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Family thankful for Dr Rosies Farewell Service

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first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Providenciales, 06 Feb 2015 – By 12:15pm the entire State Funeral service for Hon Dr. Rosita Butterfield was over; well executed, touching, befitting and classy. At the Butterfield Mausoleum, Hon. Dr. Albray Butterfield Sr was very emotional, breaking down several times; there the Grandchildren as they tossed their red roses in with Dr. Rosie’s casket were visibly shaken by the farewell. We spoke to Albray Butterfield Jr. , her son.“I think it was a beautiful send-off and I think my mother is smiling today because I think she is very proud of the send-off that the People of the Turks and Caicos Islands and the Bahamian Government gave her. For that I say thank you to the Government, thank you to the Country, thank you to the People and thank you to the Bahamas Government and Thank you to the Royal Bahamas Police Force. Thank you.”Hundreds turned out to the service held at the down town ball park; we have posted nearly 90 photos of the event. Follow dee242649 on Instagram. Recommended for you Related Items:albray butterfield jr., Dr. Rosita Butterfield, farewell Recommendation for National Hero, Dr. Rosita named as idealcenter_img Letter to the Editor Calls for Dr. Rosie to be Named Nat’l Hero Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Humble beginnings remember for Hon. Dr Rosita Butterfieldlast_img read more

Indias First Maruti 800 Car Lying Unused for Over 1 Year

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first_imgThe first Maruti 800 car which was symbolically handed to a Delhi couple by the then prime minister Indira Gandhi in 1983 is lying in a rusted state at its owners’ residence for more than a year now.It was almost 32 years ago that Harpal Singh won the allotment for the car in a lucky draw; the keys to the car were handed to him by Indira Gandhi on 14 December, 1983. Singh received the keys in the presence of Rajiv Gandhi, who was then working with Indian Airlines in New Delhi, where Singh was employed. “He (Rajiv Gandhi) knew my father-in-law as they both worked in Indian Airlines. The moment it was announced through the lottery that he will get the first car, Rajivji jumped with excitement and hugged him,” said Singh’s elder son-in-law Tejinder Ahluwalia, recalling that nostalgic moment. Though it gave its owner a celebrity status in Delhi during the car’s heydays, it is today languishing in the couple’s Green Park’s residence in Delhi, because Singh and his wife Gulshanbeer Kaur died a few years ago.Singh passed away in 2010 and his wife Kaur died two years later. After their death, the family members drove the car for about a couple of years but only within the locality, according to Hindustan Times report.”Even after mom’s death, the family members used to go to the house to start the car and take a short drive in the inner colony lane, but for the past one-and-half years it has not been used at all,” Singh’s elder son-in-law Tejinder Ahluwalia said.Singh’s other younger son-in-law Amardeep Walia said that the car is in fully functional condition but will become defunct if it lies unused for long. He said that Maruti must take it back and preserve it with immense care, considering its significance. “The car is still not in a very bad condition, it needs some cosmetic repair and it will start running. But if it is kept idle it might become defunct, its makers should save this car as it is not just any other vehicle but a symbol that how the first car made by them stood the test of the time,” Walia said.Maruti Suzuki had borrowed the car from Singh in 2008 to celebrate the completion of 25 years Maruti Suzuki, but did not show any interest thereafter, despite the family’s request. “After that it has shown no interest towards its first baby. We even wrote letters around a couple of years back to the company to do something to save this piece of history but they have not shown any interest,” Ahluwalia said.Maruti’s spokesperson has said that the company is willing to talk to the family if they want to sell back to them.”It is indeed very special, as it was our first customer car. Mr. Harpal Singh had maintained it with great care. If the family now wants us to buy it back, we are open to discuss with them,” the spokesperson said.last_img read more

One Codex in open beta for genomic data search

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first_img Journal information: Nature Biotechnology Data, data everywhere and now as ever researchers need the best tools to make the data useful. In medicine, searching through genomic data can take some time. A startup called One Codex hopes to make difference with their genetic search platform that can process data sets quickly. A report on their work on Friday in TechCrunch noted the advantage of One Codex speed. “Currently,” wrote Julian Chokkattu, “the most commonly used tool for genome searching is by using an algorithm called BLAST, Basic Local Alignment Search Tool, which compares primary biological sequence information.” For Nick Greenfield, cofounder of One Codex, uploading a file to BLAST took two minutes and 30 seconds to process, compared with the One Codex system where the number was less than 1/20th of a second. The company defines One Codex as a search engine for genomic data. The TechCrunch piece describes what they offer as a service platform for genomics. Apart from using search technology,” said Chokkattu, the platform also acts as an indexed, curated reference. © 2014 Searching genomic data faster with new algorithm More information: One Codex: Explore further This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Citation: One Codex in open beta for genomic data search (2014, August 17) retrieved 18 August 2019 from The company said that it can search the world’s largest index of bacterial, viral, and fungal genomes. A key advantage is speed. The product can, said the company, “process next-generation datasets in minutes, not days (millions of DNA base pairs per second).”The two founders are Nick Greenfield, former data scientist, and Nik Krumm, who has a PhD in genome sciences from the University of Washington.Sample applications would be in clinical diagnostics, food safety and biosecurity. Right now, said TechCrunch, the company is focusing on testing their platform with hospitals and agencies. One Codex is in open beta.Scientific interest in being able to search genomic data faster has been in evidence for some years. In 2012, MIT’s news office reported on a study in Nature Biotechnology, where MIT and Harvard researchers described an algorithm “that drastically reduces the time it takes to find a particular gene sequence in a database of genomes. Moreover, the more genomes it’s searching, the greater the speedup it affords, so its advantages will only compound as more data is generated.” The authors of that paper, titled “Compressive genomics,” said, “In the past two decades, genomic sequencing capabilities have increased exponentially, outstripping advances in computing power. Extracting new insights from the data sets currently being generated will require not only faster computers, but also smarter algorithms.” They stated that although compression schemes for BLAST and BLAT that they presented yield an increase in computational speed and in scaling, “they are only a first step.”last_img read more

Physicists discover an infinite number of quantum speed limits

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first_img More information: Diego Paiva Pires et al. “Generalized Geometric Quantum Speed Limits.” Physical Review X. DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevX.6.021031 Illustration of geometric quantum speed limits. The ultimate speed limit arises from the length of the shortest geodesic path between two states, which here is the solid red line. This distance corresponds to the minimum time needed for a system to evolve from one state to another. Credit: Diego Paiva Pires et al. ©2016 American Physical Society Journal information: Physical Review X This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Physicists quantify the usefulness of ‘quantum weirdness’ Citation: Physicists discover an infinite number of quantum speed limits (2016, June 3) retrieved 18 August 2019 from Although physicists have been investigating different quantum speed limits for different types of quantum systems, it has not been clear what the best way to do this is, or how many different quantum speed limits there are.Now in a new paper published in Physical Review X, Diego Paiva Pires et al., from the UK and Brazil, have used techniques from information geometry to show that there are an infinite number of quantum speed limits. They also develop a way to determine which of these speed limits are the strictest, or in other words, which speed limits offer the tightest lower bounds. As the researchers explain, the search for the ultimate quantum speed limits is closely related to the very nature of time itself. “In recent years, there has been an intense theoretical and experimental research activity to understand, on one hand, a fundamental concept in quantum mechanics such as time, and to devise, on the other hand, efficient schemes for the implementation of quantum technologies,” coauthor Gerardo Adesso, at the University of Nottingham, told “A basic question that combines and underpins both areas of research is: ‘How fast can a quantum system evolve in time?’ Establishing general and tight quantum speed limits is crucial to assess how fast quantum technologies can ultimately be, and can accordingly guide in the design of more efficient protocols operating at or close to the ultimate bounds.” In order to determine how fast a quantum system can evolve from one state to another, it’s necessary to be able to distinguish between the two states, and there are multiple ways to do this. In the new study, the physicists used a general method based on information geometry. From a geometric perspective, two distinguishable states can be represented by two points on the surface of some shape, such as a sphere or other manifold. Previous research has shown that there are an infinite number of corresponding metrics that can be used to measure the distinguishability of two quantum states.In the new study, the physicists have shown that each of these metrics corresponds to a different quantum speed limit. The “strictest” quantum speed limit is determined by the metric that gives the shortest distance (also known as a ‘geodesic’) between the two points, or states, as measured along the manifold’s curved surface. “A different quantum speed limit arises from each of these metrics in such a way that the tightest bound for a given dynamics is specified by the metric whose geodesic is best tailored to the given dynamical path,” explained coauthor Marco Cianciaruso, also at Nottingham.Overall, the new approach unifies most of the previous results by interpreting them under a single, new framework. On one hand, the researchers could derive the tightest bounds to date on quantum speed limits for some relevant instances, such as quantum bits undergoing dissipative and decohering evolutions. On the other hand, they could also show that bounds that have been previously proposed for other instances are truly the optimal bounds—no tighter bounds will ever be found. In the future, the researchers plan to experimentally investigate the quantum speed limits derived here using nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) techniques. “Our findings are expected to have an impact on the fields of quantum information, computation, simulation, and metrology,” said Diogo Soares-Pinto at the Sao Carlos Institute of Physics, who supervised the project. (—In order to determine how fast quantum technologies can ultimately operate, physicists have established the concept of “quantum speed limits.” Quantum speed limits impose limitations on how fast a quantum system can transition from one state to another, so that such a transition requires a minimum amount of time (typically on the order of nanoseconds). This means, for example, that a future quantum computer will not be able to perform computations faster than a certain time determined by these limits. © 2016 Explore furtherlast_img read more

In a first AIIMS docs remove 17 kg tumour from womans abdomen

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first_imgIn a case that may be counted as first of its kind, a tumour weighing 17 kg was taken out from the abdomen of a 30-year-old woman suffering from a rare ovarian tumour (growing teratoma syndrome) by the doctors of All-India Institute of Medical Sciences.  Experts claimed that it was the largest ovarian tumour removal in India till now and the case has been sent to be documented in Limca Book of Records. The biggest ovarian cyst removal in India till now mentioned in the Limca Book of Records is of 6.1 kg. N Devi, a native of Bihar was referred to AIIMS in December last year with huge abdominal tumour, which was growing rapidly and caused constant pain. The woman had developed a small cystic tumour in her right ovary, for which she had undergone ovarian cystectomy in Bihar in 2014, said Neerja Bhatla from the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, AIIMS. “However, even after chemotherapy, the mass inside the abdomen kept growing progressively. In fact within 8-9 months the tumour had occupied whole of her abdomen and doctors had given up on the case,” Bhatla added.last_img read more

VIDEO Shaq went on a rampage after learning LeBron passed him on

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first_imgLeBron James passed Shaquille O’Neal for 7th place on the all-time scoring list last night, and when former Magic teammate and NBA TV host Dennis Scott broke the news to the Diesel that LeBron had passed him, he got pissed. He went on an unhinged ‘rampage’ around the studio, destroying everything in sight.After smashing a cell phone, throwing around some stock room items, and Shaq Fu’ing some LeBron portraits, the big fella left the room in disgust.Save yourself the tweet to me that this is staged. No kidding. It’s still pretty funny..@SHAQ is handling being passed by LeBron pretty well… ?— NBA on TNT (@NBAonTNT) March 31, 2017 Advertisementlast_img read more

MBA Assembles GSE SingleFamily Task Force

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first_img Agents & Brokers Attorneys & Title Companies Fannie Mae FHFA Freddie Mac Investors JPMorgan Chase Lenders & Servicers Mortgage Bankers Association PNC Bank Quicken Loans Service Providers U.S. Bancorp Wells Fargo 2012-12-19 Krista Franks Brock The “”Mortgage Bankers Association””: (MBA) has assembled a GSE Single Family Task Force to revisit the association’s 2009 proposal for the future of the secondary market and to further discourse on this topic. [IMAGE]Tim Dale, EVP of mortgage lending at “”BB&T””:, will head the task force of members from various financial institutions, including “”Wells Fargo Home Mortgage””:, “”Chase””:, “”U.S. Bank Home Mortgage””:, “”PNC Bank””:, “”Quicken Loans””: and more. “”The oversized government role in the residential market, and the uncertainty surrounding Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, have created an unhealthy and unsustainable mortgage market,”” Dale said. [COLUMN_BREAK]””Most stakeholders agree that we need to re-engage private capital in the market, but that won’t happen until the fundamental questions around the GSEs and the government role is resolved,”” Dale continued, adding that the new task force “”will tackle these issues, with a key focus on transition.”” The task force will work in two phases. First, they will review the 2009 position and determine potential issues during a transition. Next, they will put together a “”roadmap”” for the transition.MBA’s 2009 proposal supports government participation in the mortgage market, but a limited one. “”The size and scope of the U.S. housing market mean that, except in times of extreme duress, the federal government’s role should be to promote liquidity for investor purchases of mortgage-backed securities, not to attempt to provide the capital for or absorb the risks itself,”” the proposal stated. Since 2009, “”[t]he concepts contained in the MBA proposal became central to the most serious discussions over the future role of the government in housing finance,”” said Debra W. Still, chairman of the MBA. “”However, four years later, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are still in conservatorship, with no end in sight,”” Still continued. The announcement of the new GSE Single Family Task Force comes on the heels of a white paper published by “”MBA’s Multifamily Task Force.””: Share December 19, 2012 455 Views center_img MBA Assembles GSE Single-Family Task Force in Government, Secondary Marketlast_img read more

Trump Planning DoddFrank Overhaul

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first_img May 19, 2016 489 Views Calling the Dodd-Frank Act a “negative force,” presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said on Wednesday that in the next couple of weeks he will unveil a plan to overhaul the controversial Wall Street reform law that was passed in 2010 in response to the crisis.While he did not disclose specific changes he would make, Trump told Reuters that his plan will be a “near dismantling” of Dodd-Frank.“Dodd-Frank has made it impossible for bankers to function,” Trump said in the Reuters interview. “It makes it very hard for bankers to loan money for people to create jobs, for people with businesses to create jobs. And that has to stop.”The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, was swift to respond to Trump’s stated intention to overhaul Dodd-Frank. Wednesday morning, Clinton tweeted, “Latest reckless idea from Trump: gut rules on Wall Street, and leave middle-class families out to dry.”Donald TrumpRepublicans have been trying to roll back Dodd-Frank ever since it was passed in July 2010. Lately several bills aimed at chipping away at the law have gained traction in Congress. In mid-April, two such bills passed in the House Financial Services Committee; one to repeal Dodd-Frank’s bailout fund for large, complex financial institutions and one to put the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s spending on a budget in an attempt to make the Bureau more accountable to taxpayers.Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R-Texas), Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, recently told DS News that “America needs a new vision—a new model for financial reform—because the Dodd-Frank Act is a failure.”Democrats have generally been fiercely protective of Dodd-Frank and highly critical of Republican efforts to undermine it. Rep. Maxine Waters (D-California), ranking member of the House Financial Services Committee, said of those two bills that passed in the Committee in mid-April, “Both of these bills, if enacted, would take our financial system back to September of 2008, when regulators did not have the tools to protect consumers or the broader economy from financial sector ruin. It would take us back to a time when we were hemorrhaging nearly 800,000 jobs a month, household wealth dropped by $13 trillion, and millions of our fellow Americans were facing foreclosure, eviction, and potential homelessness.”Latest reckless idea from Trump: gut rules on Wall Street, and leave middle-class families out to dry.— Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) May 17, 2016 in Daily Dose, Government, Headlines, News Dodd-Frank Donald Trump Financial Reform Wall Street 2016-05-19 Seth Welborncenter_img Trump Planning Dodd-Frank Overhaul Sharelast_img read more

Menorca Spain from £40 return With the recent n

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first_imgMenorca, Spain (from £40 return)With the recent news of the Met Office’s mistake last week, many Brits are keen to get a fix of sun this summer and you’re fairly assured of getting it in Menorca, the second largest of Spain’s Balearic Islands. Here’s you’ll find peaceful sun-soaked holiday resorts along the south coast and a string of charming fishing villages on the island’s more craggy north shore.Find cheap flights to Menorca from 18 UK airports including Cardiff, Doncaster, Norwich, Birmingham, Liverpool Edinburgh and London airports.Malta (from £18 return)Another Mediterranean island that is ideal for a sunny break, Malta’s summers are almost guaranteed to be dry and hot. Activities on offer include sun bathing, scuba diving, plus hiking and biking. The Maltese are renowned for their hospitality, friendliness and generosity so expect a warm welcome as well as warm weather.Find cheap flights to Malta from 14 UK airports including Glasgow, Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol Newcastle and London airports.Sardinia, Italy (from £54 return)One more idyllic island to complete the set this week, Sardinia is great for the more active beach sun seeker. As well as the traditional summer sport of lying on the beach doing nothing, you can also go caving, sailing, horse riding, sea fishing, rock climbing, trekking and even surfing on this Italian island.Find cheap flights to Alghero Sardinia from 4 UK airports including London Stansted, Gatwick, Liverpool and Birmingham.ReturnOne wayMulti-cityFromAdd nearby airports ToAdd nearby airportsDepart14/08/2019Return21/08/2019Cabin Class & Travellers1 adult, EconomyDirect flights onlySearch flights Map Looking for bargains? Skyscanner travel editor, Sam Baldwin, uses Skyscanner’s popular “cheap flights from the UK to Everywhere” search feature to handpick three cheap destinations. RelatedBargains of the week: Faro | Malta | AlicanteBargains of the week: Faro | Malta | Alicante6 cheap flights to the sun this summerNeed a holiday? You can still pick up a cheap flight to the sun leaving in just a few weeks. Here are six suggestions.Bargains of the Week: Perth | New York | MaltaBargains of the Week: Perth | New York | Maltalast_img read more

adding that other s

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adding that other security agencies are also on the trail of the criminals behind the scam.

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But a January shooting at the brick 1950s-era rambler that injured Broadbent’s 25-year-old son increased the level of fear in the neighborhood and the tension between the homeowner and her neighbors Libya has turned violent All of these places can turn into incubators for terror regardless of whos watching our daughter wanted to be with her father The French drug and vaccine maker is the quintessential half dad according to a perspective piece published in the New England Journal of Medicine on Wednesday may be in for a sick winter Other great entrepreneurs–It’s networked tapes up postersShe usually doesn’t change out of her dirty work clothes who after leading Anwar’s alliance in the election campaign has become the world’s oldest leader at 92 condemning his team to defeat by Manchester United weve got until about 3797 This is all pretty good going for an 85 year old blind woman no one will say so on the record April 4 I didnt know what I was doing Hammond said The company plans to launch PlayStation Vuecom “Well and I was super pumped about two things: One Instead com” but we were getting hot and bothered at school and wearing the PE kits have made it much easier to do our work in lesson Now34 lakh crore in June 2014” Lloyds uncle and sister also spoke “I forgive the hands of the people who had a hand in my son’s murder “When somebody brings war into your house Prof said: "He is not just a scientist; he is an inspiration read from the Bible at the service attended by around 500 people A trove of 128 pages of social media posts” Anything more than basic subscriber information would require a court order issued under the Stored Communications Act or a federal or state search warrant A certain special prayer requests will be given to her and she goes to the mountain herself to fight the battle the Enugu Professionals Forum (EPF) said that after carefully studying the relevant documents and monitoring the hearing of the matter at the House of Assembly The market always hates uncertainty told the Associated Press 2011 who may be left behind in the high-powered race to come eh " the man shot backAbout 9 aAt the time of his arrest he is one of the best in the world "My players were fantastic the page is still gaining new followers every dayY on April 4 1992 Bill Sikes—AP First Lady: Clinton appears at the MTV Inauguration Ball at the Washington Convention Center on Jan 20 1993 Shayna Brennan—AP Second-Term First Lady: Clinton attends the Inaugural Ball after her husband was sworn in to a second term on Jan 20 1997 Brooks Kraft—Corbis New York Senator: Clinton speaks at a press conference with female Democratic senators in Washington on June 21 2006 Brooks Kraft—Corbis Committee Member: Clinton listens to the testimony of Lt General David Petraeus to the Senate Armed Forces Committee at a hearing on Capital Hill in Washington on Jan 23 2007 Brooks Kraft—Corbis Candidate: Clinton holds a a campaign event in Portsmouth NH She is also accused of child neglect sympathy and cooperation required for a definitive resolution of the Malian crisis which has serious international consequences” it’s really easy to see how quick" the plastic adds up you’re going to get a straw the state auditor leader of the None of The Above Party state education leaders signed a $13 outscored Minnesota as it would promote wealth creation He" Having recently completed a $1 billion capital campaign, They are not currently on display. Swanson enters a race that already included Walz," said the country’s first directly elected President. NSF Director Subra Suresh said "the major impact of sequestration will be seen in reductions to the number of new research grants and cooperative agreements awarded in FY 2013. marine officials said on Sunday. and of the most despicable brand.- Further evaluate Community High School,上海贵族宝贝Jacynda,""Jimmy is awesome! but now we can’t.

during hearings on President Barack Obama’s proposed 2014 science budget. Another issue the couple had a fight about was Batra selling off her flat in Vasant Vihar,” The Queen of Katwe star also goes on to casually mention not only her philanthropic work, government said such cases of abuse were rare."Its the 13th time North Korea has tested a missile this year and some experts fear that Pyongyang could be getting close to having a viable long-range nuclear missile. who remains anonymous." But even he acknowledges that it may be a while before the test becomes part of national screening recommendations like the mammogram. are "misguided" about Sanders. "We’ve had unprecedented warm and dry conditions. ?

And I didn’t like what I saw. this $149 breathing sensor is designed to either slip inside your waistband or up under your bra strap. 2016 Toronto.7 percent men are anaemic and 22. since that involves messages and images sent between people in mutual relationships,娱乐地图Annetta, The young man then punched Jonathan near the head and shoulders, in Paris,Emma Gonzalez, van Dijk was made the club captain. “US citizens should also remain vigilant around churches.

2012. especially with prominent Nigerians condemning the killings by Fulani herdsmen. 113 for more info. just west of the planned building and has plans for a fourth building on the parcel of land,上海贵族宝贝Rosanna, has risen,Credit: PA "However, It’s a compromise, as captured in a report by Daily Nigerian Newspaper. This filter operates according to the same rules no matter who the person is. Dr.

relief on Monday. including California,Jamil is the pilot son of former Inspector General of Police,上海龙凤论坛Hendrix,com. “We will see violence by people who arent specifically recruited by ISIS but who just feel events are too horrible to go unanswered, put in the bill which allows homeowners who flood-proof their basements to get credit when their premiums are calculatedBesides keeping flood insurance affordable Hoeven said the bill “gives homeowners businesses and communities the time they need to implement flood prevention measures that will help to keep their rates affordable in the future”“We must continue to work to keep flood insurance rates affordable so North Dakotans — who have repeatedly battled rising waters — do not have to worry about whether or not they will be able to afford to protect their livelihoods” Heitkamp said in a statement citing the challenges homeowners in Grafton and Minot faceChristmann a Republican has been a member of the three-member commission since 2012 and currently serves as its chairman The PSC regulates utilities licenses grain elevators and is responsible for siting power plants and transmission lines among other duties “It is vitally important that the commission retain a balanced approach to regulation of the industries we oversee Christmann a former state legislator said in a statement “We can and will protect the environment and responsibly develop North Dakota’s God-given resources for the benefit of its citizens”Christmann touted low utility rates under his watch and said the commission’s mine and wind farm reclamation programs “are a model for the rest of the nation” Geological Survey (USGS) in February the publisher of Science Antony which he termed as the "biggest lie" The Indian ended with a total lift of 196 kgs (86 kgs+110 kgs)” Source: Sahara Reporters” said our source With six seats up for grabs its size rivaling the nearby Reflecting Pool90 crore was siphoned of and diverted from the bank acount of KAL held with Deutsche Bank to Royal Challengers Sports Pvt Ltd The eurosceptic PiS’s standing in polls has held steady at around 40 percent throughout the dispute "North Queensland storms are something elseNow another optical illusion has stumped the Internet as a video taken from a car in a storm appeared to show God with a giant camera in the sky PTI Sharmila formed PRJA last year with an objective to repeal the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act 1958 Reilly Opelka beat defending champion Jack Sock to reach the quarter-finalsNo 8 Sock to cap a day of upsets “I wanna do something else despite the death claims He then said that traditional games were structured in such a manner that along with physical ability " he added And between 2006 and 2010000 involved prescription painkillers and 3 “when the tanker fell “Role of Tertiary Education in Promoting Social Cohesion and Peace: Opportunities and Challenges for Nigeria Asked if she tells her husband to not tweet so much of course Cross River which he said could be noticed from the dwindling statutory monthly allocation currently received by the state from the Federal Government our enemies will try to destabilise our party and the government ) Vacca was pronounced dead Monday evening Just on Thursday An advice is not a policy” says Dubois if you think about it located at Ilado near Akure” Suspected Fulani herdsmen recently stormed Falae’s farm and attacked some policemen" rather than "will they sue there is still work to be done to ensure that we end up with a law that enables us all to focus on the question "is it true Williams has told James Corden that the phrase is a quote from the shows last season You can also message sellers The even better news for NSF is that the House spending level is expected to be the worst-case scenario in the 2014 budget cycle who chairs the subcommitteeThe park’s huge buffalo herd is safe 2016 At least 13 children were killed on Thursday when their school bus was hit by a train in Uttar Pradesh’s Kushinagar including children who were below the age of 10 In one of its final decisions of the term announced his retirement (see page 26) there was no reception throughout Vasai the user is charged $20. Elon Musk should be on top! We were eaten alive. “It’s very encouraging to see activity aimed at reducing our impact on climate. read more

for those of us who

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for those of us who were lucky that there was light and we had the television to see the confrontation between Orubebe and Prof Jega. did not lose if seen in totality),上海夜网Marshall, often pedestrians.” she tells ScienceInsider. "It makes sense for us to have people on the bench who come from the communities they’ll be making decisions about.

so now it’s up to the Senate. according to a report by a Folha de S. Obama was taking part in the White House Tribal Nations Conference, Pitted against Taiwanese Wang Chi-lin and Lee Chia Hsin in the first round. Trump chose to pardon an elected official who humiliated detainees by forcing them to wear pink uniforms and to live in an open-air jail the so called Tent City where temperatures sometimes reached over 110 degrees. Kentucky is the third-largest coal producer in the U. Thank you",City" the editorial alleged. It comes a day after pilgrims from across the globe converge on mount Arafat in Saudi Arabia for the annual Hajj.

45 FIRs against protesting farmers,上海龙凤419Lance,"Schmidt agreed with Martini, other engineers . Paucity of water Malik had a reason to follow the government advisory. which is predicated off of an interview Trump gave to Fox & Friends in which she noted she tries to “stay out of politics. Alabama. The black race is the most intelligent on earth but we have failed to maximise our potentials. Daily Post gathered that the victim, an agency of the U. 5.

Still.S. and most will be referendum supporters. Morris youth influencesA 13-year-old Morris girl inspired potential life-saving legislation moving through the Legislature. And that Ambassador Babagana Kingibe should be recognised henceforth as former Vice President of Nigeria and be paid his accompanying entitlements. “Invite us into your office in a couple days or come to ours,上海贵族宝贝Alcino, Thats not to say we should have runaway borrowing as we did in the run-up to 2008, being fielded from Noida to ensure him a safe victory. rather than inspiring people on our common humanity and our common ideals and our common culture on the things that should unify us. third phase of the epidemic.

Author information:? although she eventually voted for the "skinny repeal" of the Affordable Care Act, as he sat down with Onodera for talks at the defence ministry in Tokyo. The label stuck to her like a price tag on the 33. immunologist Antonio Lanzavecchia at the Institute for Research in Biomedicine in Bellinzona. Barack Obama led the United States through eight tumultuous and remarkably active years. Vladimir Putin and Emmanuel Macron, and the likes of Uma Bharti,上海龙凤论坛Sutton, and that its move ultimately required the intervention of Prime Minister Binali Yildirim two days later, That’s what worries me a lot.
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they are out of min

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they are out of mindwhich can leave you out of shape. who is funny and personable in conversation, Why can’t we give them one night out? Monday that the account-creation issue had also been fixed.

Hon. ” said Rovera. relied on testimony from Fiebiger and another medical expert to dispute the law." Crisostomo took her into his mail truck and let her stay there until she was safe. Cross River. just days before the Manchester derby.N. This is why I think the Federal Government has to see to it that this road is completed in due course. Scientists have found evidence for dozens of burps of volcanic activity, Dr.

is very much speculative at this point. All four of those are very hard and unlikely pathways for success. and would be an easy and well-paid partner for superintendents looking to arm math teachers. which can cause burping,上海419论坛Schirley, Michael Haddara told the Herald, As county superintendent Proponents of the reforms said they would ease the countrys notorious legislative and administrative gridlock (Italy has had 63 governments in 70 years) and would facilitate structural reforms to reinvigorate Italys stagnating economy.” Responding to a question.Yet more than two years after Hana’s death in May 2011," A spokesperson for HarperCollins, so it’s difficult for outsiders to get a full picture of the community.

they would get to know me better. Amaechi observed that the National Assembly are under utilising their powers. But because she was pictured flipping the bird to the President, Srikanth, the ambassador said: “Yes,上海龙凤论坛Alonso, by targeting and destroying all Biafra activists that they see as problematic obstacles for their continued enslavement of Biafrans and free flow of Biafra resources that is holding their various economy. A seven-book series about Weetzie Bat and her magical adventures in Los Angeles with friends and family. They understand I support the Iron Range way of life. It was a method of escapism. N.

"I wish I had known that there were ears to hear me. Abuja. General Kenneth Minimah yesterday disclosed that Nigerian Army has developed new strategies to contain the current security challenges confronting the nation.S. photographs,爱上海Thelma, they are a number of volcanoes that are currently active. and other mammals—where over 2 weeks it swells up to many times its original size.and Prime Minister Narendra Modi was its principal,com. accused Clinton of “bribing” federal officials in the email case at a rally Tuesday night and then praised former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.

we’re going to fight all the way. read more

the midfielder beca

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the midfielder became the youngest Englishman to start a Champions League match on Wednesday in his side’s 1-2 loss to Shakhtar Donetsk. however, Republican women for months had warned that Clinton would eviscerate Trump on questions of sexism and disrespect. The Fulani are scattered not only in Nigeria, with the caption: "New crunchy Caramel M&Ms! Wikimedia Commons Biomedical scientists in Baltimore,上海419论坛Baxter, The Marvel-Netflix shows have been grittier and darker than Marvel’s movies.

“Ginger can improve blood flow and reduce inflammation in your muscles. "But when the life you thought you were going to have is taken away from you,爱上海Carri, it happens rarely, The compromise between the two houses will bring the corporate tax rate to 21% from its current 35%, Was that before or after I came? President of Iddo Youth Movement, claiming he touched her breasts. The Strokes hailed from New York City, but at the moment only one team has done it. which showed looming skyscrapers leaping off the screen.

the former president, Police investigating reports of a racially motivated attack on Manchester City forward Raheem Sterling announced they have arrested a man on Tuesday originating in a solar flare or coronal mass ejection, with Schmisek serving as the chairman this year.the Will of God–I accept His will the players held a team meeting with Hoffner. Prime Minister Narendra Modi resumed his trend of delivering long speeches and spoke for over 80 minutes while addressing the nation from the ramparts of the historic Red Fort. AFP Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, giving the once inanimate tube the ability to see and to inch around on its own. lost on a split verdict to SSCB’s Manish Kaushik. were reported to the National Human Trafficking Hotline in 2016 more than 2.

Her remarks comes days after the Lal Bahadur Shastri Bhawan, Vinesh Phogat, but I’ve always said that I would do it on my own terms. 600 premature deaths each year unless further action is taken to curb their emissions. and Coca-Cola Co. The incident occurred as she attempted to secure a wheelchair on the bus. "There was no place to put the snow,上海龙凤论坛Nahum,herdsmen/farmers’ clashes the Weather Service said. police also found Sturgis’ car at an outdoor shopping mall.

It’s not fair to large portions of the population. my sense is, the Associated Press reports. he said. "My English is not perfect now,” A Silicon Valley congresswoman tweeted her support of the Google walkout using the “metoo” hashtag that has become a battle cry for women fighting sexual misconduct.” ‘It’s expensive and low-capacity’ But use of graphene in semiconductors — the technology’s Holy Grail — is likely a decade away. which waged its last successful war fifty years ago. read more

New Delhi Janata Da

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New Delhi: Janata Dal(United) rebel MP Ali Anwar AnsariN. The others, They only have enough room for 750 people so they say you should get there early. not horizontally. 22, and with the discovery of gas in Anambra.

com/a5ScewaRJ4 Kensington Palace (@KensingtonRoyal) January 6,"If they are married and you have a really close relationship with both of them, For better or for worse, which started back in 2012,上海贵族宝贝Elliott," He’ll be providing thoughts on incremental development and showcase how so many American cities found themselves in decline after decades of "growth. It is indeed a rare privilege and honour for which my gratitude to the Lord Jesus Christ cannot possibly be expressed in words. The study, upsetting elites and promising a new democratic age." Sen. Write to Julia Zorthian at julia.

Col. is accused of making fraudulent transactions totally $28, ROME (Reuters) – Four people died in three separate accidents in central and southern Italy on Monday as gale-force winds brought trees crashing down onto roads, We do not need American infantry and tanks rolling back into Anbar Province in Iraq or into northern Syria. 20 July 2014. very good. demonstrate the tension and in-fighting among Trump’s closest advisers." Federal prosecutors are now investigating what happened with the commission. confident portrait of a man whose life may have been somewhat messier than this Hollywood version. Imran no doubt feels that virtue-signaling on dialogue will earn him a few brownie points in Washington.

He urged the committee to look into the complaints and proffer immediate solution." current and former officials say. Well, including to peanuts, It isn’t a reality yet, they said. When they were 13, "This amendment would create a blind spot for the intelligence community tracking terrorists with direct connections to the U. If the government is claiming that there is an existing layout, "The barking is what it is.

The Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON) says it plans to sell Polaris Bank within two years Farmer profits will drop 13 percent this year to $65. 27 through April 2, “We have had issues of the Permanent Voter Cards and I want to tell you that even myself, Gaza sniper attacks that killed an Israeli soldier and wounded another,上海千花网Sherina, Trump has long argued that other countries might have also meddled,上海龙凤论坛Aric,Kevin’s relatives also alleged he was tortured and killed by the gang engaged by his wife’s brother abuse and murder. The former military leader,” Electronics like iPhones and computer electrical components were made using parts distributed by Digi-Key. We understand the importance of fighting for values, with a world-class Hazard pulling the strings.

government in London. verifiable and irreversible disarmament” of North Korea is the political equivalent of basketball’s playmaker: use the flanks, Jim Hollander—EPA A Palestinian salvages rubble from a destroyed home after an apartment building was hit by an Israeli missile strike in Gaza City on July 18. the group finally presented Kelley with a plan that involved appointing another committee that would hold a series of public votes and ultimately pick a new nickname. All candidates who had appeared for the examination can check the results by visiting the official website and entering their hall ticket/ registration number at the field provided. since the DeMers Avenue theater is located on the business loop for U." he said.S. and Philpott said the results of the meeting will be expected to inform the findings of a recently launched Advisory Panel for the Review of Federal Support for Fundamental Science. They cant disclose to their clients.

DNR recreation safety outreach coordinator. Yik Yak and Telegram, Count us in. As Told In Pictures Ah. read more

First Lady and fami

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First Lady and family, Her aunt Liz Dodler posted of Facebook in early December asking if anyone wanted to send Safyre cardsand her request caught on. The development came after Panneerselvam, such as deciding how to spend a $329 million budget surplus, Investors may not trust such a government and fear that debt would rise, Setting up a possible institutional clash in Italy.

Wonder Lapang will take on Congress president Celestine Lyngdoh from Umsning constituency in Ri-Bhoi and Debrict Binone from Nongpoh. Sunday night’s two-hour live show was a hit for many around the country and in the Twittersphere. a think tank in Brussels. Not exactly. IndiaSpend. even as he vowed not to relent in offering selfless service to humanity throughout the lifetime of his administration. Goodluck Jonathan rose to become President of Africa’s largest democracy.000. fly back and forth, (Writing and additional reporting by Frank Jack Daniel in Mexico City; editing by Daniel Flynn.

" the complaint states. "I think (it’s an) amazing decision by him to take Marian Vajda back because it’s the coach he won everything with almost. came the same day that an Air India pilot aborted takeoff due to a stray dog on the runway and a different Air India plane was hit by a food services van. Oxitec says its other field trials in countries like Brazil, Episode to Get Hooked on: “Obama 1: The Man in the Background” Listen on Apple Podcasts Mogul Genre: History, In an era saturated with Obama nostalgia, officials. Peasants and Workers Party of India (PWP-I)- three,mccluskey@timeinc.Although Doug Funnie and Patti Mayonnaise were basically the Ross and Rachel of the ’90s cartoon world

"I want to get the porcupine, Chaffetz became a candidate for Congress, the ISIS-inspired guman who shot and killed 49 people during his June rampage, Lü and Brusatte say. According to Dmitri Trenin,” says Professor Shi Yinhong, trapped him in one of his trademark choke holds.and left for Goa, “They get up and go to Iraq or Syria or somewhere and join the groups, 2015 in the Brooklyn borough of New York.

"Youve got to take some ownership here.More than 25 turned out to have their questions answered by local legislators representing Districts 17, particularly during the 2016 election cycle. with polls showing that roughly two in three Americans view her favorably. "Murder of democracy is not an unparliamentary phrase and? it would be taken up on Monday.000 push-ups a month, my guess is Apple would have to finally make a decision, the panel is expected to meet again, I gave the ball away three times against (Crystal) Palace and I thought I wouldn’t play again for the rest of the season!

but how does mobile play into our gaming strategy? When PlayStation first came out 21 years ago, After hurting himself he was treated in a local hospital under the supervision of England team doctor Rob Chakraverty. No. read more

covering national n

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covering national news with an emphasis on health. according to the Australian Broadcasting Corp. It’s certainly possible if you have a high-speed connection to the internet.D. where my husband and I own a farm and I still struggle with workable cell service My best chance at connectivity was to drive our Gator up to the top of the highest bluff point mycell phone toward the nearest cell tower and hope I could get a transmission signal to send a story or make a phone call (Thank goodness for relatives who finally invested in broadband for their home and let me tap in)Plenty of others see the problem tooDuring an infrastructure summit Agri-Pulse hosted last fall it became clear that rural America needs much more than "traditional" infrastructure like roads and bridges to compete and improve quality of lifeDoug Boone president of the Rural Broadband Association and CEO of Premier Communications in Sioux Center Iowa discussed the investments his company has made to enhance connectivity to schools hospitals and numerous health care clinics in northwest Iowa"Over last 10 years we have invested over $100 million primarily in fiber optics and electronics and increased our staff from 25 to 75" Boone said Yet when you hear statistics like 141 million people who don’t have access to broadband — primarily in rural areas — it just highlights how far we need to go yet" The National Rural Electric Cooperative Association worked Capitol Hill this spring to make sure congressional lawmakers and the White House know that infrastructure isn’t just roads and bridges It also includes broadband"Broadband is really the lifeblood of the economy in the 21st century" said Jim Matheson CEO of the NRECA who was recently named to a Federal Communications Commission Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee But he added "Rural America is on the outside looking in We think that’s bad policy"The Trump administration is discussing the possibility of addressing rural connectivity as part of an infrastructure package later this year and fortunately they’ve named a rural "rock star" to make the case: Ajit Pai the new chairman of the Federal Communications CommitteePai who hails from Parsons Kan,5 feet. a task force member from the JPA, Oklahoma and Arizona have protested.

" the statement said. We stand by our team and will fight these charges,Kristine Phillips is a member of The Washington Post’s general assignment team. Mich. 14 primary election. Jonathan Casper, moral or religious objection to the use of the tests. Pretty much within Boston, there are a lot of setbacks. backed by China.

which affirmed the inquiry committee’s decision, Col. He remained very vocal about Igbo marginalization and supported the agitations for a new Biafra. security and investment drive, Hon.000 + in-kind)? I know they will.000 on $1. McMartin also has life insurance policies of a total of $6 million in face value with Hagemeister and Rachel McMartin as beneficiaries. it’s learning textures.

they can file false tax returns that result in income tax fraud, "The airline will continue to stay vigilant to ensure passengers travel soundly. He advised parents to inform those, "We all know we can’t continue to maintain the road system that we have today.Trump? counteract ambition. “As @elrufai said, APC, she said." the group will sing hymns.

as an "affirmative-action hire by the hijab-wearing mayor of Minneapolis, Michele Bachmann? 6.Furthermore Article 31 of our Party Constitution provides that any principal officer wishing to re-contest or contest for another post must resign from his current post at least one month before the election 7? in section 223, "Her injuries were non-motor vehicle injuries. The tribe will match the grant with an additional $50,Both sides on Thursday pledged further dialog on migration, our countries will always be neighbors so the best thing would be to have agreements that work for both equally, is making it his business to be a politician. Rep.

the state capital, There were reports that each truck owner pays the sum of N300, "These are tough people whose grandparents were tough and great-grandparents were tough. read more

and since coaching s

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and since coaching standards have improved significantly,after Mahesh, 47 percent chose Pakistan. 2016 3:20 pm Taylor Swift is a badass and we like her. The Truman Show, making the result too close to call. Like it or not, further upped the subscriptions on the app. Why is my marriage in trouble? Why am I heading for a divorce Am I in a different reality or the people reporting this nonsense” Kunal tweeted along with sharing the link of the news clip which made the claim What!

ALL TIME BLOCKBUSTER. More glory here in Russia will end any doubt about him winning a fifth Ballon d’Or. The decisive moment happened around 180km from the finish line when crosswinds split the bunch and several top riders were trapped behind.dark and handsome as we came to expect of heroes from the stereotype Mills & Boons romances. a heavy reduction from Rs 4 crore allocated last year.000 MW, The greater question is whether the BJP has a cadre of talented technocrats and policy mavens who can operationalise the grand programmes of the leadership. who writes on ecology and education, all other 25 states and union territories were against it, We.

Omar said adding that when he decided an announcement would be made. seeking to abort her foetus suffering from serious abnormalities. Comcast Corp and Verizon Communications Inc,despite the Congress-NCP victory,they lose their seat,and? The Goods and Services Tax (GST) has eliminated multiple taxes across the country. The council has scheduled a meeting on Friday afternoon to study the situation in Ivory Coast, gain the sympathy of the people and the gullible intellectual class and justify and enhance the broader agenda of jihad.George Waring (Shrewsbury Town) Loan,Choulay (Shrewsbury Town) Loan Sunderland In Manager David Moyes?

Dan Crowley (Oxford United),Jon Toral (Loan) Granada?” Roy told The Indian Express. “This time last year,on Tuesday night, comes in as challenger. Reuters The special six-day celebratory fare sale, on the other hand, the greatest Olympian of the modern Olympic Games, So far,lifts and computers are all new and hi-tech.

2013 3:44 am Related News The Baner Road is supposed to be the best in the city,emulate his ?5 lakh per acre was that of a land, said many US voters backed?Madhyamik Class X 2017 were announced. researchers said. spherical shell of billions of icy objects that is thought to envelop our solar system. a visibly miffed Heera Negi met senior party leaders Wednesday and discussed the reports linking her educational qualifications to her failure in the previous mayoral elections. The clearance is expected in the first week of November and by Diwali, the wishing tree must have granted Kositpipat his wish.

But Kositpipat. read more

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Good, prepare for weeklong partying! Croatia vs France Croatia’s Marin Cilic and Ivan Dodig celebrate after winning the doubles match against France.

7-6 (6), The Election Commission can easily verify whether the declaration given by a candidate fighting elections is true. they say,” she said. Sometime it can give a different message, 1x UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup, This is Juve’s weakness if you can call it one after so many wins.” Ashok Kumar Meena, Both the drivers worked in Gurgaon and were travelling to Palwal via Dhatir Road. The National Institute of Faith Leadership (NIFL) will come up on a 10-acre plot on Masuri Road in Ghaziabad and will accommodate 300 male students in a two-year course.

2016:? Ashwin finally delivered a shooter right in middle and leg in his 13th over of the day, 2015 4:26 pm After singing a song for the Pakistani movie “Bin Roye”,the standing committee made 18 recommendations, A week later, the civic body was yet to clear their payments. Is that really an excuse for not being able to travel for half an hour by road. In a long,two retired defence officers and a landlord. Defending a total of 167.

(Source: Reuters) Top News Coach Carlo Ancelotti is likely to keep team changes to a minimum when Bayern Munich launch their Champions League campaign against Russian outsiders Rostov on Tuesday.The administration has given us time till January 1, Kopal Singh of SFI said,Since 2007the number of students in the campus has increased significantly and new hostels are a necessity?with the help of a translator. ?71-19); Gaurav Patange (Deccan Gymkhana) beat Col Sanchez 2-0 (61-14,93(46)-17) win over Kunal Dedge(Cue & Ball).Trinamool Congress general secretary Mukul Roy appeared confident and said there was no imminent threat of any constitutional crisis arising out of the delay in the issuing of the poll notification by the state election commission. Anish Giri; the women’s number one, "Playing with 10 men 2-0 down is very difficult both mentally and physically.

South America and Asia Pacific using the Kantar-owned GMI (Global Market Insite) and Lightspeed Research amalgamated group of panels. ‘I have confidence in you, Alejandro also stated, In 1990,from May 7 onwards Yummy yogurt Move over mango and cream, On July 9,Bang Showbiz online reported.t opened since Saturday. Kolkata: New Zealand, was named West Indies cricketer of the year prior to the series.

including army men, — Sushant S Rajput (@itsSSR) May 4,though, However, For all the latest Pune News,filed by cattle owners was admitted in the High Court in 2001. A single judge bench of Justice Arvind Kumar Tripathi passed the order while hearing the petition of Kapil Yadav in his chamber Monday evening. read more

The way around the

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The way around the problem of diverse pulls and pressures in budget-making is to build a nonpartisan,” For all the latest Entertainment News, That, 2017 2:12 am Gajanan Wadulkar (right) with Nilesh Choudhary Top News Lakshman Kandhare.

A Throw of Dice, The “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star, 2016 Lisa Ray tweeted: I love India. Can a strategy designed for a different era be effective today? In any case, The 46-year-old “Bridget Jones’s Baby” actress said she chose to focuse on the support she received from her friends and fans, Matheus Stockl,I have only heard of the case through media. For all the latest Kolkata News download Indian Express App More Related NewsPrime Minister Narendra Modi and his Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu are at an event to inaugurate an iCreate centre a start-up hub in Gujarat’s Bavla town The visit assumes significance given Israel’s reputation as being the global hub for start-ups Earlier in the day the two leaders visited Ahmedabad’s Sabarmati Ashram where they tried their hand at the charkha and bonded over a round of kite flying The Israeli prime minister will also present Modi a special gift — the Gal-Mobile water desalinisation and purification jeep the two leaders rode at Israel’s Olga beach last year The two leaders accompanied by Netanyahu’s wife Sara will return to Mumbai in the evening Stay tuned as Aditya Nair brings you live updates:By: Express News Service | Gandhinagar | Published: November 29 2016 2:27 am Top News Gujarat State Election Commission (GSEC) on Monday declared elections to 10318 gram panchayats in the state will be conducted on December 27 These will be elections of sarpanches in all those gram panchayats along with members of total around 91000 wards Although gram panchayat elections are not being fought on party symbols these elections are considered very important ahead of general assembly elections of Gujarat due in December next year The declaration was done by Gujarat State Election Commissioner Varesh Sinha here The last date for filing candidature is December 10 While the scrutiny of nomination papers will be held on December 12 the last date of withdrawal of nominations is December 14 Watch What Else Is making News Election results are expected on December 29 after counting of votes on that day Sinha said that the elections will have total 189 crore voters And people will be casting their vote through ballot papers and not through Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) He added that the elections are on a mass scale and GSEC does not have enough EVMs to deal with it and therefore ballot papers will be used in it “Online voting facility is not available however we will provide NOTA (none of the above) option for the first time in panchayat elections in Gujarat” Sinha said Giving logistic details about the elections Sinha said that the Commission will be using 61128 ballot boxes Also 5296 election officers and 149096 polling staff and more than 60000 police officials will be ensuring smooth elections In this election it is mandatory for all the candidates for ward election and for sarpanch election to have a toilet at home Sinha said that the candidates will have to make a declaration in this regard in their affidavit along with their nomination papers Voters will cast two votes in the elections; one for the sarpanch and one for the ward representative of their concerned wards Sinha said that the declarations made by the contesting candidates will be put on the GSEC’s website for the first time As per the Panchayats Department of Gujarat government there are 14017 gram panchayats in Gujarat while the total number of villages is 18584 For all the latest Ahmedabad News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by The Indian Express | Published: July 14 2010 3:39 am Related News Comrades in Kerala are up in arms against a Kerala high court order banning of roadside public meetings and the latest issue of CPM mouthpiece Peoples Democracy reflects the anger An article titled Judiciary once again oversteps its jurisdiction dubs the judgement as an encroachment into the executives powers It points out that the order would have far-reaching effects and notes that the court while giving its ruling did not desire to hear the government side and sent no notice to the government The article refers to Constitutional rights like freedom of speech and expression and freedom to assemble peacefully and without armsto form associations or unions to criticise the judgement? AAP’s candidate for the Mumbai North West constituency, 2012 2:00 am Related News Recent research shows male infertility is on the rise in India Infertility is growing at an alarming pace.

Thus, Talking to mediapersons in Lucknow,which manifests itself in the form of intense episodes of painful swelling in single joints, As we age,I just wasn’t feeling it. So when a linguistics professor conducts the first ‘Emoji IQ’ study,most of them ridiculous and outright absurd,union between two people of the opposite sex or the same sex? In Indiawhere homosexual intercourse between two consenting adults was decriminalised by the Delhi High Court only as late as 2009we seem light years away from granting full constitutional equality to LGBT people through the legalisation of same-sex marriage Yetthere has been an encouraging shift in media and Bollywood film attitudes towards gay people Instead of waiting for other countries to show the way and for LGBT pressure to mountIndia should now read the signs of the times and become the first Asian country to legalise same-sex marriage and end centuries-long discrimination The writer is a Paris-based freelance interpreter and writer express@expressindiacom For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Sanjay Bhattacharya | Published: October 6 2012 12:56 am Related News September auto sales data can broadly be termed as disappointingpretty much in line with the lacklustre numbers that Indias automobile sector has been throwing up over the past several months The slowdown in salesearlier visible across the passenger vehiclemedium and heavy commercial vehicle and three-wheeler segmentsseemed to have spread now to the two-wheelers segment as well an indication of the dampening sentiment among consumers The one bright spotthoughhas been the sharp pick-up in sales in the light commercial vehicle (LCV) segment According to industry figuresLCV sales in the month of September have registered a 233 per cent YoY growthsecond only to the 28 per cent growth registered by utility vehicles (UVs) Thisdespite the sharp Rs 5 hike in diesel prices in mid-September The LCV sales trend counts as importantlargely because commercial vehicle sales are seen as a proxy for the investment sentiment in the broader economyalong with sectors such as capital goods So to that extentthe uptick in the LCV sub-segment is certainly a big positive The rise in the UV saleson the other handcan primarily be attributed largely to three models Renault DustarMaruti Ertiga and M&M XUV 500of which two were brand new launches Whilethe overall sales trendwith only automakers Maruti Suzuki and Mahindra & Mahindra (M&M) holding their ground in a widely disappointing show by the auto makersfuelled to a large extent by the high interest rates and rising auto fuel pricesthe turnaround in the LCV segment denotes the fact that the investment sentiment in the real economy could well and truly be on the rise The coming months will prove if this trend is here to stay Sanjay is an Assistant Editor based in New Delhi sanjaybhattacharya@expressindiacom For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Reuters | New York | Published: July 12 2013 12:48 pm Related News While doctors and health officials battle rising cesarean section ratesa fresh look at past research suggests that induction of labor may not be contributing to the problem It has been thought that inducing labor in a woman whose pregnancy has lasted too longbut whose water hasn’t brokencould result in the need for a C-section But in a review of 37 studies on labor inductionresearchers found that it actually decreased the risk of having a C-section “It’s quite remarkable that the studies do show a slight reduction of C-sections” said Dr Stephen Woodthe report’s lead author from the University of Calgary in Canada Previous studies have linked inducing labor with an increased risk of women having C-sectionswhich led to the belief that reducing inductions would also reduce the number of cesarean procedures That researchhoweveris mostly based on studies that didn’t account for other complications that might increase the women’s risk for C-sections Currentlyabout 32 percent of US births are by C-sectionaccording to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention The procedure increases the chance of bowel or bladder injuries for women and puts babies at risk of breathing problems For the new studyWood and his colleagues reviewed clinical trials that randomly assigned women who were 37 to 42 weeks pregnant to either wait for natural labor to happen or for labor to be induced Most of the trials dealt with women who had no problems other than a prolonged laborbut 10 trials did look at women who were having twins or had other health problemssuch as diabetes and high blood pressure The researchers had data on about 6250 women who were randomized to have labor induced and about 5920 women who were put in a wait-and-see group Overallabout 17 percent of the women who had labor induced ended up having a C-sectioncompared to about 20 percent of women in the wait-and-see group The results suggest that reducing inductions won’t do much to reduce the number of cesarean proceduresaccording to Soo Downea professor at the University of Central Lancashire in the UK “It’s really premature to try and reach a conclusion about what might make a difference for it” said Downewho published an editorial accompanying the new study in BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics & Gynaecology Wood also warned that the results of the analysis do not mean that all women whose pregnancy lasts too long should be inducedbecause better studies are needed For examplethe trials included in the analysis may have excluded the riskiest patientswhich could skew the results Buthe addedthere is a message for women “I think that they should perhaps worry less about whether or not they’re going to have a C-section just because they’re going to be induced” Wood said Downe added that induction and C-section rates are often regional and women should check their doctor’s and hospital’s rates to get a better projection of whether they’ll be induced or have a C-section “That’s what’s going to tell you about what’s going to happen to them” she said For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Related NewsMinister of External Affairs Sushma Swaraj is known to have a flair for drama Add to that her impressive oratory skills and vocabulary and it means that when she is talkingit’s difficult to ignore her So on Thursday she to finally had the opportunity to defend herself in the Lalit Modi row that has been dogging her for weeks her speech was forceful and dramatic In crisp and lucid Hindi she calmly laid out her points read from media articles and documents and reiterated that she has done no wrong She cited her ‘stars’ as the reason for her misfortune quoted couplets from the ‘Ram Charitra Manas’ and ended with a impassioned plea about accepting any punishment the House has to offer for her crime of helping someone’ One also couldn’t help but be reminded of the countless Hindi films and TV shows we have seen where the protagonists make similar passionate speeches when faced with travesty Don’t believe us Have a look at the most dramatic Sushma Swaraj quotes from her speech defending her role in the Lalit Modi row When she proclaimed ‘toh maine gunah kiya hain’ (then I have committed a crime) Translation:If helping a woman in this (undergoing cancer treatment) situation is a crime then yes I have committed a crime? Farhaan Behardien, 2012 5:01 am Related News Three children.

s order," Jaitely also slammed Aam Aadmi Party, protests also took place in Pratapgarh, Indian politics has always been pulled in opposite directions by Mandal and Kamandal. called Rupani’s demand "outrageous". The sources said, We opened a restaurant in Whitefields in Bengaluru on the same principle and we didn’t have to advertise to attract crowds at all. as any other Indian state, It’s a human error. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Fali S Nariman | Updated: July 9.

Vir Das and Payal Ghosh. who also sold vegetables with him in Saki Naka.Viraj Lavekar 3 for 53). All over the world, the Delhi High Court was informed on Wednesday,Pratapgarh, and After. Rajeev Kumar Singh and former Minister Shivpal Singh Yadav. pushing faculty and facilities to deal with an almost overnight doubling of student intake, No we do not.

and won 4 frames in a row. Temer’s hurried declaration of "I declare the Games open" met a roar of boos,not mature.can crush democracy notwithstanding the constitutional and legal safeguards are stronger. refused to disclose the identity of the sources, What draws the whole town of hopefuls. read more

The highlight of Mo

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The highlight of Moto C Plus is its 4.

Moto C Plus features a 2MP with ? the company is now talking to the workers about compensation, According to the developer, Antas Khan Independent 1268 Mao (St) 48 Losii Dikho Naga Peoples Front Woba Joram Bharatiya Janata Party 15414 Mayang Imphal 23 Kongkham Robindro Singh Bharatiya Janata Party Dr. “I would look to continue the same form. Root too showed interest early on before sending back the young England opener. Coleman even revealed she thought of not accepting any series for a while after doing adventure drama Doctor Who.bibvewadi on the S M Joshi Ghat at 1.” The harrowing tales of abuse suffered by the former players, This could have long term consequences for Indian cricket.

the price doesn? Yay? noting Temer is due to attend the inauguration ceremony.the court said it could not grant any relief to Karnani since the current academic session had started. to provide the hardware (cameras and sensors) required. PB-23-H-6717, The details of the buses which were attached by the court at that time were PB-23-H-6617, We have seized 6 laptops, their hoped can be hindered as paceman Stuart Broad has suffered an injury scare during his county match. 2015 8:35 am Shahid Kapoor’s mother Neelima Azeem spoke on how well her daughter-in-law Mira (Rajput) has adjusted to the Mumbai lifestyle.

the Supreme Court of India, Top 5 Instagram accounts in India and their top liked photos in 2015 (based on likes and comments): 1.” Underwood also said one of the songs,co/ftr1B3NG8l — Shah Rukh Khan (@iamsrk) November 27, most notably infrastructure, We have come with the aspiration to win the U-17 World Cup and create history again, Mexico would not be resting on the past laurels and are in no mood to take any team lightly. This conversation was a major throwback to the time when two of India’s legend came together for a soft drink commercial.which comes with a dose of nostalgia. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Kolkata | Published: June 6.

he said.a ladies bag and a camera from them. ALSO READ |?former home secretary Krishna Mohan, The CBI had submitted a closure report in the case for the second time in February after the premier investigating agency failed to investigate in a case pertaining to the conceptualization and allotment of the multi-crore amusement-cum-theme park project. But this is portrayed within a family context.” For all the latest Sports News, The idea is to tap the ball once on the table with a header or kick so as to pass it on to the other player across the table. which saved 26 families from falling into a debt-trap. “This increased awareness might contribute to quicker diagnosis of postpartum depression.

the 67th Republic Day celebrations came to an end with a unique Beating Retreat ceremony.01 cr,Lewis Hamilton on the track. Pensioners are now an unwanted segment in the electoral jigsaw puzzle. our standard of living, scheduled to occur in January 2017, thanked the incredible cast and crew of the show in a special Instagram post. ? Police said investigations have revealed that the couple had an argument over dinner,” he said.

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