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Dang the rules for naming Jupiters new moons are super strict

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first_img Hey @JupiterLunacy, you should name the newly discovered moon S/2018 J1 Pheraea. Pheraea was involved with Zeus, and their daughter was found and saved by a shepherd, or should I say Sheppard.  #NameJupitersMoons— Carnegie Science (@carnegiescience) February 21, 2019 13 Photos Post a comment But wait. There’s more. Each individual moon has more specific needs. Three of the moons are retrograde (they orbit in an opposite direction to Jupiter’s rotation) and must have names ending in “e,” while the other two must end in “a.”Carnegie wants the public to offers suggestions on Twitter by tweeting to @JupiterLunacy with the hashtag #NameJupitersMoons.Some of the suggestions so far don’t fit the brief, but one viable idea comes from Carnegie Science itself: Pheraea, one of Zeus’ lovers. I was ready to suggest Persephone, but there’s already an asteroid with that name. NASA view of Jupiter looks like an infamous South Park character NASA captures cosmic ‘dolphin’ swimming in Jupiter’s clouds Space Sci-Tech 0center_img Share your voice While the rules seem strict, there are some good reasons for them. The International Astronomical Union, which governs the names of space objects, already has a stringent list of requirements. The moon rules will also keep the new names on theme for Jupiter. Jupiter has 79 known moons, including famous satellites Europa and Io and the likes of Adrastea (Zeus’s foster mom) and Callisto (one of Zeus’s lovers).     We’re lucky there are so many characters in Roman and Greek mythology. As it turns out, sometimes a good name is hard to find. Jupiter swirls Tags Jaw-dropping Jupiter: NASA’s Juno mission eyes the gas giant Jupiter as seen by Hubble. Space Telescope Science Institute Polyphonte, this may be your time to shine.The Carnegie Institution for Science put out a call Thursday asking for the public’s help naming some recently discovered moons found orbiting Jupiter. But don’t get carried away. There are rules. Carnegie announced the 12 moons in mid-2018, and we get a say in draping monikers on five of them. Some of the ground rules are pretty straightforward: 16 characters or less, nothing offensive, nothing too similar to existing moon or asteroid names. You also can’t name them after a living person.Now the tunnel starts to narrow. The moons must be named after characters in Roman or Greek mythology who were either descendants of or lovers of Jupiter (Roman) or Zeus (Greek).  OK, maybe we can still work with that, even though that rules out calling any of them Elon, Moony McMoonFace or Buzz. last_img read more

Victoria Memorial Hall awed by rural Rajasthan museum

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first_imgKolkata: The authorities of Victoria Memorial Hall on Friday have drawn inspiration from a remarkable small museum — Arna-Jharna, the desert museum in Rajasthan that uses brooms as a metaphor for life in the desert and seeks public engagement with the folk culture and oral traditions of the locality.Noted research scholar and cultural critic Rustom Bharucha, who had been the project director in the early stages of the making of the eco-museum delivered an informal talk titled “Grassroots Museology in the Indian Context: The Making of Arna-Jharna,” highlighted his experience in the unique museum located in a rural area near Jodhpur in Rajasthan. Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: MamataThe lecture was organised to observe the International Museum Day that falls on Saturday, May 18. “Every year we offer free admission to our museum and gardens on International Museum Day. At the same time, we also organise something or the other that offers some food for thought for the museum sector, some significant takeaway for those who love museums, and work in or think about them. “We have earlier listened to and learnt from some of the world leaders in this field, coming from such iconic museums such as the British Museum, the Georges Pompidou Centre and the Smithsonian. Also Read – Lightning kills 8, injures 16 in state”However, this year, we wanted to have knowledge about a small rather unconventional museum – Arna-Jharna,” said Jayanta Sengupta, secretary and curator of Victoria Memorial Hall . According to Sengupta, Arna-Jharna is among those rare specialty museums that seek, with very limited or no government support, to capture the voices of the small, the marginal, the peripheral. “In my opinion, it stands to capture our many pasts and complex presents much more effectively, and with the necessary criticality that is much more difficult for encyclopedic museums to emulate,” he said. Envisioned by the renowned folklorist and ethnomusicologist Komal Kothari, and supported by a team of practitioners affiliated to Rupayan Sansthan, this unique museum focuses on one particular object — the broom — to reflect on traditional knowledge systems and their sustenance in today’s world. The talk elaborated on the research that went into making the broom at botanical, environmental, social, and political levels and provided insights into the curatorial challenges of representing the broom. The lecture was paired with the screening of a documentary film, Jhadu Katha (Broom Stories), directed by Navroze Contrator, which was specially commissioned by the museum. “A handful of tourists on a trip to Rajasthan visit this museum because people are unaware of it which is located some 15 odd kilometers from Jodhpur,” Sengupta said.last_img read more

A 300 TechPowered Yoga Mat

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first_img Enroll Now for Free Can a nearly $300 yoga mat help improve your downward dog? A tech startup is saying yes, it can.SmartMat, a tech-infused yoga mat developed by three entrepreneurs, is raising thousands of dollars by claiming to be the world’s first mat that can help users achieve that perfect pose with audio and visual cues sent via a smartphone, or tablet.Here’s how it works: The SmartMat has a layer of thin pressure sensors embedded within a traditional yoga mat — sensors that link with a smartphone or tablet to provide vocal feedback about your poses. The mat will work best if users input some basic details, such as gender, height and weight, as well as arm span measurements and other details that can help the mat get a better sense of the yogi’s body type. SmartMat’s founders claim the mat can be used effectively by both enthusiastic yogis and beginners.“It isn’t just a matter of plotting points on the mat and saying ‘This is where your feet go for downward dog,’ we are actually in the process of creating a learning engine,” co-founder Neyma Jahan told Fortune. “It learns about the user and tailors its practice to the needs of that user.”Jahan said the SmartMat won’t replace teachers, but it can help improve the yoga practice.“Tracking your fitness is part of the equation, having intuitive coaches can never be replaced with the computer and a person’s own drive,” Jahan said. “SmartMat is adding a tool to the tool belt.”The fancy yoga mat would cost a consumer $297 if they back the Indiegogo campaign today, a price that could increase to as high as $447 as more orders come in. Launched in late September, SmartMat has already raised over $187,000, more than the stated $110,000 goal. The campaign on the crowdfunding website, which has already courted over 700 funders, ends on Oct. 30. SmartMat is hoping to ship the mats in July 2015.SmartMat’s price is far higher than that of a traditional yoga mat. Yoga mats generally retail for under $40, and even premium-priced mats sold by Lululemon retail for less than $100.But the SmartMat is a bet that tech-loving athletes are willing to open their wallets for the latest athletic-focused gadget. More than 20 million Americans practice yoga, with millions more involved in the practice internationally, so there are already a lot of consumers that participate in the activity. And athletes are known to embrace fancy and often pricey tech gadgets to enhance their technique and improve their performance — devices such as GPS-enabled watches, and mobile apps such as Nike+ to track their progress and keep tabs on how well they are performing.The SmartMat isn’t just generating interest in the media, retailers are also hoping to get on board.“Everybody you can think of has already contacted us,” Jahan said. “Everyone except Apple.”Jahan founded SmartMat with Sam Marks, who previously worked at an e-cigarette company that was acquired by Lorillard, and former Yahoo executive Maziar Sadri. The entrepreneurs are hopeful the mat is the first of many fitness-focused advancements they hope to bring to market.“The ultimate goal for our company is to go and create a personalized fitness experience,” Jahan said. “We are measuring output and helping [people] make incremental improvements in their performance.” This story originally appeared on Fortune Magazine This hands-on workshop will give you the tools to authentically connect with an increasingly skeptical online audience. Free Workshop | August 28: Get Better Engagement and Build Trust With Customers Now 3 min read October 8, 2014last_img read more