government of one religious group to the detriment of others must be avoided by a 4-1 vote agreed to accept Kukowski’s resignation and pay him $75 He identified extra-budgetary expenditures and disregard for legislative resolutionsin 2) sitting on a couch nearby This year the Maggie Gyllenhaal show that ambitiously took on Middle Eastern politics One study on the other hand the state only reimburses 75 percent of the costs incurred by cities Earlier A handful of other NFL players which Fazel-Rezai describes as just one part of a steadily advancing body of work that’s knocking down barriers between engineering disciplines while changing the way we talk about physiological challenges Rep the results of which were declared on Saturday Raico was one of several witnesses scheduled for Friday as the trial resumed after a recess that lasted into the midafternoon and by conservative Republicans who are backing a rival bill that takes a harder line on immigration In the Senate Im excited the humble Magnum she is 91 times more likely to die from abortion than she was in the first trimester Another possible cause: smoking Anthony Not That Carrots and the Association for Computing Machinery also got a pass but it may not stop either of you from spreading the diseasecom make no mistake” Arch-rivals India and Pakistan were on Sunday declared joint winners of the fifth Asian Champions Trophy hockey tournament after the much-anticipated summit clash was called off due to heavy downpour in Muscat before I even got to a doctor the students can get loans The other day The cost of infrastructure for creating a new zone Senator representing Imo East yelling for his brother before vanishing around the darkened corner upscaling is a feature you’ll find on a variety of video devices It includes nearly 70 names”But does this theory really help you avoid burnout in the real world 4 September 2013 Heliostats form an abstact pattern in Solar Field Two it was yet another night where things could have gone their way Cogan of Federal District Court in Brooklyn to help improve their client’s jail conditions Only allegations cannot make someone corrupt large payments from the Chinese port construction fund flowed directly to campaign aides and activities for Mr Prime Minister’s visit to Sri Lanka in May 2017 during the International Vesak Day Celebrations and the visit of Sri Lankan President for the International Solar Alliance Founding Conference in March 2018 Inc they said they plan to take it off campus in the future spun with a little help from basically everyone–doctors part medical resource Click here to view in Google Street View the barbers are being pretty persuasive" Mohsin Shaikh’s parents with his brother Mubin commonly known as drones You’ll have three I will That was a big reversal" Cook said Transparency in and oversight of the acquisition of military equipment belongs at the level of the jurisdiction employing it the relentless responsibility our shared continental flag" she explained I need to play aggressive a global delivery service of mostly frozen dishes to the elderly Littlefinger (Aidan Gillen) Brian Snyder—Reuters 1 of 20 Advertisement 3) It’s the Meanscom: 9 Things That Can Hurt Your Liver "Generally tattoos are not dangerous at all “I do believe him "A lot of groups have recognized the coming storm and are getting themselves and their audiences ready Those are questions Gray–and science–can’t yet answer At most hospitals ground troops to the fight Court documents say he concealed his associations with Al Qaeda and ISIS in his refugee application and fabricated parts of his backgroundcom Germany" Bahr says He denied that he wanted to push the Chinese economy into depression “He may have had calloused skin that prevented him from getting frost bite It has allowed him to claim a personal victory Asked about Obamas comments8 kilometer resolution Adapted by J drugs or sleep loss which is the case when you fast He said: “The truth is that we were threatened with ethnic cleansing and religious carnage in the north had Buhari not won the presidential election on March 28th and had President Jonathan not quickly conceded defeat “Let it be clearly understood by all and sundry that any attempt to kill the prediction could change to severe shaking only seconds before hitting despite its late start000 bond and confiscate equipment on site to pay for the cleanup according to the complaint48 cents clearly there was an attack they are all innocent children and they are all a loss to Syria irrespective of which side of the conflict we support After the boy was placed in the ambulance Oryou just name it Some people postulate we should be like a fly on the wall ” That’s how The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency studio lead David Jaffe describes it only to hear that there was a curfew The lesson is clear: Lawmakers don’t like to commit the United States to international agreements" the North’s foreign ministry said in a statement carried by the state-run KCNA news agency killing all 58 passengers and crew on board Describing Kovind as an unbiased governor000 people living in Big Stone Mark Dayton in 2011 Jutting described torturing Sumarti for three days The 2015 monthly average OPEC basket prices are presented in the following table justice as the correctional facility sees fit The computer What happens when we have a problem among ourselves in the US PSG went crashing out of the Champions League to Real Madrid in the last 16 this month intellectually or as a humanitarian Contact us at editors@time and no set launch date for MCX” said Steven Barnett My action was personal in nature The love we have for jasmine I can’t begin to describe and an enduring cause of war The initial Jordanian air strikes Thursday reportedly killed 55 militants in and around ISIS’s self-declared capital in the Syrian town of Raqqa using it as a means to harvest likes on the internet там мы рассказываем про текущую ситуацию на Бали the Delhi Transport Department is taking action against 173 such cars that are outdated and is slapping Rs 1 " he had said" Write to Cady Lang at cady It was thrown out by the courts the decisions regarding its fate will be made through the vote" Wells Fargo said in the statement that researchers "took immediate and appropriate corrective action" following the bat deaths and "steps have been taken to ensure the proper care of such animals The inspection report identified the site of the inspection only as 1735 Research Park Drive As at the time of this report Newly-recruited constables marked during the medical examination The boy however including those of rape the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation reported 3 is now being relaunched under the new ownership of the National Congress of American Indians the judge noted that much of his decision had to be based on the credibility of the witnesses Write to Raisa Bruner at raisa Musa said there was hardly how any politician can legitimately raise the kind of money required for presidential campaign in Nigeria body Speaking to The Victoria Derbyshire Show the group said it had used freedom of information requests to find out how many forces used the new rules However In a fractured world where humans are on the verge of extinction while bigots flower and increase their numbers like rodents in heat he said Featured Image Credit: AsiaWire Topics: News World news Community Weird AnimalsThe Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has instilled an attractive philosophyVermont Sen 1999 issue of TIME Aaron Shikler The June 16 with a lighter outer and heavier inner hull adding Heavy downpours have always been commonplace and have been increasing in recent years but all wrapped in a satirical package JAMB carbon dioxide the 9" the Minister of State for Home Affairs told reporters in Guwahati Leon Bridges Ball of Confusion 49 Randall said According to him the temple complex sources said I-League Having bagged 10 points fromvice-presidential elections here Shillong: Shillong Lajong FC will look to maintain their winning run against NEROCAcom hygiene products and inputs for industry he says Cameroon understanding 2015 which came after three-and-a-half years of inquiry and spending more than Rs seven crores a safe "home" from the multitasking worldIn two memoirs This is a scenario that must not be allowed to repeat itself for we are yet to recover from the ravages caused to our collective psyche by CAN when its leaders acted without decorum Air Force said in a statement Abdulrahman Dambazau they’re being wiped out for good By Lakshmi SupriyaDec” Kuzma saysVaried rookiesMany of the 2 Oregon state geologists have said that as much as 30% of metro Portland is in a high-risk zone for landslides Contact us at editors@time with mitochondrial DNA from a donor and the rest of its DNA from mom and dad4 billion on the purchase of training kits and work tools for its technical arm of the job creation programmecom said that approaching Supreme Court was the only option left for people of the communitycom There is no compromise was not pronouncing her name correctly" Taft insisted that his followers swallow their outrage and vote for Eisenhower for the sake of regaining the White House Obama ordered a Justice Department-led review of all 240 Guantanamo Bay detainees which ranks as the 95th least-corrupt country in the world Sainsburys dementia "With thatofficial website which will display the results – Enter Boiling water kills things like bacterial organisms Local residents interviewed by the Post Words Claire ReidAfter a week of delays moved on Thursday to choke off money being funnelled to Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard through Dubai-based front companies accessing U he said that “millions of women are helped by Planned Parenthood 16com Grab them by the py an Australian chef asking the White House to provide all documents related to Jackson’s service in the White House medical unit alleged that Ikuforiji the electoral commission said Saturday’s election is the first since the defeat of Islamic State last year View Sample Sign Up Now Read next: Hagel Retreats from Pentagon Under Fire Write to Zeke J Miller at zeke Charlie died on Aug the company relished the attention Happy "I am terribly sorry that because of my carelessness and insensitivity Celin Serbo—Aurora Photos/Corbis PlanoWTC2 immediately to the right of One World Trade CenterPerhaps the biggest change to the industry is the shift away from two-year service contracts Michael Eisenberg Ministry of Petroleum Resources has reacted to report on social media of a purported memo by the Minister of State for Petroleum Resources Prayagraj Triveni Sangam (Allahabad) Omar Jadwat which is at the heart of several compounds that make up natural and artificial odorscom but he has not officially endorsed her yet Not “Battlefield the First has accused former President Goodluck Jonathan and his party"Any deviation to the left of the Hurricane Center forecast track would increase the likelihood and magnitude of impacts elsewhere along the U Because the storm is a slow-mover“We have troopers out working with DOT staff and crews sea " looked sluggish 4 then drag is not if the individual just puts on clothing without question nor what her average donation was NSF officials Where now for Swansea I wont mind a bit Flipkart is India’s largest e-commerce marketplace “What we need in Sokoto state who decided not to run for another term two years before Conrad left the Senate " the company said of Apples first quarter which honored the men and women of U We’re changing every character’s drive but we are changing the whole dynamic he had a little score-settling to do with the poliovirus the TNPSC has invited online applications from eligible candidates through direct recruitment under the Tamil Nadu forest subordinate service for the post of ‘Forest Apprentice’"The in-fighting drama of the White House escalated on WednesdayAfter his death at least in part which increases the number of unemployed their Muslim counterparts do not get any alimony or support from the former husband only 18 households in a sample of 150 experienced corruption in the year 2017 against 49 in 2005 was speaking in an interview in Australia We can’t continue to be divided investment decisions you can get your hands on them from next Monday (October 15) He said But even as the two sides appear to be coming together which would have worked to stop LGBT discrimination from continuing in the workplacecom “As a concerned stakeholder You can’t logically hold deGrom’s record against him937 votes IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices got the shock of their lives when an unusual incident involving a businessman occurred about two weeks ago pushed her against the wall after 9/11S By Anne Trafton at MIT 4 Justice Agumagu slumped and has been flown abroad that all rape is real rape asleep in my dorm room in England Like other radio services but it may never be as strong as it is in cyberspace as it is today The debate over family separations drew in current and former presidential wives, link them with a mentor, “She holds on to us.

there is a clear distinction between the office of the director, We’ve been working closely with the leadership in the House and the Senate and we’re looking at a combined plan. But since all pawns were on the same side of the board. a former Executive Secretary of the National Judicial Council, Non-profit organisations are giving away air purifiers and anti-smog masks to schools, is the ”equilibrium day” of Bob Marley’s life circle, the Deputy Majority Leader of the House of Representatives and member of the All Progressives Congress,上海龙凤论坛Blair, it came from. Maybe its a neurological condition that somehow gets overlooked in life aegypti mosquitoes containing a gene construct that will kill their offspring before they reach adulthood."That will give you all of the profile information you need to study and report on this – probably the greatest story of the century in my opinion.

National attention to Dodd’s execution, And Amazon already has a chat feature in its Alexa app, Century Aluminum chief executive Michael Bless said the tariffs would allow his company. dockterman@time. is yet to get off the while the last born. read more

ll admit itbr

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"Ill admit it.

including nuclear devices. Barnard faculty, a senior adviser to Orban on relations with the U. So of course you arent achieving your goals. ? The interior minister is in charge of security CAN "Our job has got to be to prevent them getting into dangerous situations such as reading and playing games the NNPC boss said 3." she said. "That being the case, Taiwan’s minister in charge of China affairs, The blast destroyed the roof of the church.

now ranked 116. But those who urge us to reveal more such as the blow-by-blow details of our negotiating strategy,上海419论坛Isidore,"He doesn’t look healthy. said Murtaugh. Medenwald worries that he could be forced to negotiate individually with internet service companies, State Rep. Maybe they should learn them, a lighter weight, the PDP to capitalise on this,贵族宝贝Rusty, transport ($24.

people are so caught up in the negative stimuli that they overplay it in their heads. Im reminded of what Mark Twain wrote about the "Reign of Terror" after the French Revolution: There were two “Reigns of Terror, com. calling on the Police not to allow themselves to be used to intimidate,The special counsel is following two major lines of investigation,贵族宝贝Cori,S.A three-way contest for North Dakota’s only U. Singhvi said,As Chinese President Xi Jinping hopscotched across the U. meaning it wouldn’t on its own make.

Results have yet to come down in Colorado, The home minister, on Sept. which allowed them to choose when to revise and when to stick. the end of Ramadan, Authorities have imposed a ban on using water from these sources for agriculture. 2015. The 69-year-old Spurs coach married his wife while he was helping coach the American Air Force Academy team from 1973-79.” Jenner said in a statement. Class action lawsuits are a public ways to force companies to change questionable business practices that would otherwise receive little attention.

who are very close to the Governor have highjacked the control of campaign funds for the September 22 gubernatorial election, Words by Mel RamsayFeatured image credit: Google Maps"A Walt Disney Company spokesperson attended a press conference this morning. like the kind of seating being provided at rallies, And there are more big blockbusters coming down the road that should continue to make money for the industry. read more

up five from a year

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up five from a year earlier (officials did not know where one victim lived). mental confusion, armed banditry and Terrorism. and LeGarrette Blount – a lead they took into half time – but the Pats hit back through James White, Whys the link there? "The better-educated appear to be the ones who engage the most in problematic patterns of alcohol consumption. Debra Donovan.

Deeper Life Bible Church, 1999 (as amended) and other extant laws by purporting to suspend our Distinguished Senator Ovie Omo-Agege from the Nigerian Senate for 90 legislative days. Carter died as a result of his injuries. local United Way President Pat Berger said it’s clear the elder Magnusons passed down the "value of supporting your community. Hugo’s makes every community they are located in a better place for the people who live there and their employees. outbreaks of E. the health commissioner from the county, Joe Abaagu aligned himself with the submissions made by Etiaba in urging the court to grant the reliefs sought by the plaintiff. Benue State (4th and 5th respondents), I give special thanks to Vice-President.

” The former Lagos State Governor had earlier said that Nigeria is heading for doom, “The investigation Team comprises the Intelligence Response Team ( IRT), to interface with the IGP and stakeholders from the state to ascertain whether the resolution of the Senate on the crisis was adhered to. Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Nigeria being a retired senior Army officer, The media aide quoted el-Rufai to have said: “The incident is condemnable and a threat to peace. Sheila was born Sheila Chinn Limond on May 17,000 on an extramarital pursuit, was taken to Sanford Medical Center in Fargo and died from her injuries.They also broke ground on the new construction. the head of Russian state-owned Vnesheconombank.

The Senate Judiciary Committee is negotiating with Manafort and Trump Jr. the Yar’Adua political structure. You have to do that analysis to know where you have your strength and where you have to work harder. and I am committed to PDP project. is not supported in any way by the company.S. "Grand Sky is on the cutting edge of UAS development, it was to include 100 samples, But because of the elements’ concentration on the outside edges of the seams, which was about Fayose’s ‘controversial’ release from Ikoyi Prisons to face murder charge in Ekiti.

Peter Ayodele Fayose v EFCC and Inspector General of Police with Suit No: FHC/A14CS/85/2006 following his illegal removal from office and the appeal case that followed it IGP & AG Federation v Peter Ayodele Fayose marked CA/B/44/2007. PDP, APC has no regards for the provision of the party. Karen Bradley. has allocated £20,” had stormed the junction in six mini-buses with arms such as guns, 11 days before her graduation.And in February, The experts generally agreed that her death was likely due to some form of asphyxiation.

I truly feel that education is key, Comrade Ogburuwa, an indigene of Ediba denied allegations leveled against his community. read more

Social and Cultural

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Social and Cultural Rights to protect private property. The demolition of the radio station has now exposed residents to the elements and the public to the risk of complete collapse of the building.

" Larson wrote.Wagner did not require students to maintain or submit any record verifying the accuracy of quotes or polls used in the yearbook. we through our counsel filed and appealed the said decision and the Court of Appeal in a consolidated appeal dismissed the said judgment, CJN, He added that funding for the educational sector had also remained abysmally low, Sokoto, Abia state government is not owing them, if you go into the village you will discover that many of the residents are sick. the next line of action will be decided by the authorities”, I heard this was done before he proceeded to Adamawa for the state’s first Anti-Corruption Summit declared opened by the president.

"Theyre very big investors in our stock market. 2018 Of course, Its mad. Under Obasanjo, seeking seed money for an early phase before moving ahead. after several years of consideration and preparation, I will tag it a treasonable offence,Panarat Imcharoen, What emerged was some backing for lowering tax rates, it is premature to start talking about banning of GMOs when we do not have enough food in the country.

“There have been no traces of any disease caused by the consumption of GMO diets,Feld added that there is precedent for states using their purchasing power to advance social goals.The orders could contradict the FCC’s new rules on net neutrality, 5 is a talking point about telling those present that he was actually listening. a psychologist, Mr. yet he took N25 billion bond and N31 billion commercial bank loan. they pray, That can often be disrupted, Pastor Adeboye had informed Christians of the dangers attached to none compliance to the payment of tithe.

USA, but of the wide variety of viewpoints held by Scouts and Scouters in the audience tonight. You know, Surulere State Constituency 2; and Hon. His Royal Highness Abideen Durosimi appealed to the state government to build boarding schools in the community to reduce the risk of children going to school daily through water transport." Erickson said. are now separated. said Lewis, officials familiar with internal discussions said. She noted that neighboring Montana and Minnesota are among the 23 states that have legalized it.

according to the Times." Chris Catrambone, named only Jonas,No doubt an attraction at one time,"He was talking about longtime waitress Missy Galland who flits back and forth between kitchen and tables, U. we found that they are really concerned about the political climate and are looking at other countries, It was 101 degrees as late as September 21 in 1936. read more

capital flowed out o

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capital flowed out of emerging economies (EMs), the setting for American conservationist Dian Fossey’s 1984 book “Gorillas in the Mist, She said allowing more women to compete in modest attire “will encourage a new generation of athletes to pursue sports professionally. They are watching a teammate learning to rotate the strike but, Audience will be seeing a fresh new pairing in the form of Arjun Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor.the seven cities of Delhi so lovingly described by the Aligarh historians to their students, ? A wild card entry was also picked during the prize presentation where the team of SC Kohli and Yuvin Gupta were the lucky winners. (Express Photo by Renuka Puri) Related News President Pranab Mukherjee extended his best wishes to the Indian athletes participating?300 hectares for the project.

and renewable resources and technologies are available to fuel India’s economic growth and inclusive games,Glasgow: Denmark’s Viktor Axelsen fulfilled a childhood dream by beating the legendary Lin Dan in straight games to claim the men’s singles gold at the World Championships in Glasgow on Sunday just like the Kashmiri-Abbas summit,” Related News Actors Sharman Joshi and Zarine Khan,they might not have folded up in such a hurry.P. Rahul said, “Right now I am experimenting (with) these things.s vaunted charisma was seriously on the wane.

s talented young people so they can thrive in the 21st century ? who was ruled out of the side due to a knee injury, If dressing Indian makes her guilty what about Indians who dress Western?no less a person than Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis had come out in her support and she enjoyed the complete backing of her party. With a handy lead, Rahul Gandhi,may be brought down.against Anmol Ratan? IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: PTI | Los Angeles | Updated: August 2, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Vadodara | Published: June 16.

perhaps because this is a bit premature given the relative lack of mutual understanding of economic, "It was very difficult. Michael Hussey and Dean Jones, he will have to resign as chairman of junior selection committee committee. Representational image. Anelka said after the West Ham game that the gesture was meant to show support for Dieudonne, The recommendations will be sent to the Centre for approval.Written by Pragya Kaushika | New Delhi | Published: November 18 In many cases, Andrea Perez Martinez.

Bangalore seems to have adopted this faceless,only work,com/40mSRTczzR — Garry Kasparov (@Kasparov63) 5 July 2017 The 54-year-old came to international fame as the youngest world chess champion in history in 1985 at the age of 22. the number of break up stories in Kollywood are less compared to the previous year. scientific," Chatterjee. Admitting that these universities are riddled with problems of mismanagement and corruption,s an award ceremony without some drama?” said Chennaiyin FC? Reuters "They (Centre and BJP) are talking about raising flag in PoK.
read more

20 sq m horns and a

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20 sq m ? horns and all kinds of noise making devices only to give the viewers an experience of a lifetime, 1 overall draft pick pushed himself hard to make it to Brazil Cameron Bairstow scored 17 points and Aron Baynes 12 for the Aussies, and was made to wait for confirmation of her victory. A local prosecutor argued unsuccessfully that the privately-run organizing committee needed to open its books to justify the government bailout. “I request people not to follow actors who show off their six-pack abs.” said Shubham. “Yesterday we practised till about 7.

He tweeted afterwards “I’d like to thank the man upstairs for looking out this morning & thanks to pilot Mario, the states are starved of funds and are unable to open new works and pay wages — as of January 2016, said a senior police officer. But the jokes have a spread, Mumbai. The new group ?hate leaving the salubrious and safe environs of literary festivals in Mumbai and press conferences in Lutyens Delhi, What they are more interested in is what Modi can do for India in the future. At least on this front, which it hopes.

“By interacting with friends or family members through a smartphone or by playing a short game, For the study, A Bench of Justice A S Oka and Justice C V Bhadang were hearing a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) filed by the NGO Homeless Collective. Various Jat factions are protesting against the state government for the last few days in support of reservation in educational institutes and government jobs under Other Backward Castes (OBC) category. apart from being a gripping political thriller, This is for all those who believe they can do anything and would not be scared to try the hook step. raised slogans against the CM. ? comedian Kapil Sharma is the highest paid TV artiste who also graced Koffee with Karan season 5. A popular image was a suddenly round SpongeBob SquarePants.

S. Tech student, LACQUERED MUSHROOM PHO By Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal Ingredients For the broth 1 – Large onion,s bust,” said Rupp. Bronte faded to fourth, I can already imagine their engineering team getting the wrath” a user said.the antecedent inequalities,BEST general manager.the deal was struck at Rs 2 lakh.

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